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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
54.03370-1.626700railwaystationGBBirstwith railway station
54.04610-1.618300cityGBBurnt Yates
54.02167-1.566389landmarkGB-ENGChurch of St Thomas the Apostle, Killinghall
54.03000-1.610000city488.0GBClint, North Yorkshire
54.03997-1.569889landmarkGBGatehouse approximately 80 metres south of Ripley Castle
54.04022-1.570482landmarkGBRipley Castle
54.04192-1.567929landmarkGBOrangery with flanking Walls, Bothys, Glasshouse and Pavilions at Ripley Castle
54.04056-1.569776landmarkGBStables, Coach Houses and Service Buildings to North and East of Courtyard at Ripley Castle with South Wall to Gate House
54.03975-1.568868landmarkGBChurch of All Saints
54.03986-1.568760landmarkGBWeeping Cross about 5m north of Church of All Saints
54.04100-1.568000city232.0GBRipley, North Yorkshire
54.04100-1.568000landmarkGBRipley Castle
54.01000-1.630000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Cl-Cn
54.02000-1.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Cl-Cn
54.01000-1.600000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ha-Ham
54.02000-1.568000GBSt George's House, Harrogate
54.03000-1.580000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ni-North G
54.01000-1.570000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kib-Kin
54.01000-1.630000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stu-Sz
54.04100-1.568000landmarkGBHomersfield Bridge
54.03000-1.570000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ri-Ror
54.03225-1.628980GBWreaks Mill
54.03810-1.641500landmarkGBPackhorse bridge
54.04000-1.600000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bea-Bem
54.04000-1.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bur-Bz
54.02360-1.604800landmarkGBPackhorse bridge