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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
53.93909-2.110372landmarkGBElslack Hall Farmhouse and Elslack Hall Cottage with garden wall adjoining to north
53.95770-2.173700landmarkGBGledstone Hall
53.97430-2.140164landmarkGBBarn to north-west of Newton Hall
53.97396-2.139858landmarkGBNewton Hall
53.95222-2.141568landmarkGBChurch of St Peter
53.95289-2.179574landmarkGBOld Gledstone
53.95746-2.173925landmarkGBGledstone Hall and forecourt walls, pavilions and gates
53.95679-2.173647landmarkGBTerraces at Gledstone Hall
53.96418-2.165112landmarkGBIngthorpe Grange
53.95040-2.163000city60.0GBWest Marton
53.97000-2.130000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bam-Bap
53.97000-2.120000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Lea-Lei
53.95100-2.164000adm3rdGBMartons Both
53.96775-2.134900landmarkGBNewton Grange, Skipton
53.94000-2.160000GBList of United Kingdom locations: West M-Wey
53.94000-2.150000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: East M-East Y
53.93413-2.162760GBThe Barnoldswick pass between Airedale and Ribblesdale
53.95440-2.141100cityGBEast Marton
53.94220-2.112600railwaystationGBElslack railway station
53.93413-2.162760GBThe Thornton-in-Lonsdale pass between Airedale and Ribblesdale
53.97400-2.139000cityGB-NYKBank Newton