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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
53.06667-0.8166700[empty string]
53.07637-0.8066620landmarkGBFormer Magnus School and adjoining Headmaster's House and English School
53.07582-0.8088420landmarkGBFormer White Hart Hotel
53.07622-0.8069500landmarkGBMartin Forster House
53.07590-0.8092280landmarkGB40 & 41 Market Place
53.07618-0.8081600landmarkGB1, 3, & 5 Bridge Street and 27 & 28 Market Place
53.07588-0.8094970landmarkGB43 Market Place
53.05518-0.7780190landmarkGBChurch of St Giles
53.07661-0.8081030landmarkGBChurch of St Mary Magdalene and Attached Railing
53.07595-0.8101370landmarkGBGovernor's House
53.07645-0.8101230landmarkGBTown Hall
53.06750-0.8097222landmarkGBChrist Church, Newark
53.07667-0.8083333landmarkGBChurch of St Mary Magdalene, Newark-on-Trent
53.06295-0.7987400landmarkGBElm Avenue
53.04000-0.7700000cityGBFernwood, Nottinghamshire
53.06000-0.7900000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bea-Bem
53.07000-0.7600000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Co-Col
53.05000-0.7700000GBList of United Kingdom locations: The-Thh
53.05000-0.7900000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bab-Bal
53.05000-0.7900000GBList of United Kingdom locations: New-Newl
53.05447-0.7780528landmarkGBSt Giles' Church, Balderton
53.07020-0.8216000GBJn with River Trent, Newark
53.07358-0.8047500landmarkGBSherwood Avenue drill Hall, Newark-on-Trent
53.03639-0.7858333airportGBRAF Balderton
53.07438-0.8079410landmarkGBList of public art in Nottinghamshire
53.07250-0.7929000eventGB-NTTNewark rail crash
53.06700-0.8000000100.0eduGBMagnus Church of England Academy