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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
38.71667-6.816667eventESBattle of Albuera
38.65000-6.733333landmarkES-BAExtresol Solar Power Station
38.71667-6.716667cityESEntrín Bajo
38.71889-6.713333city605.0ESEntrín Bajo
38.71667-6.666667city1257.0ESCorte de Peleas
38.72528-6.670833city1257.0ESCorte de Peleas
38.71667-6.666670ES[empty string]
38.71667-6.816670ES[empty string]
38.61667-6.816670ES[empty string]
38.61667-6.633330ES[empty string]
38.61667-6.800000ES[empty string]
38.70000-6.766667waterbodyESComplejo lagunar de La Albuera
38.65000-6.733333ESExtresol Solar Power Station
38.65000-6.733333ESExtresol Solar Power Station
38.69690-6.763300ESComplejo Lagunar de la Albuera
38.71611-6.823889cityESLa Albuera
38.70560-6.780300ESRivera de los Limonetes - Nogales
38.61667-6.800000city1257.0ES-EXTorre de Miguel Sesmero