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Tool documentation

Using the tools

Tools use the interwiki form of the page title which is as follows project:language:page title and parts which are the same as the default (wikipedia:en) can be dropped. To make this easier JavaScript code will automatically convert URLs (ex: to wikt:de:example).

To get the URL of a link, right-click and select Copy Link Location/Copy link address/Copy Shortcut in Firefox/Google Chrome/Internet Explorer.

Most tools also support a thin layer to the MediaWiki API. This effectively allows running the tool multiple times with a single request.

Common fixes

This applies fixes such as link simplification, HTML 4 to XHMTL+CSS conversions, template fix ups, and reference formatting. Since some of these changes are not always correct the tool will append using Reflinks to the automatic edit summary to identify usage.

Sign in

Obtain an edit token by signing in the upper right.

Edit token

If the string &wpEditToken= is supplied with a valid edit token for your account the save button will be enabled. This can be used in conjuction with the parameter &autoclick= to autosave pages.



See Integration

User script

See Integration

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

XSS Filter

Vote for MediaWiki Bug 32013 to remove this limitation

Starting with version 8, Internet Explorer includes the XSS Filter had purposely corrupts the textarea after loading the first diff or preview page. This has since been address by Microsoft when it turned out that this created new security holes. So now it will simply lead to a blank page.

The only workaround is copying n' pasting the text. However, we recommend using other browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera.

Security tab, click Local Intranet, click Sites, click Advanced, typing in * then click Add. Now click Close, Ok, Ok, and there you go.

NoScript's Anti-XSS protection

If you're using NoScript (a Firefox extension), then you'll need to add an XSS exception. In "NoScript Options" under the advanced tab and under the XSS tab add the following line to the exceptions:

Rule are added to