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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
50.13441-97.32676CA[empty string]
50.18194-97.45417cityCA-MBArgyle, Manitoba
50.15944-97.59111airportCA-MBWarren/Woodlands Airport
50.15530-97.55250landmarkCA-MBBalfour House
50.13620-97.32680landmarkCA-MBStonewall Town Hall
50.13450-97.32970landmarkCA-MBOrange Clark House
50.18290-97.44840landmarkCA-MBBrant Consolidated School
50.13760-97.32230landmarkCA-MBRockwood Registry Office
50.17472-97.40222landmarkCADorsey Converter Station Ground Return Electrode
50.16778-97.41389landmarkDEelectrode line of Nelson River Bipole 1 crosses electrode line of Nelson River Bipole 2
50.09167-97.43667landmarkDENelson River Bipole 1 & 2 cross electrode line of Nelson River Bipole 2
50.18110-97.45830landmarkCA-MBSettlers, Rails & Trails
50.14194-97.32639CAStonewall Quarry Park
50.13444-97.32611city4809.0CA-MBStonewall, Manitoba
50.13167-97.54667CAWarren, Manitoba
50.15944-97.59111airportCA-MBWarren/Woodlands Airport
50.24227-97.45751CAPioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West
50.18243-97.45276CABrant-Argyle School
50.21107-97.52235CABruce School
50.19639-97.56250adm2ndCADivision No. 14, Manitoba
50.25667-97.32111cityCA-MBBalmoral, Manitoba