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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
53.94380-1.883600railwaystationGBAddingham railway station
53.94452-1.884240GB[empty string]
53.95997-1.915140landmarkGBChelker Reservoir
53.92300-1.921000GBCraven (Bradford ward)
53.96210-1.885500landmarkGBFarfield Friends Meeting House
53.96091-1.883584landmarkGB2 Pairs of Gate Piers and Linking Walls with Summer-house Attached to Rear of Farfield Hall
53.96060-1.883539landmarkGBFarfield Hall
53.96214-1.885501landmarkGBFriends' Meeting House
53.93083-1.850278landmarkGBIlkley Golf Club
53.93000-1.890000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Aa-Ak
53.96210-1.885500GBFarfield Friends Meeting House
53.96000-1.890000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bea-Bem
53.95944-1.908611landmarkGBChelker Reservoir
53.94330-1.871700landmarkGBSt Peter, Addingham
53.94331-1.871659landmarkGBChurch of St Peter
53.95000-1.860000GBList of United Kingdom locations: La-Laz
53.94330-1.871700landmarkGB-ENGSt Peter's Church, Addingham