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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
41.88306-88.01861CAFirst Church of Lombard
41.88583-88.01778CADuPage Theatre and DuPage Shoppes
41.88003-88.00784CA[empty string]
41.88975-87.98895CA[empty string]
41.87780-88.04310eventCA1943 Women's Western Open
41.86722-88.03389cityUS-ILFlowerfield, Illinois
41.87780-88.04310landmarkCAGlen Oak Country Club
41.86620-88.02160eduCAGlenbard East High School
41.88583-88.01778landmarkUS-ILDuPage Theatre and DuPage Shoppes
41.88146-88.03318CAFile talk:I-355 at the Illinois Prairie Path.jpg
41.86739-87.98597eduUS-ILEarthIslamic Foundation School
41.86791-87.98588landmarkCAIslamic Foundation
41.87611-88.01500city43165.0US-ILLombard, Illinois
41.86003-88.01457CANational University of Health Sciences
41.88412-88.02033CAHelen M. Plum Memorial Library
41.88520-88.02050landmarkUS-ILLilacia Park
41.88170-88.03923CAMilton Township, DuPage County, Illinois
41.88660-88.01870railwaystationUS-ILLombard station
41.88306-88.01861landmarkCAMaple Street Chapel
41.86725-88.03396CAMilton Township, DuPage County, Illinois
41.86620-88.02160CAGlenbard East High School
41.86000-88.01460CANational University of Health Sciences
41.86720-88.03390CAFlowerfield, Illinois
41.88410-88.02030CAHelen M. Plum Memorial Library
41.88520-88.02050CALilacia Park
41.85694-87.98778cityUS-ILYork Center, Illinois
41.85697-87.98784CAYork Township, DuPage County, Illinois
41.88417-88.02417CASacred Heart Church (Lombard, Illinois)
41.88408-88.02459CASacred Heart School (Lombard, Illinois)