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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
51.91000-4.930000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Co-Col
51.92850-4.986900landmarkGBPen-Dre Round Barrow
51.91341-4.954524Church of St Dogfael
51.91000-4.950000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Litn-Liz
51.91330-4.954800landmarkGBInscribed Stone in Churchyard
51.90120-4.934300landmarkGBParc-y-Llyn Burial Chamber
51.91500-4.934300landmarkGBColston Burial Chamber
51.93000-4.941300landmarkGBDefended Enclosure 300m SE of Pentre
51.90720-4.938900landmarkGBGarn Turne Burial Chamber
51.91630-4.954300landmarkGBSealyham Rocks Camp
51.91333-4.959167landmarkGBSealyham House
51.93380-4.924800landmarkGBSummerton Camp
51.89960-4.969800landmarkGBWolfscastle Castle Mound
51.89930-4.983400landmarkGBFord Camp
51.90970-4.978700landmarkGBLower Broad Moor Standing Stone
51.90860-4.968400landmarkGBSealyham Quarries Camp
51.90750-4.977600landmarkGBStanding Stone 450m SSE of Lower Broadmoor Farm
51.89110-4.984200landmarkGBWest Ford Camp
51.89700-4.971000city642.0GBWolf's Castle
51.89730-4.968600railwaystationGBWolf's Castle Halt railway station