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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
55.07140-3.610900landmarkGBA701 road (southern end)
55.06870-3.618900A76 road
55.08586-3.616819riverCairn Water
55.06008-3.629953landmarkCurriestanes cursus
55.06820-3.625660landmarkGBHM Prison Dumfries
55.07000-3.630000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Lf-Litm
55.07000-3.640000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Lm-Loi
55.06000-3.630000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ni-North G
55.06972-3.625000landmarkGB-DGYPalmerston Park
55.05610-3.602200GBDumfries Castle
55.07500-3.595000eduGBDumfries High School
55.07608-3.599354GBGreystone Park stone circle
55.05355-3.601336Ladyfield West (formerly Hannayfield)
55.05357-3.596624Crichton Royal Hospital, Crichton Hall
55.04801-3.592771Crichton Farm
55.05087-3.594185Crichton Memorial Church
55.06052-3.656126landmarkDumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary
55.05000-3.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Mar-Md
55.05000-3.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Tri-Tz
55.06000-3.630000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stu-Sz
55.09000-3.660000GBList of United Kingdom locations: New-Newl
55.06900-3.608000GBDiocese of Galloway
55.07057-3.605734landmarkGBDraft:Greyfriars Church, Dumfries
55.07280-3.604500railwaystationGBDumfries railway station
55.06900-3.608000GBDumfries and Galloway (UK Parliament constituency)
55.06520-3.614600landmarkGBDumfries Museum
55.07100-3.611000GBDumfries Academy
55.07397-3.607722landmarkGracefield Arts Centre
55.07040-3.606600landmarkGB-DGYGreyfriars, Dumfries
55.06000-3.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ds-Dz
55.07000-3.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: North H-Nz
55.06835-3.606584landmarkGBList of former cathedrals in Great Britain
55.06787-3.6124165, 7, 9, 11 Bank Street
55.06609-3.608022Robert Burns' House
55.07048-3.612615Greyfriars Church
55.06517-3.614547Dumfries Museum Observatory
55.06913-3.610822Queensberry Column
55.06758-3.609711The Globe Inn
55.06900-3.610567Former Trades Hall
55.06634-3.61080429 Irish Street and 92 Whitesands
55.06654-3.60932424 Nith Place
55.06509-3.605696St Michael's Church
55.06516-3.605808St Michael's Churchyard
55.06509-3.604928St Michael's Churchyard, Burns' Mausoleum
55.06972-3.625000landmarkGB-DGYPalmerston Park
55.06758-3.614084landmarkGBDumfries Blackfriars
55.08458-3.619781landmarkGBLincluden Priory
55.08484-3.620776Lincluden Collegiate Church
55.07033-3.613470Former Methodist Church
55.07041-3.61358325–37 Castle Street (odd numbers)
55.07129-3.61476241, 43, 45, 47 Castle Street
55.07045-3.61299014-24 Castle Street (even numbers)
55.07133-3.61416826, 28, 30 Castle Street
55.06820-3.616188Devorgilla Bridge
55.06835-3.606584landmarkGBList of cathedrals in the United Kingdom
55.07021-3.607890landmarkGBLoreburn Hall
55.07100-3.636700railwaystationGBMaxwelltown railway station
55.05170-3.589100landmarkDumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary
55.07160-3.613100landmarkGBMoat Brae
55.07034-3.624600landmarkPalmerston Park
55.06280-3.600800100.0eduGBSt Joseph's College, Dumfries
55.06944-3.631389city2000.0GBSummerhill, Dumfries
55.05040-3.592700landmarkThe Crichton
55.06814-3.607635Theatre Royal, Dumfries
55.04964-3.591185eduGB-DGYUniversity of the West of Scotland
55.06720-3.610200GBWest Sound (Dumfries and Galloway)
55.09082-3.655460Hardthorn, Pump At Nunwood
55.06625-3.62321952, 54, 56 Laurieknowe
55.06916-3.62249142 Terregles Street, Palmerston House, Gatepiers And Garden Walls
55.06852-3.6347281, 5 Glasgow Street
55.06633-3.62314448, 50 Laurieknowe
55.06524-3.624869Dalbeattie Road, Macgowan Memorial Fountain
55.06728-3.624106Laurieknowe Place North Hazelwood, Garden Wall, Gatepiers, Gates And Fountain
55.06496-3.624670Dalbeattie Road, Cassalands House
55.06803-3.625812Terregles Street, Young Offenders' Institution, Formerly Dumfries Prison
55.08481-3.625256College Road, Lincluden House, Stable Buildings
55.06801-3.60842828 Queen Street
55.06831-3.61000696, 98, 100 High Street
55.06818-3.6099231, 3 English Street And 84-94 High Street (Even Numbers)
55.06824-3.6096439, 9A English Street
55.06855-3.60924933, 35, 37 English Street
55.06800-3.6094938 English Street, Bank Of Scotland
55.06833-3.60922420, 22 English Street And 1-7 Queen Street (Odd Numbers)
55.06849-3.60952819, 21, 23 English Street
55.06822-3.60937618 English Street, 2-6 Queen Street (Even Numbers)
55.06844-3.60905630, 32 English Street
55.06819-3.6097195, 7 English Street
55.06831-3.60953611, 13, 15, 17 English Street
55.06851-3.60934125, 29, 31 English Street
55.06837-3.610620105 High Street And 54 Bank Street
55.06811-3.60945014 English Street
55.06803-3.60855424 Queen Street
55.06816-3.60937416 English Street, Queensberry Hotel
55.06848-3.60901134, 36 English Street
55.06823-3.6089239, 11 Queen Street
55.06992-3.613767178, 180, 182, 184 Irish Street And 56 Buccleuch Street
55.06512-3.613871Church Street, 1-5 Corberry Terrace (Inclusive)
55.06885-3.61453817, 19, 21 Friars Vennel
55.06888-3.61413230-36 Friars Vennel, (Even Numbers)
55.07096-3.61451435, 37 George Street
55.07017-3.614278Buccleuch Street, Nithsdale District Offices
55.06963-3.61463242, 44 Buccleuch Street
55.07045-3.61364825-37 Castle Street (Odd Numbers)
55.06830-3.61470432 Whitesands, The Poachers Rest
55.06450-3.613612Church Street, 3, 4 Corberry Place
55.07023-3.61384275, 77, 79 Buccleuch Street
55.07054-3.614528Coach-House To Rear Of 32 George Street
55.06940-3.61489040 Buccleuch Street, Sheriff Court House And Offices And Piers And Railings
55.06983-3.61420252, 54 Buccleuch Street
55.06879-3.6148655, 7, 9 Friars Vennel, Corner Of Brewery Street
55.06815-3.61383743 Whitesands
55.06517-3.614547Church Street, Dumfries Museum Observatory
55.07070-3.61436232-40 George Street (Even Numbers)
55.07081-3.61405339 Castle Street/42 George Street
55.06395-3.614184Rotchell Park, Bank House And Gatepiers
55.06665-3.614278Mill Road, Dumfries Town Mills (Robert Burns Centre) Sluice Gate And Outflow
55.06550-3.614952Church Street, Sinclair Memorial
55.06887-3.61468011, 13, 15 Friars Vennel
55.06975-3.61435548 Buccleuch Street
55.06944-3.61045952 Queensberry Street And 3 Great King Street, Bank Of Scotland
55.06862-3.607293Shakespeare Street, Towers Of Old St Andrews Cathedral
55.06867-3.610898117 High Street
55.06873-3.610963119, 121 High Street
55.06900-3.610567136, 140 High Street/16, 17 Queensberry Square, Former Trades Hall
55.06864-3.609330Dobie's Wynd To Rear Of 33-7 English Street
55.06869-3.60895747, 49, 51, 53 English Street Corner Of Loreburn Street
55.06913-3.610744High Street, Midsteeple
55.06923-3.607349103, 105, 107 English Street
55.06902-3.607341102, 104 English Street
55.06911-3.606891114, 116, 118 English Street
55.06866-3.60906539, 41, 43 English Street
55.06870-3.60856554, 56 English Street
55.06864-3.60870448, 50 English Street
55.06872-3.610336120, 122, 124 High Street And 3 Old Union Street
55.06913-3.610822English Street, Queensberry Column (In Front Of Regional Council Offices)
55.06900-3.60806173, 75, 77 English Street
55.06880-3.60817868, 70, 72, 74 English Street
55.06883-3.610450126, 128, 130, 132 High Street
55.06938-3.606933109, 111 English Street
55.06885-3.60805476, 78 English Street
55.07016-3.611333109 Queensberry Street, (Both Ranges) Opus And Patties And Bracken Fabrics
55.06999-3.61081084-94 Queensberry Street (Even Numbers) And Courtyard Buildings To Rear
55.07085-3.611502136-142 Queensberry Street (Even Numbers) And 2 Academy Street
55.07200-3.611235Academy Street, Dumfries Academy Including 1936 Addition, Link Building, Boundary Wall, Gatepiers, Steps And Terraces
55.07032-3.6118737 And A Half St Andrew Street
55.07002-3.612346Church Place, Burns' Statue
55.06957-3.61091863, 65 Queensberry Street, Including Rob Roy Public House
55.07036-3.61151414 St Andrew Street And 121 Queensberry Street
55.07024-3.6121044, 6 Church Crescent
55.07036-3.6121098, 10, 12, 14 Church Crescent
55.07108-3.6119811, 3 Academy Street
55.07073-3.610981128 Queensberry Street
55.07124-3.61092326-30 Academy Street (Even Numbers)
55.06972-3.61103471 Queensberry Street
55.07031-3.611449117 Queensberry Street, Tam O'shanter Inn
55.06977-3.612195197 High Street
55.07070-3.61174732, 34, 36 Church Crescent
55.07037-3.61294012 Castle Street
55.07060-3.61315214-24 Castle Street (Even Numbers)
55.06934-3.61349371, 75 Friars Vennel And 161 Irish Street
55.06879-3.612719133, 135 Irish Street
55.07111-3.613423George Street, St George's Church (Church Of Scotland)
55.06775-3.6126621 Bank Street 66 Whitesands Coach And Horses Inn
55.06895-3.612788139 Irish Street, Employment Office
55.07102-3.6126529, 11, 15A, 15 Irving Street
55.07033-3.61347083 Buccleuch Street, Former Methodist Church And Railings
55.06994-3.6127819-15 Castle Street (Odd Numbers)
55.07049-3.612615Church Crescent, Greyfriars' Church
55.06959-3.613299168, 170, 172 Irish Street
55.06468-3.613368Church Street, Arundel House
55.07122-3.61317754, 56 George Street, Assembly Rooms Corner Of Irving Street
55.06910-3.613170151 Irish Street
55.06948-3.61310777 Friars Vennel
55.07153-3.61315861 George Street. Moat Brae, Including Railings
55.07010-3.61341462, 64 Buccleuch Street
55.06442-3.613530Church Street, 1, 2, Corberry Place (Flatted)
55.06936-3.61305680, 82 Friars Vennel, Corner Of Irish Street
55.07014-3.61329066, 68 Buccleuch Street
55.07008-3.61299017 Castle Street
55.07679-3.6075278-22 Nunholm Road (Even Numbers) Albany Place
55.06931-3.61609210, 12 Buccleuch Street
55.06634-3.61080429 Irish Street And 92 Whitesands Including Garden And Courtyard Walls, Outbuildings And Gatepiers
55.07020-3.616065George Street, Former Freemasons Hall
55.06951-3.61611617 Buccleuch Street
55.06806-3.61358348, 49, 50 Whitesands, Market Office And Warehouse To North East
55.07408-3.60760628 Edinburgh Road, Gracefield Arts Centre And Gatepiers
55.06834-3.61075952 Bank Street
55.06845-3.610748107, 109 High Street And 51 Bank Street
55.07133-3.61416826, 28, 30 Castle Street
55.07142-3.609504Catherine Street, Ewart Library
55.06856-3.610784111 High Street
55.07640-3.619401College Road, Old Stakeford
55.07001-3.613567Buccleuch Street, Bethany Hall
55.07106-3.607579Newall Terrace, Baptist Church
55.06717-3.6108222 Assembly Street, (Former Dumfries And Galloway Club)
55.07129-3.61476241, 43, 45, 47 Castle Street
55.06963-3.60902646, 48 Loreburn Street And 63 Newall Terrace Including Myles Bar
55.06421-3.609873St Michael's Bridge (Over River Nith)
55.06298-3.608821Troqueer Road, Rosefield Mills
55.06241-3.606121Dock Park Bandstand
55.06798-3.60830230, 34 Queen Street
55.06806-3.607475Shakespeare Street, Theatre Royal
55.06516-3.605808St Michael's Churchyard And Main Gate And Holy Cross Churchyard
55.05952-3.607320Troqueer Road, Troqueer Church, Churchyard And Session House
55.06839-3.606219Brooke Street, St Andrew's Church Hall With Boundary Wall And Railings
55.06485-3.607315103, 105, 107 St Michael's Street, Moorhead's Hospital
55.05893-3.606373Troqueer Road, Troqueer Manse (And Gatepiers)
55.06609-3.60802224 Burns Street, Robert Burns' House
55.06509-3.605696St Michael's Street, St Michael's Church
55.07192-3.604231Station Road, Dumfries Station, Including Platforms, Lamp Standards, Footbridge, Chargeman's Hut, Railings, Gates And Gatepiers
55.07249-3.60741719, 21, 23, 25 Lovers Walk (And Gatepiers)
55.07280-3.6091532 Edinburgh Road, Elmbank Lodge And Gatepiers
55.07192-3.604889Station Road, Station Hotel And Retaining Wall And Railings
55.07242-3.60691431 (Torbay Lodge), 33 Lovers Walk And Gatepiers
55.07965-3.603397Edinburgh Road, Nunfield
55.07283-3.6081834 Edinburgh Road, Elmbank House (Elmbank School And Radio Solway)
55.07237-3.609277Academy Street, Townhead Dining Centre
55.07855-3.60914937 (Crindau) And 39 Nunholm Road
55.07456-3.60729730 Edinburgh Road (Education Offices)
55.07252-3.60763815, 17 Lovers Walk (And Gatepiers)
55.07172-3.606776Lovers Walk, St John's Episcopal Church And Hall
55.07656-3.6074242, 4, 6 Nunholm Road, Albany Place
55.07245-3.60713427 (Kinderloch), 29 Lovers Walk And Gatepiers
55.07205-3.60597424, 26 Lovers Walk And 1 Newall Terrace
55.08500-3.646000100.0eduGBMaxwelltown High School
55.06831-3.6206091-13 Terregles Street And 2 Laurieknowe
55.06809-3.6206474-12 Laurieknowe (Even Numbers)
55.06580-3.619317Maxwell Street St Benedict's Convent
55.06912-3.6162253 Whitesands
55.06844-3.6202071, 2, 3, Hope Place
55.06788-3.618132Market Square, Brigend Theatre
55.06783-3.616721Old Bridge Street, Folk Museum Adjoining Devorgilla Bridge
55.06866-3.6181481, 2, 3, 4 Galloway Street, Market Square Including Clydesdale Bank
55.06894-3.617627Buccleuch Street, Buccleuch Street Bridge
55.06927-3.6162006, 8 Buccleuch Street
55.06583-3.62068129, 30 Maxwell Street, St Benedict's
55.06892-3.61836243, 44, 45, 46 Galloway Street
55.06779-3.620055Laurieknowe, Maxwelltown West Church
55.06788-3.62084214, 14A, 14B, 14C Laurieknowe
55.06845-3.61981627, 28 Galloway Street
55.06312-3.61678244, 46 Rotchell Park, The Oaks And Machrie And Gatepiers
55.06850-3.61958329, 30 Galloway Street
55.06890-3.61917613, 15, 17, 19 Glasgow Street
55.06799-3.61206117, 19 Bank Street, Royal Bank Of Scotland
55.06815-3.61159723 Bank Street 96 Irish Street Clydesdale Bank
55.06779-3.61200610 Bank Street
55.06872-3.611197123, 125, 127 High Street
55.06687-3.61134261 Irish Street, Albert Club
55.06718-3.61129263, 65 Irish Street And 7 Assembly Street
55.06830-3.61127433-41 Bank Street (Odd Numbers)
55.06940-3.611256144, 146, 148, 150 High Street And 1 Queensberry Square
55.06943-3.611351152, 154, 156, 158 High Street Including Hole I' The Wa' Inn
55.06783-3.61191318 Bank Street
55.06767-3.6119858 Bank Street
55.06904-3.611288143 High Street
55.06785-3.61171093 Irish Street
55.06784-3.61131986, 88 Irish Street
55.07011-3.6120522 Church Crescent
55.06838-3.61104343-49 Bank Street (Odd Numbers)
55.06918-3.611513153 High Street, Royal Bank Of Scotland (Northern Block Only)
55.07007-3.6119097 Church Place, Corner Of St Andrew Street
55.06961-3.61118669 Queensberry Street
55.06803-3.61137392, 94 Irish Street And 30 Bank Street
55.08248-3.611688Nunholm Road Nunholm
55.06856-3.611050113, 115 High Street
55.06819-3.61167798 Irish Street
55.06513-3.610286Whitesands, Suspension Foot Bridge
55.06738-3.61020455 High Street
55.06726-3.6106696 And A Half-10 Assembly Street (Even Nos)
55.06654-3.60932424 Nith Place
55.06795-3.61049383, 85, 87 High Street
55.06777-3.61039171, 73, 75 High Street
55.06786-3.61037979 High Street, County Hotel
55.06630-3.6094098, 10 Nith Place, Queen O' The South Bar
55.06612-3.6104989 Irish Street And 99 Whitesands
55.08440-3.609728Martinton Bridge (Railway Viaduct Over River Nith)
55.06758-3.60971156 High Street, Globe Inn
55.08308-3.610067Nunholm House
55.06792-3.610069High Street, Fountain
55.06974-3.6155761 Charlotte Street
55.06959-3.61596221, 23, 25, 27 Buccleuch Street
55.06884-3.61505520, 22 Brewery Street
55.06410-3.61643029 Rotchell Road, Rotchell House
55.06763-3.615116Whitesands Caul
55.06934-3.61596816 Buccleuch Street
55.06938-3.61582822 Buccleuch Street
55.06820-3.616188Whitesands, Devorgilla Bridge
55.06918-3.6163371, 2 Whitesands And 2, 4 Buccleuch Street
55.06937-3.61540524-36 Buccleuch Street (Even Numbers) Buccleuch Street Buildings
55.06251-3.602336Nith Bank, Nith Bank Hospital, Terrace, North Lodge And Detached Blocks To North East
55.06133-3.603666Nith Bank, Beechwood Bank
55.06149-3.600713Johnstone Park, 1-10 Carruthers Cottages (Inclusive Numbers)
55.06323-3.601722Craigs Road, St Joseph's College, Gatepiers Near Mount St Michael's
55.06400-3.600218Craigs Road, St Joseph's College, Chapel And Freestanding Lamp
55.06372-3.599894Craigs Road, St Joseph's College Presbytery
55.06124-3.6030363, 7 Nith Bank
55.06321-3.602379Craigs Road, The Ranch, Formerly St Michael's Lodge
55.06365-3.601050Craigs Road, St Joseph's College, Main College Building
55.06342-3.599318Craigs Road, St Joseph's College Mount St Michael's (Brothers' Recreation Block)
55.06132-3.6031492 Nith Bank
55.06471-3.602658Craigs Road, St Joseph's College Glebe Cottage (Facing Aldermanhill Road)
55.06140-3.6032151 Nith Bank
55.06509-3.604928St Michael's Street, St Michael's Churchyard Burns' Mausoleum
55.06474-3.600358Craigs Road, St Joseph's College, Aldermanhill House And Gatepiers (Chaplain's House)
55.06156-3.603801Nith Bank, Tormore And Gatepiers
55.07074-3.60988498, 104, 106, 112 Loreburn Street
55.07091-3.610032Loreburn Street, Loreburn United Free Church
55.07099-3.610223122 Loreburn Street
55.07007-3.605895English Street, Kirkbank
55.07057-3.606275St Mary's Street, St Mary's Church And Churchyard And Gatepiers
55.07086-3.608777Rae Street, Former St John's School
55.06984-3.61066382 Queensberry Street
55.06975-3.606039English Street, County Buildings
55.07000-3.60763143 Newall Terrace Including Lions
55.07040-3.604796St Mary's Street, St Mary's Church Hall With Retaining And Boundary Wall, Gatepiers And Steps
55.06643-3.62302342, 44, 46 Laurieknowe
55.06764-3.622241Laurieknowe, Ymca, Y2 Centre (Former Maxwelltown Free Church)
55.06706-3.62223430 Laurieknowe
55.06712-3.62201724, 26, 28 Laurieknowe, Including Garden Walls And Gatepiers
55.05685-3.62138383 New Abbey Road, Former Lodge And Gatepiers
55.06643-3.620752Hill Street, Mount Pleasant
55.06651-3.6221332 Hill Street, Mayfield House Summer House And Tool Shed
55.06179-3.624072Park Road Park Farmhouse
55.06762-3.62148916 Laurieknowe, Chapelmount
55.06732-3.62188418, 18A Laurieknowe And Gatepiers
55.08484-3.620776Abbey Lane, Lincluden Collegiate Church
55.06179-3.612359Ryedale Road, Ryedale House
55.07980-3.612739Nith Viaduct, (Former Castle Douglas-Dumfries Line Over River Nith)
55.06368-3.6123412 Troqueer Road, Charter House
55.06864-3.612541119-127 Irish Street (Odd Numbers Only)
55.06971-3.612380114, 116 Friars Vennel
55.06781-3.6124615, 7, 9, 11 Bank Street
55.07074-3.6124069 Church Crescent Dumfries Savings Bank
55.07097-3.612400Irving Street, Congregational Church And Hall
55.07054-3.6123511, 3, 5, 7 Church Crescent
55.06113-3.603549Nith Bank, The Grange And Gatepiers
55.06044-3.601407Bankend Road, St Michael's (Formerly St Michael's Manse)
55.06098-3.600646Johnstone Park, 1-6 Johnstone Cottages (Inclusive Numbers)
55.06109-3.6028585, 5A Nith Bank
55.06116-3.6029394, 6 Nith Bank
55.05935-3.649338Garroch Viaduct
55.05795-3.602372Glencaple Road, Castledykes View And Drybridge Over Wallace's Loaning, Garden Walls And Gatepiers
55.05355-3.601336Ladyfield West (Formerly Hannayfield)
55.04839-3.597592The Crichton, Boundary Walls, Railings, Gatepiers And Gates Along Bankend Road And Glencaple Road
55.06021-3.600928Bankend Road, St Michael's Coach House
55.05394-3.599942Crichton Royal Infirmary Low Lodge And Gatepiers
55.04949-3.597620The Crichton, The Conservatories And Boiler House
55.05036-3.600144Ladyfield East House And Gatepiers
55.07319-3.6008041-8 Victoria Terrace, (Inclusive Numbers) And 1 Moffat Road And Garden Terrace Balustrades
55.07554-3.59969253 Moffat Road, Greystone And Stables And Gatepiers
55.06943-3.5866221 Georgetown Road, Dunibert/196 Annan Road, Rowanlea
55.08460-3.593756Edinburgh Road, Marchfield House With Ancillary Structure
55.07382-3.600062Moffat Road, Huntingdon
55.07600-3.595121Marchmount Avenue Marchmount
55.08122-3.609050landmarkGBNunholm Cricket Ground
55.04875-3.593051The Crichton, Hestan House
55.04970-3.591978The Crichton, Kindar And Merrick
55.05113-3.591627The Crichton, Easterbrook Hall
55.05361-3.594825The Crichton, Campbell House
55.04935-3.593638The Crichton, Galloway House
55.05087-3.594185The Crichton, Crichton Memorial Church
55.05210-3.593169The Crichton, Johnston House
55.04800-3.592051The Crichton, Boiler House
55.04981-3.590542The Crichton, Maxwell House
55.05056-3.591057The Crichton, Grierson/Cairnsmore
55.05263-3.588290Midpark (Crichton Farm)
55.04779-3.588552The Crichton, Rutherford House And Mccowan House
55.05480-3.596971Crichton Royal Hospital Octagonal Pavilion
55.05321-3.589534Ellangowan House And Gatepiers
55.05047-3.589691The Crichton, Grierson Gate Lodge And Gatepiers (Upper Brownhall Lodge)
55.04874-3.595023The Crichton, Mochrum And Monreith
55.04948-3.589308The Crichton, Dudgeon And Cardoness
55.05357-3.596624Crichton Royal Hospital Crichton Hall
55.06745-3.595016Eastfield Road, Eastfield
55.08694-3.634167city1000.0GBNewbridge Drive
55.04759-3.594273The Crichton, Eskdale House
55.04832-3.594302The Crichton, Annandale House