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Last updated on 23 July 2019 at 13:58 UTC | database dumps | documentation
Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
53.08330-0.1952000railwaystationGBDogdyke railway station
53.08689-0.2007500GBThe Dogdyke Engine
53.06247-0.1987510cityGBHarts Ground
53.05545-0.1835460landmarkGBEarthPelhams Lands
53.06247-0.1987510landmarkGBEarthHarts Ground
53.08400-0.1951000GBDogdyke Moorings
53.07000-0.1900000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Do-Dor
53.05000-0.1600000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Has-Hd
53.07000-0.1900000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Has-Hd
53.07000-0.1600000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sb-Sf
53.06000-0.1500000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Hu-Hz
53.07000-0.1500000GBList of United Kingdom locations: New T-Ney
53.08000-0.2200000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ta-Tha
53.07000-0.2100000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ce-Chap
53.05545-0.1835460cityGBPelhams Land
53.08320-0.1967000GBJn with Horncastle Canal
53.06950-0.1961000GBJn with Sleaford Navigation
53.06975-0.1967230riverGBRiver Slea
53.08336-0.1960556riverGBRiver Bain
53.07020-0.1991000GBChapel Hill flood doors
53.05500-0.2160000GBLower Kyme lock
53.08000-0.2200000GBUser:Stinglehammer/List of UK canals
53.08000-0.2200000cityGBWitham First District IDB
53.07020-0.2097000GBChapel Hill PS