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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
41.39560-85.42442[empty string]
41.39833-85.41889eduCentral Noble High School
41.39500-85.42194cityUSAlbion, Indiana
41.39583-85.42472city2456.0US-INAlbion Township, Noble County, Indiana
41.39667-85.42444landmarkUS-INAlbion Courthouse Square Historic District
41.39611-85.42444Noble County Seat/Noble County Courthouse
41.41020-85.39240Albion (Mar. 31, EF1)
41.39667-85.42444Albion Courthouse Square Historic District
41.39583-85.42444Noble County Courthouse
41.39556-85.42611Noble County Sheriff's House and Jail
41.39556-85.42611landmarkUS-INNoble County Sheriff's House and Jail
41.39583-85.42444landmarkUS-INNoble County Courthouse (Indiana)
41.40000-85.42000adm2ndUS-INNoble County, Indiana