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Last updated on 23 May 2019 at 08:03 UTC | database dumps | documentation
Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-29.3333331.30000[empty string]
-29.3933331.26278eventZA-ZN2002 Charlotte's Dale train collision
-29.3200031.33200cityZANew Guelderland
-29.3400531.29447landmarkZAShaka Memorial
-29.3222231.27833eduZAStanger Manor Secondary School
-29.3333331.28333User:GerardM/Districts of South Africa
-29.3333331.28333adm2ndZAILembe District Municipality
-29.4000031.30000List of bays of South Africa
-29.4000031.33333List of estuaries of South Africa
-29.3473031.28445SAHRA identifier 9/2/418/0001 - Old Fort Police Station, Rood Street, Stanger
-29.3400731.29447SAHRA identifier 9/2/418/0002 - Shaka Memorial, King Shaka Street, Stanger
-29.3420031.29110SAHRA identifier 9/2/418/0003 - Stanger South School, Balcomb (Cnr Albert Luthuli) Street, Stanger
-29.2864531.23799SAHRA identifier 9/2/418/0011 - Kearsney Methodist Chapel, Farm Kearsney 2201, Lower Tugela District
-29.3077631.24973SAHRA identifier 9/2/418/0014 - Isivundu House, Farm Isivundu 1954, Lower Tugela District
-29.2666731.36667city8435.0ZADarnall, KwaZulu-Natal