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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
38.2704715.23094ITList of lighthouses in Italy
38.4667914.95736landmarkLipari Cathedral
38.4800014.95000mountainList of volcanoes in Italy
38.4036114.96167mountainList of volcanoes in Italy
38.4040014.96200mountainList of volcanoes in Italy
38.4647814.95769List of lighthouses in Italy
38.4768614.96300List of lighthouses in Italy
38.3671714.99161List of lighthouses in Italy
38.4397314.94299List of islands of Italy
38.4896814.93538List of islands of Italy
38.4749514.89593List of islands of Italy
38.3998814.93854List of islands of Italy
38.4202314.95109List of islands of Italy
38.3994314.96396List of islands of Italy
38.4877814.94556landmarkITIsole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)
38.4877814.94556landmarkITIsole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)
38.7088915.00861Italian cruiser Giovanni delle Bande Nere
38.6300015.07000isleList of volcanoes in Italy
38.7000015.20000List of shipwrecks in March 1941
38.7088915.00861Italian cruiser Giovanni delle Bande Nere
38.6367515.07828List of lighthouses in Italy
38.6633315.11389List of islands of Italy
38.6376215.11073List of islands of Italy
38.6394415.09733List of islands of Italy
38.6391215.09604List of islands of Italy
38.6272215.08389List of islands of Italy
38.6392915.11398List of islands of Italy
38.6347115.10661List of islands of Italy
38.6470415.06418List of islands of Italy
38.6375015.06667List of islands of Italy
38.6422515.09967List of islands of Italy
38.6645715.10816List of islands of Italy
38.6350014.87700mountainList of volcanoes in Italy
38.5806114.87156List of lighthouses in Italy
38.5371914.87122List of lighthouses in Italy
38.5794314.80081List of islands of Italy
38.5652814.83333List of islands of Italy
38.5500014.83333List of mountains in Italy
38.4674314.95398[empty string]
38.3666715.00000waterbodyMediterranean Sea
38.5333314.90000isleAeolian Islands
38.4724914.96088Battle of the Lipari Islands
38.2704715.23094landmarkITCapo di Milazzo
38.2704815.23102landmarkITCapo Milazzo Lighthouse
38.5371914.87122landmarkPunta Lingua Lighthouse
38.5652814.83333city2598.0IT-MESalina, Sicily
38.4877814.94556landmarkITIsole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)
38.4878614.94558landmarkITAeolian Islands
38.5647214.83889User:Ryanmhorne/pleiades List
38.6637815.11338User:Ryanmhorne/pleiades List
38.5666714.86667city818.0ITSanta Marina Salina