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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
52.08889-1.769444GBMickleton, Gloucestershire
52.08130-1.783200railwaystationGBMickleton Halt railway station
52.07285-1.799563landmarkGBChurch of St Andrew
52.07299-1.798527landmarkGBManor Farmhouse
52.06579-1.765825landmarkGBCampden Tunnel Gravel Pit
52.07827-1.751226landmarkGBHidcote House
52.08963-1.765116landmarkGBChurch of St Lawrence
52.08982-1.766692landmarkGBMedford House and garden walls
52.08456-1.746092GBHidcote Manor Garden
52.08358-1.736164city21.0GBHidcote Bartrim
52.08597-1.751899GBKiftsgate Court Gardens
52.08000-1.760000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Me-Mic
52.07000-1.750000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Hi-Highr
52.08333-1.766670GB[empty string]