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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
16.21667100.4333TH[empty string]
16.17167100.1267adm2ndTHBueng Na Rang District
16.44184100.3488TH[empty string]
16.13870100.4147railwaystationTHDong Takhop railway station
16.33930100.4030THHua Dong railway station
16.27330100.4253railwaystationTHHuai Ket railway station
16.15000100.4333riverTHKhlong San Thao
16.44083100.3558landmarkTHList of tributaries of the Chao Phraya River
16.43833100.3500adm2ndTHMueang Phichit District
16.44389100.3478adm1stTHPhichit Province
16.44778100.3467railwaystationTHPhichit railway station
16.21500100.4217adm2ndTHTaphan Hin District
16.22010100.4240THTaphan Hin railway station
16.39900100.3894railwaystationTHWang Krot railway station
16.44083100.3558landmarkTHWat Ta Yom River
16.52500100.1450adm2ndTHWachirabarami District
16.51833100.3267landmarkTHList of tributaries of the Chao Phraya River
16.44314100.3240landmarkTHPhichit Provincial Stadium
16.44314100.3240landmarkTHPhichit F.C.
16.31111100.2750adm2ndTHPho Prathap Chang District
16.50889100.2047adm2ndTHSam Ngam District
16.44314100.3240landmarkTHTTM Thailand Tobacco Monopoly F.C.
16.51220100.3300railwaystationTHTha Lo railway station
16.51833100.3267riverTHWang Thong River
16.50972100.4694adm2ndTHSak Lek District