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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
54.66490-3.363203Jennings Brewery
54.80400-3.380000cityGBJericho, Cumbria
55.00537-3.345743landmarkGBKinmount House
55.12550-3.360200landmarkKintail Park
54.69330-3.429800railwaystationGBLinefoot railway station
55.11667-3.433333GBCastle Loch
54.90000-3.416667GBUpper Solway Flats and Marshes
55.21900-3.795000Keir, Dumfries and Galloway
55.40700-3.764000landmarkGBLeadhills and Wanlockhead Railway
55.00669-4.039210landmarkJames Clerk Maxwell
54.83833-4.048056GBKirkcudbright Railway
54.83530-4.057700100.0eduGBKirkcudbright Academy
54.83520-4.061100landmarkGBKirkcudbright Castle
54.98333-4.016667GBLoch Ken and River Dee Marshes
55.10600-3.698300railwaystationGBIrongray railway station
54.89877-3.580537landmarkGBJohn Paul Jones Cottage Museum
55.11600-3.608000cityGBKirkton, Dumfries and Galloway
55.52400-3.704000GBLanark and Hamilton East (UK Parliament constituency)
54.93499-3.817444landmarkIslecroft Stadium
55.33170-3.806800cityGBKirkbride, Durisdeer
55.01300-3.928000GBKilquhanity School
55.38750-3.998800railwaystationGBKirkconnel railway station
55.18720-3.869200railwaystationGBKirkland railway station
55.01104-3.896286Kirkpatrick Durham
54.71000-3.470000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bi
54.83333-4.033330[empty string]
54.93333-3.950000[empty string]
54.93333-3.833330[empty string]
54.96667-4.483330[empty string]
54.65000-3.566670[empty string]
54.68333-3.516670[empty string]
54.70000-3.500000[empty string]
55.10000-3.583330[empty string]
54.64463-3.538940landmarkGBWorkington Hall (also known as Curwen Hall)
55.48333-3.400000[empty string]
54.66667-3.350000[empty string]
54.86870-3.384480[empty string]
55.11667-3.350000[empty string]
54.76210-3.33900030000.0GBA596 road
54.66538-3.362021landmarkGBCockermouth Castle (residence of Lord Egremont)
54.66534-3.362578landmarkGBCockermouth Castle (uninhabited parts)
54.66513-3.361671landmarkGBEastern range of buildings (Lord Egremont's Estate Office and the Office of the Westmorland Green Slate Company)
54.66535-3.361663landmarkGBOuter Gatehouse, Cockermouth Castle
54.66530-3.361801landmarkGBPump inside the Outer Gatehouse, Cockermouth Castle
54.66496-3.362084landmarkGBSouthern range of buildings, adjoining the Flag Tower (including garages, store rooms and Castle Cottage)
54.66369-3.367949landmarkGBWordsworth House, including garden, forecourt walling and gate piers
54.76259-3.384152landmarkGBHayton Castle
54.76574-3.327830[empty string]
54.70000-3.433330[empty string]
55.11667-3.450000[empty string]
55.10000-3.433330[empty string]
55.33227-3.445420[empty string]
54.69667-3.436111GBA594 road (Cumbria)
54.66505-3.418850landmarkGBChurch of St Bridget
54.73735-3.447223landmarkGBChurch of St John
54.71393-3.441281landmarkGBChurch of St Mungo
54.66510-3.418900St Bridget, Brigham
54.73730-3.447200St John, Crosscanonby
54.71400-3.441200St Mungo, Dearham
55.35000-3.916670[empty string]
55.38333-4.000000[empty string]
54.76667-4.000000waterbodyIrish Sea
55.45000-4.616670[empty string]
55.48333-4.616670[empty string]
55.51667-4.366670[empty string]
55.50000-4.483330[empty string]
55.53200-4.650000event2016 Open Championship
55.23333-3.766670[empty string]
55.35000-4.500000[empty string]
55.35000-4.533330[empty string]
55.38333-4.583330[empty string]
55.44528-4.519500[empty string]
55.45000-4.266670[empty string]
55.46667-4.300000[empty string]
55.48333-4.316670[empty string]
55.40000-4.183330[empty string]
55.23333-4.866670[empty string]
55.33333-4.700000[empty string]
55.31600-4.8330002015 Women's British Open
54.67480-3.445900railwaystationGBGreat Broughton railway station
54.66800-3.436000cityGBGreat Broughton, Cumbria
54.64900-3.483000city1114.0GBGreat Clifton
54.64174-3.544332landmarkGBChurch of St John and adjoining community hall
54.64571-3.555300landmarkGBChurch of St Michael
54.64241-3.537446landmarkGBHelena Thompson Museum and former stables
54.64579-3.554172landmarkGBSt Michael's House
55.51667-4.050000[empty string]
55.41503-4.012490waterbodyGBGreymare's Tail, Kirkconnel
55.50200-4.619000event1884 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1887 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1890 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1893 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1898 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1903 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1908 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1914 Open Championship
55.50200-4.619000event1925 Open Championship
55.50840-4.504400eventGB-SAY1948 KLM Constellation air disaster
55.47889-4.610000city2000.0GBHeathfield, South Ayrshire
54.66498-3.360519landmarkGBCastlegate House
54.66319-3.360149landmarkGBChurch of All Saints
54.66270-3.358985landmarkGBCobbled forecourt to Nos 45 and 47, Kirkgate
54.66340-3.366761landmarkGBNorham House
54.66452-3.360984landmarkGB6 Castlegate
54.66450-3.361356landmarkGB5, 7 Castlegate
54.66412-3.361808landmarkGB38, 40 and 42 Market Place
54.73079-3.372197landmarkGBChurch of St Mary
54.74004-3.334530landmarkGBDovecote south of Church of St Cuthbert
54.84600-3.371000city362.0GBHolme Low
54.76490-3.327095landmarkGBChurch of St Kentigern
54.68677-3.515604landmarkGBAllanby House
54.68708-3.515585landmarkGBFlimby Hall
55.06820-3.625660landmarkGBHM Prison Dumfries
55.48677-3.464690Hawkshaw, Scottish Borders
55.11580-3.642000railwaystationGBHolywood railway station (Scotland)
55.53200-4.650000event1923 Open Championship
55.53200-4.651000event1950 Open Championship
55.53200-4.650000event1962 Open Championship
55.53260-4.650700event1973 Open Championship
55.31600-4.832000event1977 Open Championship
55.53200-4.650000event1982 Open Championship
55.31600-4.832000event1986 Open Championship
55.31600-4.832000event1989 Open Championship
55.31600-4.832000event1994 Open Championship
55.53200-4.650000event1997 Open Championship
55.31600-4.832000event2002 Women's British Open
55.31600-4.833000event2003 Senior British Open
55.53200-4.651000event2004 Open Championship
55.31600-4.832000event2009 Open Championship
55.25871-4.827850railwaystationGBGrangeston Halt railway station
55.43861-4.670000GBGreenan Castle
55.24583-4.723056landmarkGBHadyard Hill Wind Farm
55.42811-4.686500railwaystationGBHeads of Ayr Holiday Camp railway station
55.42630-4.711400railwaystationGBHeads of Ayr railway station
55.23550-3.848900landmarkGBGrennan Hill
54.97800-3.868000cityGBHaugh of Urr
54.83210-3.809200GBHestan Island
54.83293-3.808020landmarkHestan Island
55.51667-4.166667riverGBGreenock Water
55.02497-4.362130waterbodyGBGrey Mare's Tail, Galloway
55.44694-4.431111landmarkCoylton substation
55.49848-4.379471cityGBHaugh, East Ayrshire
55.02194-4.424540waterbodyGBHespies Linn
54.66564-3.418840landmarkGBParsonage Farmhouse
54.76000-3.390000cityGBHayton and Mealo
54.76000-3.391000city237.0GBHayton, Allerdale
54.76259-3.384152landmarkBGHayton Castle
55.10694-3.418056cityGB-DGYHeck, Dumfries and Galloway
55.33067-3.435267landmarkGBHolm Park, Moffat
54.81060-3.393500city465.0GBHolme St Cuthbert
54.81019-3.392499100.0eduGBHolme St Cuthbert School
55.50194-4.573333eventGB1954 Prestwick air disaster
54.71964-4.526020waterbodyGBGrey Mare's Tail, Monreith
55.38970-4.517300railwaystationGBHolehouse Junction railway station
55.40160-4.545100railwaystationGBHollybush railway station
55.48553-4.615770landmarkGBKingcase Parish Church
55.48000-4.530000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Mos-Mz
55.48000-4.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wir-Wood
55.47830-4.562596Auchincruive Estate, Gibbsyard (Former Stables)
55.48021-4.547510Auchincruive Estate, Walled Garden, Including Greenhouses And Ancillary Structures
55.47969-4.563857Auchincruive Estate, Wilson Hall
55.48218-4.548761Auchincruive Estate, East Lodge
55.48330-4.572893St Quivox, St Quivox Parish Church (Church Of Scotland)
55.47978-4.555554Auchincruive Estate, Ice House
55.48029-4.561585Auchincruive Estate, Oswald's Temple (Tea House)
55.48330-4.572481St Quivox, St Quivox Parish Church, Graveyard Including Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.48319-4.572585St Quivox, St Quivox Parish Church, Mausoleum
55.48318-4.570574St Quivox, Mount Hamilton
55.47837-4.552630Auchincruive Estate, Oswald Hall
55.48291-4.571728St Quivox, Former Manse Including Boundary Wall
55.48298-4.572730St Quivox, Cottar House Including Boundary Wall
55.48009-4.566653Auchincruive Estate, West Lodge, Including Boundary Walls
55.48325-4.556649Brickrow Farm, Including Farmhouse And Ancillary Structure
55.47831-4.558687Auchencruive Estate, Dairy School
55.48338-4.573262St Quivox, St Evox Including Boundary Wall
55.52000-4.630000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Fr-Fz
55.52720-4.734117List of lighthouses in Scotland
55.52653-4.628975Wallace's Monument
55.52653-4.6289753 Grey Gables
55.51526-4.601973Ruined Church of St. Cuthbert
55.51863-4.595858Windmill, Whiteside
55.52061-4.590729Macrae's Monument
55.52300-4.625000South Wood Road, Sandhill House Including Stable Building
55.52612-4.628092Monkton, Southwood Road, "3 Grey Gables", Gardener's Cottage And Stables
55.52746-4.629924Southwood Road, Southwood House, With Boundary Wall, Gates And Gatepiers
55.52653-4.628975Monkton, Southwood Road,"3 Grey Gables" Including Gatepiers, Terraced Garden And Garden Features
55.51863-4.595858Windmill, Whiteside
55.51434-4.598981Building No 1, Spirit Aerosystems, Prestwick, (Former Palace Of Engineering)
55.52062-4.590729Macrae's Monument
55.51569-4.601130Monkton, Tarbolton Road, The Old Manse And Stable
55.51526-4.601973Ruined Church Of St. Cuthbert, Monkton, And Old Graveyard
55.52275-4.604131Monktonhead Farm With Horsemill
55.52208-4.610108Burial Ground, Fairfield
55.51451-4.555620South Bogside
55.53000-4.660000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Tri-Tz
55.53402-4.646877Piersland House Hotel (formerly Piersland Lodge)
55.52859-4.625974Frognal House Including Greenhouse, Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
55.53432-4.648451137 Bentinck Drive, Rowallan, Including Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
55.52997-4.64660511 Crosbie Road, Mokoia, Including Terrace, Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
55.53434-4.649593134 Bentinck Drive, Scotswood, Including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers And Gates
55.53095-4.624912Monktonhill Road, Ruins Of Crosbie Church And Churchyard Including Boundary Wall, Gatepiers And Gates
55.52939-4.64601215 Crosbie Road, Including Sunken Garden Walls, Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
55.52894-4.64528417 Crosbie Road, Cessford, Including Sunken Garden Walls, Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
55.53340-4.6496253 Craigend Road, Belhaven Nursing Home Including Boundary Wall, Railings And Piers
55.52859-4.64411919 Crosbie Road, Real Tennis Court Adjoining Sun Court Nursing Home
55.53402-4.64687715 Craigend Road, Piersland House Hotel (Formerly Piersland Lodge), Including Summer Houses, Terrace And Columns
55.53173-4.648689Crosbie Road, Puma Hotels Collection's The Marine Hotel Including Terrace Wall, Piers And Gate
55.53408-4.648466139-145 (Odd Nos) Bentinck Drive, Piersland Mews Including Boundary Wall And Piers
55.53332-4.6482729 Craigend Road, Piersland Gatehouse, Former West Lodge To Piersland Lodge (Now Piersland House Hotel), Including Boundary Wall, Piers And Gatepiers
55.53270-4.6508142 Craigend Road, Royal Troon Golf Club Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
55.53424-4.651789South Beach, Crosbie Tower Including Conservatory, Boundary Wall, Piers And Gates
55.50000-4.700000List of solar eclipses in the 16th century
55.50000-4.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Mo-Mor
55.49000-4.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Pr-Pz
55.50148-4.611103Mercat Cross
55.49065-4.623353Salt Pan Houses at St Nicholas Golf Course
55.50153-4.585722Shaw Monument
55.50296-4.554712Ladykirk Estate, Gate Lodge Including Gates, Gatepiers And Adjoining Walls
55.49865-4.61148776-84 Main Street (Even Nos), Former Broadway Cinema Including Shops
55.48883-4.618578Kingcase, Bruce`S Well And Ruins Of St Ninian`S Hospital
55.50148-4.611103Mercat Cross
55.49619-4.612274Ruin Of St. Nicholas' Church And Graveyard, Kirk Street
55.50177-4.6102525 And 7 The Cross
55.50602-4.602710Towans Hotel, Powmill Road
55.50697-4.603279St. Cuthberts Parish Church
55.50206-4.610604Old Burgh Chambers (Now County Council District Office)
55.49946-4.61131850 Main Street, Prestwick South Parish Church (Church Of Scotland, Former United Presbyterian)
55.49065-4.623353Salt Pan Houses At St Nicholas Golf Course
55.50797-4.554799Ladykirk House, Stable Courtyard
55.50726-4.557113Ladykirk House, Lady-Kirk (Remains Of) And Walled Garden
55.50296-4.554712Ladykirk House, Lodge, Including Gatepiers, Gates And Adjoining Walls
55.50135-4.614246Prestwick Town Station Including Waiting Room
55.50975-4.558479Ladykirk House
55.53704-4.624161Isle Of Pin Road, Fullarton Courtyard Including Sundial
55.53502-4.650083130 And 130A Bentinck Drive, Terrydale And Kirkland, Including Boundary Wall And Piers
55.53636-4.621341Fullarton Park, Gatepiers And Outer Piers (4 Pins) Original East Entrance To Fullarton House
55.53622-4.652747117 South Beach, Including Boundary Wall, Entrance Arch And Gatepiers
55.53463-4.651879135 And 137 South Beach Including Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
55.53593-4.630743Isle Of Pin Road, Stone Pillar (Within Boundary Of Monkland)
55.53614-4.649651121 And 121A Bentinck Drive Including Boundary Wall, Entrance Gateway And Piers
55.53451-4.648654133 And 135 Bentinck Drive And 37 Bentinck Crescent Including Boundary Wall, Entrance Arches And Gates
55.53641-4.646404Bentinck Crescent, Shandwick, Including Boundary Wall, Piers And Gates
55.46944-4.620000landmarkGB-SAYSomerset Park
55.46682-4.630076Main Street, Newton Tower Including Gates
55.46505-4.6282184-16 (Even Nos) And 20 George Street
55.46713-4.621727King Street, Monument To John Taylor Including Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46498-4.627833George Street, Ayr (Martyrs) Free Church And Hall Including Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46599-4.62995712 And 14 Main Street, Carnegie Public Library Including Railings, Gates And Boundary Wall
55.46858-4.628928Damside, Labour Party Offices
55.46559-4.625817George Street, Former Morrison Congregational Church Including Gate And Railings
55.46882-4.6290866 New Road, Salvation Army Citadel
55.46703-4.61627766 Craigie Road, Western House
55.46729-4.628968Main Street, Newton On Ayr Church (Church Of Scotland) Including Boundary Wall
55.46872-4.6290792, 4 New Road And 1 Weaver Street Including Boundary Wall
55.46891-4.6294561 And 3 New Road Including Railings And Boundary Wall
55.45740-4.599400100.0eduGBKyle Academy
55.46000-4.590000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Da-Dam
55.46000-4.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Lm-Loi
55.46000-4.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wa-Wal
55.46000-4.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bra
55.46402-4.596416landmarkGBDalmilling Priory
55.45841-4.611514Ayrshire Management Centre (Craigie House)
55.46050-4.623470Railway Viaduct Over River Ayr, To Nw Of Victoria Bridge
55.46237-4.626315Turner's Bridge (Footbridge) Over River Ayr
55.45811-4.623659Holmston Road, Council Offices (Former Holmston House Hospital)
55.46377-4.62593328 And 30 John Street Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
55.45797-4.626244Smith Street, Ayr Station And Station Hotel Including Canopies, Footbridge, Lamp Standards, Gatepiers, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.45783-4.623150Holmston Road, Council Offices, (Former Holmston House Hospital) Lodge Including Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.45841-4.611514Craigie, Ayrshire Management Centre, Including Screen Wall
55.46147-4.61951614 Craigie Road Including Gatepiers, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.45896-4.618732Dam Park Stadium, Stand
55.46355-4.624954John Street, Wallacetown Parish Church (Church Of Scotland) Including Church Hall, Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46315-4.6227912 Craigie Avenue Including Gatepiers, Gate, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46140-4.632800Holy Trinity, Ayr
55.46133-4.632954Holy Trinity Church
55.46179-4.629298172-176 (Even Nos) High Street And 1-7 (Odd Nos) Mill Street, Wallace Tower
55.46171-4.63464062-74 (Even Nos) Fort Street And 2-10 (Even Nos) Fullarton Street, Wellington Chambers
55.46143-4.63384622 And 24 Fullarton Street
55.46137-4.631548Carrick Street, Gaiety Theatre
55.46123-4.628707212-218 (Even Nos) High Street
55.46133-4.632954Fullarton Street, Holy Trinity Church (Scottish Episcopal) Including Church Hall, Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46133-4.63478927 Wellington Square
55.46186-4.629856155, 157 High Street And 2, 4 Carrick Street
55.46211-4.629462158 And 160 High Street
55.46151-4.63391518 And 20 Fullarton Street
55.46137-4.635329Wellington Square, Monument To Sir James Fergusson Of Kilkerran
55.46191-4.629291162-170 (Even Nos) High Street
55.46131-4.63268325 And 27 Fullarton Street Including Boundary Wall
55.46171-4.6360645 And 6 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gates
55.46168-4.63683711 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gate
55.46078-4.63720417 Wellington Square
55.46077-4.63696624 Wellington Square
55.46243-4.6355583 Charlotte Street And 45B Fort Street
55.46243-4.6361129 Charlotte Street, Shangri-La
55.46171-4.6361917 And 8 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gate
55.46172-4.6359541 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gate
55.46242-4.63628511 Charlotte Street
55.46166-4.63669410 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gate
55.46121-4.636331Wellington Square, War Memorial
55.46242-4.6359377 Charlotte Street, Grant House
55.46243-4.63647513 Charlotte Street
55.46165-4.6357754 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gate
55.46147-4.636317Wellington Square, Gatepiers, Gates And Boundary Walls
55.46170-4.6355882 And 3 Wellington Square Including Railings And Gates
55.46075-4.63675919 Wellington Square Including Railings
55.46074-4.63660020 Wellington Square
55.46118-4.635380Wellington Square, Monument To James George Smith Neill, Cb
55.46124-4.637187Wellington Square, Monument To Archibald William, Earl Of Eglinton And Wintoun
55.46231-4.63539247 And 49 Fort Street
55.46166-4.6364889 Wellington Square Including Railings
55.45834-4.6348271 And 3 Racecourse Road Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
55.45792-4.63307425 And 27 Miller Road Including Boundary Wall
55.45871-4.63553110-14 (Inclusive Nos) Alloway Place Including Boundary Walls
55.45901-4.6346811-14 (Inclusive Nos) Barns Terrace Including Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
55.45798-4.63399633-43 (Odd Nos) Miller Road Including Gatepiers, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.45924-4.6338586, 6A And 8 Barns Crescent Including Boundary Wall
55.45788-4.6350655 Racecourse Road, Meteor Hotel Including Railings And Boundary Wall
55.45826-4.63151526 And 28 Miller Road Including Boundary Wall
55.45914-4.63190636-40 (Even Nos) Dalblair Road Including Boundary Wall
55.45833-4.63337032 Miller Road Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
55.45830-4.63213530 Miller Road Including Gatepiers, Gates And Boundary Wall
55.45749-4.6352137 Racecourse Road, Elmsley Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
55.45953-4.633197Barns House
55.45995-4.6366741-8A (Inclusive Nos) Park Terrace Including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers, Gates And Railings
55.45947-4.63139027-39 (Odd Nos) Dalblair Road
55.46064-4.63297123 And 25 Barns Street Including Railings
55.45978-4.63150617-25 (Odd Nos) Dalblair Road Including Boundary Wall
55.45992-4.6340461-4 (Inclusive Nos) Barns Park Including Gatepiers, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46073-4.63633121 Wellington Square Including Railings
55.45983-4.6355111-5A (Inclusive Nos) Alloway Place Including Boundary Walls
55.45959-4.6333911 Barns Crescent, Barns House Including Ancillary Structures, Walled Garden, Gatepiers, Gates And Boundary Wall
55.46069-4.63617022 Wellington Square Including Carriage-House
55.45935-4.6354956-9 (Inclusive Nos) Alloway Place Including Boundary Walls And Railings
55.45994-4.634727Alloway Place, Dereel, Ayr Ex-Servicemen's Club Including Gatepier, Gates And Boundary Wall
55.46072-4.63585523 Wellington Square
55.45927-4.514996Sundrum Castle
55.46059-4.501364The Cushats, Bridge In Policies
55.46015-4.505877The Cushats, Including Coach House And Stable Block And Garage
55.46312-4.629798112 And 114 High Street And 1 Kirk Port
55.46300-4.63130921-25 (Odd Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46301-4.63203841 And 43 Newmarket Street
55.46328-4.63110618-22 (Even Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46294-4.63070485 And 87 High Street
55.46313-4.63206145-51 (Odd Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46334-4.63096812 Newmarket Street
55.46330-4.63159830-38 (Even Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46310-4.63103111 And 13 Newmarket Street
55.46317-4.63234853-57 (Odd Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46335-4.6307626-10 (Even Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46315-4.63043377-81 (Odd Nos) High Street And 1 Newmarket Street
55.46337-4.63000588-98 (Even Nos) High Street
55.46317-4.6308295-9 (Odd Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46301-4.63159431-39 (Odd Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46337-4.63198244 And 46 Newmarket Street
55.46322-4.629931106 And 110 High Street
55.46310-4.63120515-19 (Odd Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46305-4.63147127 And 29 Newmarket Street
55.46321-4.6307223 Newmarket Street
55.46094-4.6344782 Barns Street
55.46066-4.63325719 And 21 Barns Street
55.46093-4.6343194 Barns Street
55.46093-4.6340986 Barns Street
55.46090-4.63311516 Barns Street And 32 Fullarton Street
55.46106-4.63481826 Wellington Square
55.46066-4.6343013 Barns Street Including Railings
55.46067-4.6340017 Barns Street Including Railings
55.46092-4.63289518 Barns Street
55.46070-4.63539625 Wellington Square
55.46092-4.63341612 Barns Street
55.46089-4.63270320 Barns Street
55.46064-4.63354115 And 17 Barns Street Including Railings
55.46062-4.63255827 And 29 Barns Street Including Railings
55.46092-4.6338598 Barns Street
55.46055-4.6349421 Barns Street, Berkeley House, Including Boundary Walls
55.46067-4.6341755 And 5A Barns Street Including Railings
55.46091-4.63363810 Barns Street
55.46065-4.6336839 And 11 Barns Street, Town Hotel
55.46090-4.63328914 Barns Street And 30 Fullarton Street
55.46279-4.628710landmarkGBAyr Greyfriars
55.46284-4.628720Auld Kirk of Ayr
55.46304-4.629286Auld Kirk of Ayr Gateway
55.46272-4.629835128 And 130 High Street
55.46287-4.629734120 And 122 High Street
55.46298-4.62948810 And 12 Kirk Port
55.46285-4.63050893 And 95 High Street
55.46294-4.629833116 And 118 High Street
55.46256-4.629682134-142 (Even Nos) High Street
55.46297-4.62936114 Kirk Port
55.46284-4.628720Kirk Port, Auld Kirk Of Ayr, Church Of Scotland
55.46311-4.628658Kirk Port, Auld Kirk Of Ayr Graveyard Including Boundary Walls And Lamp Standard
55.46286-4.63073089 And 91 High Street
55.46279-4.63048897 And 99 High Street
55.46312-4.6294349 Kirk Port
55.46278-4.629760124 And 126 High Street
55.46236-4.629241Nile Court, Former Masonic Hall
55.46304-4.629286Kirk Port, Auld Kirk Of Ayr Gateway
55.46272-4.630452101 And 103 High Street
55.46129-4.638709Sheriff Court
55.46222-4.6403691-17 (Odd Nos) Queen's Terrace Including Boundary Walls And Railings
55.46136-4.641103Esplanade, Steven Memorial Fountain
55.46075-4.63718618 Wellington Square
55.46073-4.63742216 Wellington Square
55.46180-4.6399782 Queen's Terrace And 18 Bath Place Including Boundary Wall
55.46228-4.6398678-16 (Even Nos) Queen's Terrace
55.46058-4.640323Esplanade, Ayr Pavilion Including Boundary Walls
55.46187-4.6388434 Bath Place, Wellington Lodge, Including Boundary Wall, Gatepiers And Railings
55.46129-4.63870914 Wellington Square, Sheriff Court
55.46129-4.638709Wellington Square, County Buildings Including Gates
55.46240-4.63984339 Charlotte Street, Almont Hotel, Including Boundary Wall And Postbox
55.46181-4.63966214 And 16 Bath Place Including Boundary Wall, Gatepiers, Gates And Railings
55.46194-4.6399084 And 6 Queen's Terrace Including Railings
55.46213-4.6372945 Cassilis Street Including Boundary Wall
55.46089-4.63245022 And 24 Barns Street
55.46088-4.629063211-217 (Odd Nos) High Street
55.46079-4.629136219-223 (Odd Nos) High Street
55.46049-4.628959225-231 (Odd Nos) High Street
55.46090-4.63232426 And 28 Barns Street Including Railings
55.46096-4.628610224 And 226 High Street
55.46011-4.6285702 Kyle Street And 1 And 3 Alloway Street
55.46037-4.628903237-241 (Odd Nos) High Street
55.46084-4.628476234 High Street
55.45976-4.62908422-28 (Even Nos) Alloway Street
55.46101-4.629151207 And 209 High Street
55.46045-4.628940233 And 235 High Street
55.46096-4.628610228 High Street
55.46089-4.628637230 High Street
55.46242-4.63399267-71 (Odd Nos) Sandgate
55.46393-4.63426616 And 18 Cathcart Street
55.46399-4.6335267 And 9 Cathcart Street
55.46382-4.6337538 Cathcart Street
55.46451-4.63346616 And 18 Academy Street
55.46301-4.63395254 And 54A Sandgate
55.46457-4.634752Fort Street, Ayr Academy
55.46387-4.63383510, 12, 12A And 14 Cathcart Street
55.46401-4.634999Fort Street, Former Cathcart Church Including Archway, Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46446-4.63328910-14 (Even Nos) Academy Street
55.46455-4.63358020 And 22 Academy Street
55.46506-4.63391423 And 25 South Harbour Street
55.46337-4.63361134 And 34A Sandgate
55.46381-4.6335786 Cathcart Street
55.46299-4.63342843 Sandgate
55.46395-4.63441020 Cathcart Street, Cathcart House Including Boundary Wall And Railings
55.46479-4.6334222 Fort Street, Old Custom House Including Boundary Wall
55.46295-4.63407456 And 58 Sandgate
55.46456-4.629483Auld Brig over River Ayr
55.46482-4.632632Loudoun Hall
55.46486-4.6314011 and 3 New Bridge Street
55.46488-4.6287762 And 4 River Terrace
55.46571-4.630667Main Street, Newton Cross
55.46471-4.63154913-17 (Odd Nos) New Bridge Street
55.46463-4.63246212 And 14 New Bridge Street
55.46486-4.6314011 And 3 New Bridge Street
55.46528-4.631271New Bridge Over River Ayr Including Lamp Standards
55.46478-4.6320608 And 10 New Bridge Street
55.46493-4.6323397 South Harbour Street
55.46498-4.6284822 George Street
55.46492-4.6322121-5 (Odd Nos) South Harbour Street
55.46479-4.6315707-11 (Odd Nos) New Bridge Street
55.46456-4.629483Auld Brig Over River Ayr, Including Lamp Standards
55.46504-4.6325849-13 (Odd Nos) South Harbour Street
55.46488-4.6319562-6 (Even Nos) New Bridge Street
55.46537-4.62926717 River Street, Former Mission Hall
55.46469-4.62615323 John Street, St Margaret's Roman Catholic Church And Graveyard Including Boundary Wall
55.46581-4.631132Main Street And North Harbour Street, Former Darlington Place Church Including Hall, Gatepiers, Gates, Railings And Boundary Wall
55.46482-4.632632Boat Vennal, Loudoun Hall
55.46446-4.63232422 New Bridge Street
55.46340-4.6305924 Newmarket Street
55.46347-4.63045471 And 73 High Street
55.46342-4.63220750-66 (Even Nos) Newmarket Street
55.46340-4.63209548 Newmarket Street
55.46404-4.6322321 And 3 Sandgate
55.46338-4.63290139 Sandgate, Queen's Court House
55.46385-4.63304220 Sandgate And 1 Cathcart Street
55.46409-4.63043250 High Street
55.46339-4.63075018 And 20 Hope Street
55.46395-4.6323377-11 (Odd Nos) Sandgate
55.46388-4.63249113 Sandgate
55.46368-4.63214515 And 17 Sandgate
55.46406-4.6328828 Sandgate
55.46351-4.63002984 And 86 High Street
55.46422-4.63183321 And 29 New Bridge Street And 1-9 (Odd Nos) High Street, Town Buildings
55.46336-4.63272571 Newmarket Street

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