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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-64.75000-62.55000Birdsend Bluff
-64.80000-62.58333Deville Glacier
-64.88333-62.55000Forbes Point
-64.76667-62.70000Beneden Head
-64.88333-62.75000Dallmeyer Peak
-64.90000-62.75000glacierAQIce Gate Glacier
-64.91667-62.75000Mount Inverleith
-64.85000-62.68333Steinheil Point
-64.90000-62.60000Lester Cove
-64.83333-62.55000Neko Harbour
-64.80000-62.60000Scheimpflug Nunatak
-64.90000-62.75000List of glaciers in the Antarctic: I–Z
-64.76667-62.60000Orel Ice Fringe
-64.75000-62.38333List of glaciers in the Antarctic: I–Z
-64.85000-62.38333List of glaciers in the Antarctic: A–H
-64.85000-62.36667Moser Glacier
-64.75278-62.38889Nadjakov Glacier
-64.90000-62.43333Rudolph Glacier
-64.78333-62.50000Laussedat Heights
-64.75000-62.55000Porro Bluff
-64.86667-62.68333Almirante Ice Fringe
-64.83333-62.65000Andvord Bay
-64.85000-62.55000AQAntarctic field camps
-64.85000-62.38333glacierAQArago Glacier
-64.75000-62.41667Arctowski Peninsula