Dab solver

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Dab solver is a multilingual, menu-driven tool for disambiguating links in Wikipedia. The tool assists people in correcting ambiguous hyper-links such as mercury, which could refer to the god, the planet, or the chemical element. This tool is akin to a spell checker for links, giving the user a choice of links when the user clicks on the ambiguous link

The tool features an interface designed to be fast and intuitive, using pre-caching to load pages and relevancy scores before you start. To further enhance users' productivity, the tool provides intelligent edit summaries, keyboard support, redirect matching, and relevancy scoring indicating what similar pages are linking to. It also offers advanced features unmatched by other disambiguation programs, such as customizable template support, red link suggestion, an article mini-browser, a manual-of-style checker, and smart context that displays only relevant text.

This tool has been translated into over 15 languages


Links in need of disambiguation are highlighted in red. Clicking on one brings up the correction menu in which you can select the correct link (in this case, the band). Relevancy scores (left of links) show what similar pages are linking to.
  1. Pick a topic or Paste an article URL in the text box and press Enter.
  2. Click on the red text brings up the correction menu
  3. Usually the correct link will be clear from the context. See also section. To make an intentional link, pick Link to disambiguation page
  4. When done, click "Show changes" to verify the changes before clicking "Save page".[2][3]


  1. This applies fixes such as link simplification, HTML 4 to XHMTL+CSS conversions, template fix ups, and reference formatting. Since some of these changes are not always correct the tool will append " using Dab solver" to the automatic edit summary to identify usage.
  2. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 users will need to copy and paste the wikitext due to the XSS Filter.
  3. The "Save Page" button can be enabled for a limited time by signing in at the top-right of any page.

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