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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
50.57700-3.961000landmarkGBWistman's Wood
50.55050-3.952800riverGBBlackbrook River
50.57912-3.975177mountainBeardown Tors
50.54124-3.976657landmarkGBTor Royal
50.54400-3.990000GBRiver Swincombe
50.54120-3.976600landmarkTor Royal
50.54611-3.996111landmarkChurch of St Michael, Princetown
50.54607-3.995942landmarkGBChurch of St Michael
50.54972-3.996111landmarkGBHM Prison Dartmoor
50.54610-3.996100Church of St Michael, Princetown
50.54350-3.995900railwaystationGBPrincetown railway station
50.54700-3.932000GBCherry Brook
50.55801-3.965667landmarkGBDevonport Leat
50.55000-3.970000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Tri-Tz
50.55800-3.9650003000.0GBTwo Bridges Quarry
50.57700-3.9580003000.0GBWistman's Wood
50.55801-3.965667landmarkGBTwo Bridges, Devon