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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
29.96222-101.1478cityUSBakers Crossing, Texas
29.95861-101.1464Camp Hudson
29.92301-100.9703landmarkUSDevils River State Natural Area
30.08583-101.3742Howard Draw
29.95083-101.1772Hudson Canyon (Texas)
29.95861-101.1456Hudson Canyon (Texas)
29.95861-101.1419Huffstutler Springs
29.71139-101.0992California Spring
29.68444-101.1733cityUSComstock, Texas
29.79882-101.1445US-TXDead Mans Pass
29.76111-101.1683Evans Creek (Devils River tributary)
29.72528-101.0419Gillis Springs
29.70000-101.3131landmarkUS-TXSeminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site
29.69972-101.3714Pecos River (mouth)
29.75667-101.3569landmarkUSPecos River High Bridge
29.69972-101.3714riverPecos River
29.68333-101.3183landmarkUSSeminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site
29.74639-101.2686Seminole Canyon
29.74944-101.2408Seminole Canyon
29.89000-101.1500city48879.0US-TXVal Verde County, Texas
30.00000-101.3333200000.0landmarkUS-TXVal Verde Basin