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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
37.14333-88.40750riverUSCumberland River
37.14306-88.40556landmarkUSGower House
37.16560-88.43090USList of locks and dams of the Ohio River
37.14028-88.40667USMasonic Hall-Federal Commissary Building
37.14847-88.39953USList of crossings of the Cumberland River
37.14333-88.40750USCumberland River (mouth)
37.13185-88.40378eduUS-KYLivingston Central High School
37.13944-88.40444landmarkUS-KYLivingston County Courthouse and Clerk's Offices
37.14028-88.40667landmarkUS-KYMasonic Hall–Federal Commissary Building
37.13389-88.40139USFort Star
37.14306-88.40556USGower House
37.13944-88.40444USLivingston County Courthouse and Clerk's Offices
37.14028-88.40667USMasonic Hall-Federal Commissary Building
37.13944-88.40417USRichard Olive House
37.13944-88.40389landmarkUS-KYRichard Olive House
37.13944-88.40278cityUSSmithland, Kentucky