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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-37.11667-12.21667isleTristan da Cunha
-37.06728-12.31000city264.0SHEdinburgh of the Seven Seas
-37.06667-12.31667Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
-37.11222-12.28222isleTristan da Cunha
-37.09200-12.28000mountainQueen Mary's Peak
-37.08333-12.28333Mid-Atlantic Ridge
-37.11660-12.28330Module:Location map/data/United Kingdom Tristan da Cunha/doc
-37.11660-12.28330Module:Location map/data/United Kingdom Tristan da Cunha
-37.11111-12.28833mountainSH-TAQueen Mary's Peak
-37.11600-12.21700Sandy Point, Tristan da Cunha
-37.05000-12.31667Tristan Da Cunha
-37.06715-12.31160St. Joseph Church, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
-37.06715-12.31000St. Mary's Church, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
-37.11222-12.28222Talk:List of Antarctic and subantarctic islands
-37.11222-12.28222isleTristan da Cunha
-37.06667-12.31667cityTristan da Cunha