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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
50.90160-3.335300landmarkGBColdharbour Mill Working Wool Museum
50.88130-3.349050landmarkGBBradfield House
50.86210-3.384700landmarkGBCullompton services
50.89390-3.377100railwaystationGBTiverton Junction railway station
50.86170-3.385100railwaystationGBTiverton Junction railway station
50.87098-3.343988landmarkGBWood Barton
50.88131-3.349161landmarkGBBradfield House
50.88529-3.370529landmarkGBParish Church of St Mary the Virgin
50.90499-3.340472landmarkGBBridwell Park
50.90599-3.339506landmarkGBChapel 110 Metres North East of Bridwell Park
50.90528-3.340438landmarkGBStables immediately North North East of Bridwell Park
50.90154-3.335481landmarkGBColdharbour Working Mill Museum
50.88033-3.400079landmarkGBMoorstone Barton
50.86667-3.400000[empty string]
50.88000-3.400000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bre-Bri
50.88000-3.380000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wi-Win
50.89000-3.360000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wi-Win
50.90000-3.390000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Gr-Gred
50.88804-3.370161landmarkGBWilland Rovers F.C.
50.88000-3.350000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stap-St N
50.87000-3.350000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bra