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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
54.6265318.81939landmarkPLGóra Szwedów Lighthouse
54.6166718.78333cityPLHel, Poland
54.6116718.80806city3898.0PLHel, Poland
54.6166718.78333cityPLHel Fortified Area
54.6000318.81294landmarkPLHel Lighthouse
54.6416718.78139landmarkPLHel Peninsula
54.6272218.84056PLList of shipwrecks in September 1943
54.6265318.81939countryPLList of lighthouses in Poland
54.6000318.81294countryPLList of lighthouses in Poland
54.6133318.77833PLORP Grom (1957)
54.6000018.76667landmarkPLRemnants of ORP Wicher
54.6127818.77722PLORP Wicher (1958)
54.6069418.80005landmarkPLSeal Sanctuary in Hel
54.6000018.80000PLUser:The Anome/non-gmina PL places
54.6076718.80173PL[empty string]
54.6082418.80146eventPLBattle of Hel