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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
52.02280-4.413200User:MartinPoulter/Hillforts in Wales
51.99510-4.386100User:MartinPoulter/Hillforts in Wales
52.00870-4.362800landmarkGBA486 road (southern end)
52.01000-4.400000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Fa-Fe
52.01000-4.360000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Pe-Pen
52.01000-4.400000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Dr
51.99000-4.400000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Pe-Pen
51.99000-4.360000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Re-Rh
51.99000-4.410000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cw-Cz
51.98690-4.372400landmarkGBCrug Tarw
51.99500-4.386400landmarkGBDefended Enclosure 500m NNE of Blaen-maenog
51.99510-4.386100List of hillforts in Wales
52.00040-4.391100landmarkGBDomen Llawddog (Or Tomen Maesllan) Mound & Bailey Castle
52.02000-4.370000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Llanf-Llann
52.02100-4.400000city1200.0GBDre-fach Felindre
52.02000-4.420000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
52.00000-4.420000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cw-Cz
52.00000-4.370000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sand-Say
52.02280-4.413200List of hillforts in Wales
51.98130-4.395500landmarkGBCrug Perfa Round Barrow
51.98200-4.402900landmarkGBCrug y Gorllwyn Round Barrow
51.97940-4.413200landmarkGBNant Sais Round Barrow
51.97980-4.372100landmarkGBPanthir Defended Enclosure