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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
55.11056-4.175278GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
55.09917-4.186389GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
55.10119-4.102500landmarkGBBarscobe Castle
55.09214-4.182730waterbodyGBBucks Linn
55.06000-4.140000GBList of United Kingdom locations: New-Newl
55.10000-4.160000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stap-St N
55.08098-4.131229Ken Bridge
55.08799-4.114553Balmaclellan, Glenview
55.08818-4.114046Balmaclellan Church And Churchyard, Including Crimean War Memorial And Boundary Walls
55.08950-4.119678Holm Lodge
55.09266-4.124061Holm House
55.09218-4.121669Holm House 2 Pairs Of Gatepiers
55.09874-4.127675Grennan Mill
55.08000-4.110000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bab-Bal
55.11000-4.070000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Com-Cor
55.10200-4.102266Barscobe Castle
55.11804-4.109115Halfmark Bridge Over Lochinvar Burn
55.12267-4.172110Allangibbon Cottage
55.10520-4.165409Dalry, 5-7 (Odd Nos) Main Street
55.13108-4.177508Earlstoun Castle
55.10293-4.163718Dalry, Dalry Manse
55.11350-4.172757Allangibbon Bridge
55.10585-4.166714Dalry Parish Church And Churchyard (Church Of Scotland)
55.10563-4.166341Dalry Parish Church Vestry (Church Of Scotland)
55.10573-4.166550Dalry, St John's Old Church
55.09154-4.068070Troquhain Sundial
55.05452-4.087971Ironmacannie Mill
55.10590-4.164900landmarkGBA702 road (southwestern end)
55.08098-4.131229Ken Bridge
55.13108-4.177508Earlstoun Castle
55.09874-4.127675Grennan Mill
55.07224-4.140757High Street, Meadowbank Cottages
55.07528-4.141202The Old School, Glenkens Community Arts Centre With Boundary Walls, Gatepiers And Railings
55.07599-4.140112Clydesdale Bank
55.07323-4.141171West Port, The Thorn
55.07274-4.142445Greenhead Brae, Greenhead And Greenhead Cottage
55.07306-4.141036High Street, Baddaroch
55.07265-4.140764High Street, Copper Cottage
55.07379-4.140637Brae Cottage, Off Wylies Brae
55.07457-4.140772High Street, Kenburn And Burnbank
55.07215-4.140111Meadowbank House
55.07316-4.140776High Street, Town Hall
55.07321-4.141028High Street, Corner House
55.07454-4.141241High Street, Mill House
55.07336-4.140426East Port, Hillboro Cottage
55.07313-4.141025High Street, Inton
55.07300-4.139000cityGBNew Galloway
55.10600-4.165000landmarkGB-SCTSt John's Town of Dalry
55.06667-4.150000riverGBWater of Ken
55.09976-4.186260Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Glenlee Power Station And Bridge
55.12450-4.185416Barskeoch Mains
55.09586-4.179417Glenlee Park, Sarcophagus Near House
55.09603-4.179301Glenlee Park
55.11688-4.174007Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Earlstoun Dam
55.09585-4.180106Glenlee Park Steading Near House
55.11188-4.174237Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Earlstoun Power Station
55.09551-4.178912Glenlee Park, Urn And Pedestal In Grounds Of Glenlee House
55.09820-4.178165Coom Bridge
55.09603-4.180288Glenlee Park Bridge To East Of House
55.08070-4.144500Kells, Dumfries and Galloway
55.06318-4.138316Kenmure Castle
55.08073-4.144345Kells Parish Church (Church Of Scotland)
55.07925-4.141179Overton House, Garden Building
55.08058-4.143867Kells Parish Churchyard
55.10200-4.102266Barscobe Castle
55.05452-4.087971Ironmacannie Mill
55.12810-4.045800waterbodyGB-ORKLoch Howie
55.12810-4.045800waterbodyGB-ORKLoch Skae