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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-20.46667-28.85000isleMartim Vaz
-20.49722-28.84750Extreme points of South America
-20.50000-28.80000landmarkTrindade hotspot
-19.60000-29.80000List of solar eclipses in the 26th century
-20.47444-28.84056landmarkBRIlhas Martin Vaz (East)
-20.48333-29.30000SMS Cap Trafalgar (1914
-21.16667-29.85000Template talk:GeoTemplate/Archive 14
-20.48333-29.30000SMS Cap Trafalgar
-20.52500-29.32500isleBR-ESTrindade hotspot
-20.52500-29.32500isleBR-ESTrindade and Martin Vaz
-20.50000-28.85000isleBR-ESTrindade and Martin Vaz
-20.50500-29.34500isleBR-ESTrindade and Martin Vaz
-20.51667-28.85000isleBR-ESTrindade and Martin Vaz
-20.47444-28.84056User:MacRusgail/Extreme points of the Falkland Islands