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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-33.9666722.45000ZA[empty string]
-34.0308322.31361railwaystationZA-WCOuteniqua railway station
-34.0505622.39750city704.0ZAHerolds Bay
-33.9504222.40704ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0018 - Fancourt Hotel, George
-33.9472222.46333landmarkZAGarden Route Botanical Garden
-33.9472222.46333landmarkZA-WCGarden Route Botanical Garden
-33.9577822.45833landmarkZAList of cathedrals in South Africa
-34.0155322.45581ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0007 - Church and church buildings, [[Pacaltsdorp]]
-33.9637122.45289ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0010 - Bamboo Lodge, York Street, George
-33.9625222.45771ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0015 - Meade House, 91 Meade Street, George
-33.9562022.46310ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0016 - Dutch Reformed Church Complex, Courtenay Street, George
-33.9568622.46249ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0016-001 - Dutch Reformed Church, Courtenay Street, George
-33.9565422.46212ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0016-002 - Dutch Reformed Church Parsonage, Courtenay Street, George
-33.9631322.46023ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0020 - Seven-day Adventist Church, 47 Market Street, George
-33.9585322.46111ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0022 - Oakhurst, Hoekwil, George District
-33.9714322.45344ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0023 - Cradock Pass, George District
-33.9558222.45807ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0026 - 127 York Street, George
-33.9636722.46153ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0031 - St Pauls Church School, Market Lane, George
-33.9611922.46175ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0035 - Ralsons, 48 Hibernia Street, George
-33.9576222.45834ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0040 - St. Marks Anglican Cathedral, York Street, George
-33.9576222.45834ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0040/01 - St. Marks Anglican Cathedral Cemetery
-33.9275022.45028landmarkZAGeorge transmitter
-33.9675022.47639eduZAGeorge High School
-33.9666722.45000city114291.0ZAGeorge, Western Cape
-33.9551222.45026ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0012 - Old Gaol, De Bult Boys High School, George
-33.9566322.45219ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0030 - The Attic, 33 Langenhoven Street, George
-33.9897222.47970ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0028 - Oak tree, Main Street, George
-33.9568522.47689ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0038 - Fairview, 36 Stander Street, George
-33.9806022.44424ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0041 - Riversyde, 2 Lang Street, George
-33.9562022.46310ZAMoederkerk, George
-33.9532222.44762ZAOuteniqua Park
-33.9632022.47440ZAOuteniqua Transport Museum
-33.9275022.45028landmarkZAGeorge transmitter
-33.9577122.45844ZASophy Gray (architect)
-33.9520022.47900city376.0ZATwee Rivieren
-33.9641722.47083railwaystationZA-WCGeorge railway station
-33.9269422.44444railwaystationZA-WCPower railway station
-33.9711022.45100eduZA-WCYork High School (George)
-34.0066722.38083airportZA-WCGeorge Airport
-34.0500022.38333ZAList of bays of South Africa
-34.0066722.37500airportZAGeorge Airport
-34.0000022.38333ZAGeorge Airport
-34.0252822.38111railwaystationZA-WCSkimmelkrans railway station
-33.9187522.41643ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0009/002 - Old Tollhouse, Montagu Pass, George District
-33.9693822.43026ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/030/0017 - VOC Beacon, [[George Museum]], George
-34.0063922.41889railwaystationZA-WCGwaing railway station
-33.9680022.40400eventZA2003 Presidents Cup