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Last updated on 04 June 2020 at 07:08 UTC | database dumps | documentation
Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
38.37083-90.37333city4709.0US-MOImperial, Missouri
38.37074-90.37346cityUSImperial, Missouri
38.36667-90.36389city157.0US-MOKimmswick, Missouri
38.36667-90.36417landmarkUS-MOKimmswick Historic District
38.36389-90.36222landmarkUSWindsor Harbor Road Bridge
38.35000-90.35000USMerrimac (Apr. 30, EF2)
38.36389-90.36222landmarkUS-MOWindsor Harbor Road Bridge
38.36340-90.36880edu.region:us-moUSWindsor High School (Imperial, Missouri)
38.37917-90.38361USKimmswick Bone Bed
38.36661-90.36415USKimmswick Historic District
38.36389-90.36222USWindsor Harbor Road Bridge
38.35000-90.35000USMerrimac (Apr. 30, EF2)
38.36978-90.37845US[empty string]