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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
56.20000-4.083330[empty string]
56.19000-4.080000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bru-Bun
56.20000-4.090000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bur-Bz
56.18000-4.080000GBList of United Kingdom locations: De-Dee
56.20333-4.085488Doune Stable Block
56.19888-4.091904Deanston Mills, Weir
56.19888-4.091904Deanston Mills, Weir
56.20218-4.084539Doune Lodge, Lodge
56.20333-4.085488Doune Stable Block
56.19644-4.085404Kilmadock, Cottages
56.20213-4.086470Bridge Over Annet Burn At Bridge Of Campus, Original Section Only
56.19729-4.086095Kilmadock Church (Ruins) And Graveyard
56.18964-4.071271Deanston Mill, Old Spinning Mill
56.16506-4.064117Kincardine Parish Church
56.18661-4.061278Bridge of Teith
56.19047-4.05366823 29 Balkerach Street
56.19021-4.05296143 Balkerach Street Gospel Hall
56.19000-4.054433Cairnryan (Formerly Violet Bank) Bank Street
56.19018-4.05357232, 34 Balkerach Street
56.19052-4.053864Stafford House 21 Balkerach Street
56.19133-4.056132The Station House Balkerach Street
56.19104-4.055246Kirktonlea Balkerach Street
56.18988-4.053057The Red Lion Balkerach Street
56.18979-4.052971J M Mackenzie, The Cross
56.19032-4.05311241 Balkerach Street
56.18969-4.0535461-11 George Street
56.19055-4.05447816, 18 Balkerach Street
56.19037-4.05335731, 33 Balkerach Street
56.19015-4.05292645, 47 Balkerach Street
56.18971-4.0524514 (Rainbows End), 6 The Cross
56.18925-4.071879Deanston Mill, Old Weaving Shed
56.16393-4.079711Muschet Tombstone, Burnbank
56.19067-4.07422812-22 Teith Street Deanston Mill Deanston
56.17512-4.099021Gartincaber House
56.19076-4.074539Deanston Mill - Deanston Cottages 24-34 Teith Road
56.18964-4.071271Deanston Mill, Old Spinning Mill
56.19066-4.073712Deanston Mill - Deanston Cottages 2-12 Teith Road
56.19127-4.075727Deanston Mill - Deanston Cottages 36-44 Teith Road
56.19021-4.073252Deanston School Teith Street
56.19426-4.099808Lanrick South (Main) Lodge
56.19063-4.072711Deanston Mill - Deanston Cottages 1-7
56.19152-4.076434Deanston Mill - Deanston Cottages 46-56 Teith Road
56.18198-4.099782Gartincaber Tower
56.18925-4.071879Deanston Mill, Old Weaving Shed
56.19074-4.073039Deanston Mill - Deanston Cottages 8-11
56.19004-4.072501The Old School Deanston Mill
56.19033-4.105557Wester Broich, Farmhouse
56.17414-4.096744Gartincaber House - Stables
56.18798-4.073857Deanston House
56.18000-4.040000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Dos-Doz
56.18668-4.045618Old Newton House
56.18730-4.047971Bridge of Ardoch
56.18884-4.04889171 Main Street
56.18900-4.04933563, 65, 67 Main Street
56.18883-4.04951974, 76 Main Street
56.18730-4.047971Bridge Of Ardoch (Old)
56.18837-4.047577Byre Hill (Former Manse) Ardochbank
56.18656-4.047819Castle Farm
56.18892-4.049040Braehead House 69 Main Street
56.18860-4.049346R.C. Church Of Ss Finan And Alphonsus, Main Street
56.18880-4.04874473 Main Street
56.18869-4.04865875 Main Street Malt Barns
56.18573-4.051223Castlebank Cottage
56.18939-4.05083943 Main Street
56.18905-4.05044960, 62, 64 Main Street
56.18623-4.050428Castle Keeper's Cottage Doune Castle
56.18943-4.05095441 Main Street
56.18908-4.05069352 Main Street
56.18901-4.05014266 Main Street
56.18908-4.05053256 Main Street
56.18959-4.05122035, 37, 39 Main Street
56.18919-4.05111842, 44 Main Street
56.18918-4.05095646 Main Street
56.18951-4.0508291 Moray Street
56.16845-4.051461Blair Drummond House West Lodge
56.16628-4.045048Blair Drummond House - Cottage To S. Of Stables
56.16579-4.048066Blair Drummond House - Fountainhead, Approx. 300 Yds. S.W. Of Stable Block
56.16616-4.046604Blair Drummond House - Store, Approx. 100 Yds. S.W. Of Stable Block
56.18287-4.045753Inverardoch, Ruins Of Stables
56.18524-4.050230Doune Castle
56.18668-4.045618Old Newton House, Doune
56.18968-4.052804Doune Market Cross
56.18953-4.05191013, 15 Main Street
56.18948-4.05139131, 33 Main Street
56.18927-4.05154128-34 (Even) Main Street
56.18897-4.05004368 Main Street
56.18947-4.052664D M Macfarlane And P H Kemp, The Cross
56.18958-4.051364Structure At Rear Of 35 Main Street
56.18912-4.04982557 Main Street
56.18939-4.04951711, 13, 15 (Woodlands) 17, 21 King Street
56.18962-4.0522373, 5, Main Street
56.18959-4.0520747 Main Street
56.18951-4.05150629 Main Street
56.18927-4.05208912, 14, 16 And Mile End, Main Street
56.18968-4.0523851 Main Street With 8 The Cross
56.18906-4.04962861 Main Street
56.18955-4.051701Highland Hotel
56.18913-4.04989055 Main Street
56.18968-4.052804Market Cross The Cross
56.18945-4.048811Old School House, 23 King Street
56.18941-4.050405Kilmadock Parish Church, Main Street
56.18940-4.0525474, 6 And 8 Main Street
56.18952-4.053005Cross House The Cross
56.18963-4.054284Moray Institute George Street
56.18964-4.05393013 George Street
56.18955-4.0532164, 6 George Street
56.18875-4.053206Rosebank, Graham Street
56.18661-4.061278Bridge Of Teith
56.18908-4.055173St Madoc's Episcopal Church George Street
56.18956-4.0534268 George Street
56.16289-4.061794Blair Drummond Corner
56.16413-4.060927Kincardine Graveyard
56.16283-4.062709Loch-Hills Cottage
56.16322-4.062327Blair Drummond Corner, Sawmill
56.16506-4.064117Parish Church, Kincardine
56.16514-4.065136Kincardine School
56.16358-4.054971Blair Drummond House Obelisk
56.16329-4.067211Kincardine Manse (Now Captain Sherriff)
56.16847-4.052800Blair Drummond House Cuthill Brae Cottage
56.18517-4.061894Blair Drummond North Lodge ("Chain Lodge")
56.18640-4.066439Deanston Lodge, Gates And Wall To B 8032
56.18682-4.058695Bridgend Of Teith
56.16500-4.029921Blair Drummond House East Lodge
56.16631-4.043906Blair Drummond House Including Terrace With Urns Etc
56.16544-4.028881Blair Drummond House Mill Of Torr, Ruins Of Mill
56.16760-4.043781Blair Drummond House - Ice House Approx. 100 Yds. N. Of House
56.16669-4.045037Blair Drummond House - Stables (Part Now Piggeries)
56.17914-4.040270Inverardoch, Mortuary Chapel
56.18190-4.035196Mains Of Inverardoch, Doocot And Part Of Steading Adjoining
56.16700-4.044000landmarkGBStirling Hoard
56.18150-4.047100riverGBArdoch Burn (mouth)
56.16700-4.044000cityGBBlair Drummond
56.16500-4.038000landmarkBlair Drummond Safari Park
56.18928-4.071417GBDeanston distillery
56.18516-4.050253landmarkGBDoune Castle
56.19190-4.056400railwaystationGBDoune railway station
56.17105-4.047779Stirling torcs
56.16700-4.044000landmarkGBStirling Hoard