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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
18.14744-65.43907landmarkPRFortín Conde de Mirasol
18.11583-65.42278airportPRCamp Garcia Vieques
18.15607-65.37377waterbodyPRList of lakes of Puerto Rico
18.14965-65.44161Casa Alcaldía de Vieques
18.15008-65.44185Casa Augusto Delerme
18.14871-65.44130Casa Delerme-Anduze No. 2
18.14860-65.44141Delerme-Anduze House
18.14744-65.43907Fuerte de Vieques
18.14697-65.44136Smaine–Ortiz House
18.15275-65.43244Las Tumbas de J. J. María le Guillou
18.14934-65.44175Vieques Pharmacy
18.11941-65.37794waterbodyPRList of lakes of Puerto Rico
18.12691-65.37210waterbodyPRList of lakes of Puerto Rico
18.09633-65.42382landmarkPuerto Ferro Light
18.11667-65.41667city9301.0PRVieques, Puerto Rico
18.11670-65.41670landmarkPRVieques National Wildlife Refuge
18.13050-65.44106cityUSWNVE (FM)
18.14917-65.44278cityPRIsabel Segunda, Puerto Rico
18.14994-65.44305Rafael Acevedo House
18.14868-65.44299Casa de Jaime Puig Lemoine
18.15450-65.44380Faro de Vieques
18.15447-65.44383landmarkPRPunta Mulas Light
18.14746-65.44488[empty string]