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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
41.583332.233330[empty string]
41.569422.2574721998 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112000 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112001 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112002 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112003 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112004 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112005 Spanish Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112006 Spanish Grand Prix
41.569422.2574722007 Spanish Grand Prix
41.569422.2574722008 Spanish Grand Prix
41.569422.2574722008 Catalan motorcycle Grand Prix
41.570002.2611112009 Spanish Grand Prix
41.569422.257472Catalan motorcycle Grand Prix
41.570002.261111landmarkES-CTCircuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
41.550022.241900[empty string]
41.554702.250000Battle of Montmeló
41.552422.249722landmarkESMontmeló Municipal Museum
41.584002.239000city19041.0ES-CTParets del Vallès
41.555282.286389city5339.0ES-CTVilanova del Vallès
41.569422.257472Spanish Grand Prix