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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
55.81148-4.174097GBHolmhills Community Park Cambuslang
55.81410-4.167800railwaystationGBKirkhill railway station
55.81436-4.162316GBKirkhill, South Lanarkshire
55.80444-4.173829GBKirkhill Golf Club
55.82000-4.170000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Car-Cd
55.81872-4.175401Central Avenue, 5 Beech Avenue, Ashfield Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
55.81832-4.165530Cambuslang, 13 Tabernacle Lane, Masonic Hall
55.81968-4.1749282 Glasgow Road, Beech Avenue, Trinity Parish Church And Halls, Boundary Walls, Gates And Gatepiers
55.81776-4.166840Greenlees Road And 2 Tabernacle Street, Former Cambuslang Public School
55.81386-4.163000Cairns Road, Cambuslang Old Parish Church Including Churchyard, Boundary Walls, Gates And Gatepiers
55.81623-4.17563063, 65 West Coats Road, Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
55.81551-4.17546260, Brownside Road, West Coats Primary School Including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers, Gates And Railings
55.81608-4.1672092A Cadzow Drive, Greenlees Road, Cambuslang Baptist Church Including Boundary Walls, Gates And Railings
55.81815-4.1744284 Central Avenue, 21 Wellshot Drive
55.81851-4.166067Main Street, Savoy Bingo Club (Former Savoy Cinema)
55.81757-4.1675164 Busheyhill Street, Former School
55.81659-4.16757337 Greenlees Road, Cambuslang Institute Including Boundary Walls
55.81349-4.1623417, 7A Cairns Road, Cambuslang Old Parish Church Hall
55.81780-4.1806496, 6A, 8 Milton Avenue, Wellshot House
55.81928-4.17884925 Central Avenue, Hotel
55.81000-4.140000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wd-West End
55.81000-4.120000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Newton
55.81950-4.173100railwaystationGBCambuslang railway station
55.81773-4.156748GBCambuslang Hibernian F.C.
55.81288-4.181950GBCathkin High School
55.82094-4.130430GBDrumsagard Village
55.81240-4.130200landmarkDrumsagard Castle
55.81238-4.146223cityGBHalfway, South Lanarkshire
55.80179-4.127594Flemington Farm (Off Flemington Road)
55.80297-4.150651Gilbertfield Castle
55.79430-4.159500landmarkGBClyde 2
55.80000-4.170000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ca-Cap
55.80000-4.150000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ff-Fn
55.79000-4.130000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Da-Dam
55.77671-4.149090GBGilbertfield Castle
55.77671-4.150290landmarkGBHunter House Museum
55.77672-4.150337The Hunter Museum (formerly Hunter House)
55.77666-4.1488831A, 1B, 1C Maxwelton Road
55.77672-4.150337Maxwelton Road, The Hunter Museum (Formerly Hunter House), Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
55.78473-4.107270Old Churchyard
55.78452-4.107721Parish Church
55.78468-4.110776Shott House
55.78242-4.128722Stoneymeadow Road, General's Bridge
55.77836-4.104764eduGB-SLKUniversity of the West of Scotland
55.78470-4.136700railwaystationGBCalderwood Glen Platform railway station
55.80700-4.175000GBRutherglen and Hamilton West (UK Parliament constituency)
55.81556-4.175534GBWest Coats Primary School
55.81917-4.137778landmarkGBNewton (South Lanarkshire) rail accident
55.81880-4.133700railwaystationGBNewton railway station
55.82094-4.143034city2000.0GBWestburn, South Lanarkshire
55.81600-4.160000landmarkWhitefield Park