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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-7.833333159.0000countrySolomon Islands
-8.066667159.0000waterbodyNew Georgia Sound
-8.000000158.8833countrySolomon Islands
-8.000000159.4000waterbodyPacific Ocean
-8.133333159.1000isleSBFurona Island
-8.250000159.1167Japanese cruiser Yura
-8.250000158.9667Japanese submarine Ro-34
-7.800000159.1000List of solar eclipses in the 14th century BC
-8.250000159.1167List of shipwrecks in October 1942
-8.250000158.9667List of shipwrecks in April 1943
-8.250000158.9667Japanese submarine Ro-34
-8.250000159.1167Japanese cruiser Yura
-8.000000159.0000countryGeography of the Solomon Islands
-7.566667158.7167eventSBRekata Bay
-8.030556159.1761isleSBSanta Isabel Island
-8.000000159.0000isleSBSolomon Islands (archipelago)
-8.000000159.0000Solomon Islands
-7.585833158.7314airportSuavanao Airport
-8.030556159.1761User:Mateo Flecha/sandbox