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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
51.94000-4.970000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Tr-Tre
51.94000-4.980000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ben-Bez
51.94280-5.013500landmarkGBInscribed Stone at Llangwarran Farm
51.92850-4.986900landmarkGBPen-Dre Round Barrow
51.94000-4.983800landmarkGBBucket Camp
51.94150-4.962700landmarkGBCastell Cwm-Wyntyll
51.93700-5.025700River Cleddau
51.92000-5.010000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Lel-Lez
51.90960-5.007700landmarkGBSt Lawrence Camp
51.91810-5.019100landmarkGBTy-Newydd-Grug Standing Stone
51.90960-5.007700List of hillforts in Wales
51.90960-5.007700User:Robevans123/sandbox1/Welsh Scheduled Monuments
51.90960-5.007700User:MartinPoulter/Hillforts in Wales
51.90970-4.978700landmarkGBLower Broad Moor Standing Stone
51.90860-4.968400landmarkGBSealyham Quarries Camp
51.90750-4.977600landmarkGBStanding Stone 450m SSE of Lower Broadmoor Farm