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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
54.83333-4.033330[empty string]
54.96667-4.483330[empty string]
54.80000-4.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: The-Thh
54.82000-4.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kip-Kz
54.80000-4.216667isleGBIslands of Fleet
54.80000-4.130000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Boa-Bot
54.78000-4.160000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Boa-Bot
54.84000-4.160000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bar
54.85000-4.180000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ge-Gl
54.80000-4.190000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kip-Kz
54.81000-4.210000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kip-Kz
54.82000-4.220000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Is-Ix
54.84000-4.220000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sand-Say
54.78844-4.100221landmarkBalmangan Tower
54.81000-4.040000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bam-Bap
54.80000-4.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Mos-Mz
54.82000-4.060000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stap-St N
54.79000-4.030000GBList of United Kingdom locations: To-Tq
54.81000-4.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sand-Say
54.79147-4.041347GBDrummore stone circle
54.78412-4.050620GBKnockshinnie stone circle
54.78054-4.036054GBLittle Balmae stone circle
54.79462-4.062352GBShore Plantation stone circle
54.81750-4.067452landmarkGBSt Marys Isle Priory (Trahill Priory)
54.86000-4.033889GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
54.83833-4.048056GBKirkcudbright Railway
54.83530-4.057700100.0eduGBKirkcudbright Academy
54.83520-4.061100landmarkGBKirkcudbright Castle
54.85000-4.030000GBList of United Kingdom locations: De-Dee
54.89000-4.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ri-Ror
54.84000-4.010000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Wha-Whitc
54.86000-4.080000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Tri-Tz
54.86000-4.040000GBList of United Kingdom locations: To-Tq
54.82978-4.012920GBBombie stone circle
54.92963-4.088299GBLoch Mannoch 1 stone circle
54.93068-4.087339GBLoch Mannoch 2 stone circle
54.88264-4.028495GBPark of Tongland stone circle
54.87079-4.022601GBQueen Mary's Bridge stone circle
54.83564-4.054427landmarkGBKirkcudbright Greyfriars
54.86302-4.030078landmarkGBTongland Abbey
54.86300-4.090000landmarkGBTwynholm Hoard
54.84899-4.305100landmarkGBBarholm Castle
55.06600-4.284000waterbodyGBClatteringshaws Loch
54.89637-4.325507landmarkGlenquicken stone circle
55.20000-4.270000GBList of United Kingdom locations: The-Thh
55.21000-4.260000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Car-Cd
55.05000-4.280000GBList of United Kingdom locations: De-Dee
54.88709-4.293943GBCauldside Burn stone circle
54.87677-4.311595GBClaughreid stone circle
54.89738-4.328997GBGlenquicken stone circle
54.89713-4.328202GBGlenquicken Moor 1 stone circle
54.89738-4.328997GBGlenquicken Moor 2 stone circle
54.85425-4.276497GBHigh Auchenlarie stone circle
54.77923-4.367360landmarkGBGalloway House
54.78788-4.369500railwaystationGBGarlieston railway station
54.83000-4.750000GBList of United Kingdom locations: As-Az
54.84000-4.780000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Miln-Mix
54.84244-4.729180GBSteeps Park stone circle
54.85200-4.454000Baldoon Castle
54.85833-4.46194450.0landmarkGB-DGYBladnoch distillery
54.82926-4.655741GBDoon of May
54.79000-4.610000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ef-El
54.78000-4.580000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Mo-Mor
54.81424-4.607340GBCarlin Stone
55.10590-4.164900landmarkGBA702 road (southwestern end)
55.01110-4.071300city50.0GBAirds of Kells
55.10119-4.102500landmarkGBBarscobe Castle
55.11056-4.175278GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
55.08070-4.144500Kells, Dumfries and Galloway
55.08000-4.110000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bab-Bal
55.11000-4.070000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Com-Cor
55.06000-4.140000GBList of United Kingdom locations: New-Newl
55.10000-4.160000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stap-St N
55.01447-4.127666GBStroan Loch stone circle
55.06318-4.138316Kenmure Castle
55.09586-4.179417Glenlee Park, Sarcophagus Near House
55.09603-4.179301Glenlee Park
55.08073-4.144345Kells Parish Church (Church Of Scotland)
55.07925-4.141179Overton House, Garden Building
55.01121-4.071674Airds Of Kells
55.11688-4.174007Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Earlstoun Dam
55.08058-4.143867Kells Parish Churchyard
55.11188-4.174237Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Earlstoun Power Station
55.09551-4.178912Glenlee Park, Urn And Pedestal In Grounds Of Glenlee House
55.09820-4.178165Coom Bridge
55.17000-4.180000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
55.22222-4.041667Wether Hill
54.94349-4.151240waterbodyGBDerrygown Linn
55.00669-4.039210landmarkJames Clerk Maxwell
54.98333-4.016667GBLoch Ken and River Dee Marshes
54.99111-4.016667List of Special Protection Areas in Scotland
54.95000-4.060000GBList of United Kingdom locations: La-Laz
55.00000-4.090000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Mos-Mz
55.00000-4.050000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Par-Pay
55.00615-4.117640Stroan Viaduct
55.00729-4.091067Hensol Bridge
55.21000-4.720000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bar
55.20000-4.710000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Stap-St N
55.10000-4.770000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bar
55.11000-4.780000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ds-Dz
54.96611-4.766389landmarkGBArtfield Fell
55.00770-4.781301GBLaggangarn stone circle
54.95000-4.250000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
55.16333-4.191111GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
55.14389-4.190278GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
55.15000-4.210000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ds-Dz
55.15000-4.190000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ka-Key
55.15585-4.210771GBStrongassel stone circle
55.13382-4.192515Polharrow Bridge Over Polharrow Burn
55.14572-4.187973Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Carsfad Dam
55.12450-4.185416Barskeoch Mains
55.14358-4.189284Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Carsfad Power Station
55.13802-4.203352Knocknalling Barn
55.13803-4.202489Knocknalling Stableyard
55.11538-4.214414Old Garroch
55.13783-4.202447Knocknalling House And Walled Garden
55.20000-4.240000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
55.14618-4.238970Knockreoch Bridge
55.01000-4.270000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Pr-Pz
55.05000-4.280000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bla-Blac
55.22098-4.276488GBHolm of Daltallochan
55.15197-4.270734Forrest Lodge
55.04986-4.277551Clatteringshaws Bridge
54.87230-4.198000GBCardoness Castle
54.96123-4.214670waterbodyGBCraigie Linn
55.09917-4.186389GBGalloway hydro-electric power scheme
54.88333-4.183333cityGBGatehouse of Fleet
54.87000-4.210000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Am-Ar
54.86000-4.230000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Si-Sm
54.87000-4.180000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Gas-Gaz
55.09976-4.186260Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Glenlee Power Station And Bridge
55.09585-4.180106Glenlee Park Steading Near House
55.09603-4.180288Glenlee Park Bridge To East Of House
55.14667-4.567778waterbodyGBKirriereoch Loch
55.17000-4.570000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
54.92763-4.595240waterbodyGBLinn of Barhoise
55.05000-4.580000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bar
55.14000-4.600000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cre-Croc
55.13000-4.600000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cre-Croc
55.06000-4.580000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ge-Gl
54.91000-4.620000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kip-Kz
55.00000-4.640000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kip-Kz
55.03000-4.570000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
54.97000-4.530000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ce-Chap
55.00000-4.640000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Blad-Bly
54.85950-4.346600landmarkGBCarsluith Castle
55.01318-4.367690waterbodyGBClugie Linn
55.02225-4.363540waterbodyGBFoot Loup
55.02497-4.362130waterbodyGBGrey Mare's Tail, Galloway
54.85000-4.360000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Car-Cd
54.78000-4.360000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Gao-Gar
54.87968-4.342786GBBagbie stone circle
55.09539-4.482270waterbodyGBBuchan Waterfall
54.90600-4.465100railwaystationGBCauseway End railway station
54.96000-4.490000GBDouglas Ewart High School
55.15204-4.481080landmarkGBKirriereoch Hill
55.21000-4.470000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bab-Bal
54.95000-4.480000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cre-Croc
54.81000-4.490000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Wha-Whitc
54.95000-4.500000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Newton
54.96000-4.480000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Miln-Mix
55.00771-4.503519GBDrumfern stone circle
55.01325-4.496825GBThe Thieves
55.12386-4.423901Galloway Forest Park
55.12000-4.410000GBGalloway Hills
55.02194-4.424540waterbodyGBHespies Linn
54.99937-4.429430waterbodyGBLady's Linn
55.20000-4.420000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ef-El
54.94000-4.420000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Str-Stt
55.20000-4.420000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: White
55.18000-4.400000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Gab-Gan
55.06374-4.402000waterbodyGBLaggan Linn
55.11667-4.400000GBSilver Flowe
55.21000-4.390000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Car-Cd
54.89000-4.380000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cre-Croc
54.83660-4.439800railwaystationGBKirkinner railway station
55.06184-4.452010landmarkGBLamachan Hill
54.86000-4.440000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wi-Win
55.08000-4.460000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bru-Bun
55.14000-4.440000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ef-El
54.82000-4.460000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Kip-Kz
54.78000-4.440000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sn-Souts
54.79000-4.440000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wam-Way
55.18000-4.440000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bla-Blac
54.85000-4.460000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Blad-Bly
54.83000-4.460000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bra
54.89138-4.458009GBGlenturk stone circle
54.86700-4.442000landmarkGBWigtown Blackfriars
55.08100-4.5100007000.0GBGlen Trool
54.88000-4.550000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sow-Stao
54.80000-4.550000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bar
54.80165-4.517989GBLongcastle stone circle
54.87698-4.522530GBTorhouskie stone circle
54.87651-4.523280GBTorhouskie 2
55.21700-4.017000GBCarsphairn and Scaur Hills
54.98990-4.494500landmarkGBDrumwhirn Cairn
55.20180-4.711600city160.0GBBarr, Ayrshire
55.09000-4.487000GBBattle of Glen Trool
55.12320-4.670400landmarkGBBlack Clauchrie House
55.00189-4.653210waterbodyGBCarsindarroch Steps
54.84950-4.670300waterbodyGBCastle Loch
55.09750-4.782200railwaystationGBBarrhill railway station
55.10325-4.770126city400.0GBBarrhill, South Ayrshire
55.00710-4.781800landmarkGBLaggangairn Standing Stones
54.89670-4.715000waterbodyGBBarhapple Loch
54.83694-4.054444Broughton House
54.86700-4.442000GBBlackfriars, Wigtown
54.85930-4.458000cityGBBladnoch, Wigtownshire
55.02135-4.363480waterbodyGBBuck Loup
54.97556-4.341667mountainCairnsmore of Fleet
54.97500-4.342000landmarkCairnsmore of Fleet
54.81200-4.134000cityGBBorgue, Dumfries and Galloway
55.09214-4.182730waterbodyGBBucks Linn
54.86967-4.183090landmarkGBCally Palace
54.83245-4.45722737 Main Street
54.83972-4.460645Braehead, Craigielea
54.83304-4.456562Kirkinner Parish Church (C Of S) St Kennera And Churchyard With Vans-Agnew Mausoleum
54.83374-4.458256Kirkinner School With Retaining Wall
54.83902-4.459667Milldriggan Mill
54.83365-4.454856Kirkinner Manse
54.83900-4.460196Milldriggan Mill House
54.83995-4.461282Braehead, Holly Cottage And Millers Cottage
54.83201-4.45653147 Main Street
54.83274-4.45724512 Main Street
54.83214-4.45660145 Main Street
54.83283-4.45793625 Main Street
54.86887-4.4421123A And 3B North Main Street
54.86833-4.4410196 South Main Street
54.86787-4.44247218 South Main Street
54.86786-4.44237816 South Main Street Sunningdale
54.86877-4.4424025 And 7 North Main Street
54.86856-4.441423The Square Town Hall
54.86861-4.44276611 North Main Street
54.86821-4.4412308 South Main Street The Old Custom House And Bank With Railings
54.86795-4.44222814 South Main Street
54.86888-4.4422684 North Main Street The Red Lion Inn
54.86851-4.4411394 South Main Street And Garden Wall
54.86792-4.44230415 South Main Street
54.86705-4.44501010 And 12 High Street
54.86875-4.447404Windy Hill Martyrs Monument And Enclosure
54.86711-4.4448576 And 8 High Street
54.86681-4.44577428 High Street
54.86672-4.44595632 High Street
54.86738-4.44487434 North Main Street The Granite House
54.86681-4.447224Fountainblue Terrace Craigmount Guest House
54.86675-4.44586430 High Street
54.86865-4.4443903 Bank Street
54.99062-4.448315Mattie White's Bridge
54.86876-4.4410767 Bank Street
54.86901-4.4412018 Bank Street
54.86924-4.44021724 Bank Street
54.86908-4.4418285 Low Vennel Smithy
54.86896-4.4414314 Bank Street
54.86902-4.440032Bank Street Bank House Garden Wall And Garden Houses
54.86905-4.44107810 Bank Street
54.86919-4.44043220 Bank Street
54.86923-4.44032522 Bank Street
54.86715-4.4397019 Harbour Road Former Uf Manse Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
54.86989-4.439524Wigtown Old Parish Church (St Machute`S Church)
54.86881-4.44086111 Bank Street
54.87002-4.439142Wigtown Parish Church (Church Of Scotland) And Churchyard
54.86879-4.4409699 Bank Street
54.86898-4.4416042 Bank Street
54.86856-4.440379Harbour Road Applegarth
54.86886-4.44070813 And 15 Bank Street
54.86899-4.4413096 Bank Street
54.87120-4.440694Church Lane, The Laigh House (Former Manse)
54.86784-4.441831South Main Street Sacred Heart R.C. Church With Gates Gateposts,Railings And Boundary Walls
55.00514-4.428557Auchinleck Bridge
55.00764-4.425580Auchinleck, House
54.85258-4.453716Baldoon Castle Gatepiers
54.85258-4.453716Baldoon Castle Gatepiers
54.85336-4.454043Baldoon Mains
54.85816-4.4571404 And 5 Bladnoch Village
54.85812-4.45878919 Bladnoch Village
54.85818-4.4569232 Bladnoch Village
54.85816-4.45767011 Bladnoch Village
54.85814-4.45799613, 14 And 15 Bladnoch Village
54.85820-4.46063332 Bladnoch Village
54.85814-4.45843217 17A And 17B Bladnoch Village
54.85818-4.4567671 Bladnoch Village
54.85814-4.45826116 Bladnoch Village
54.85814-4.45855618 Bladnoch Village Ashleigh
54.85821-4.46103934 Bladnoch Village And Railings
54.85815-4.4573897 And 8 Bladnoch
54.85812-4.45891420 Bladnoch Village
54.85820-4.46078833 Bladnoch Village
54.85816-4.45779412 Bladnoch Village
54.86823-4.44356917 North Main Street
54.86767-4.44434627 North Main Street
54.86762-4.44328324 South Main Street
54.86744-4.44372427 South Main Street, Post Office
54.86767-4.44311522 South Mains Treet
54.86843-4.44316013 North Main Street
54.86764-4.44319123 South Main Street Galloway Inn
54.86780-4.443605The Square Old Market Cross
54.86815-4.44365818 North Main Street
54.86809-4.44368619 North Main Street
54.86798-4.44391321 North Main Street, Bank Of Scotland
54.86745-4.44358426 South Main Street
54.86857-4.44310712 North Main Street
54.86836-4.44323414 North Main Street
54.86829-4.44333915 North Main Street
54.86805-4.44379220 North Main Street
54.86757-4.44349825 South Main Street
54.86778-4.443651The Square, New Market Cross
54.86745-4.44381828 South Main Street Craiglachie
54.86596-4.4446941-4 (Inclusive Nos) Acre Place
54.86619-4.44419426 And 28 Agnew Crescent
54.86661-4.44470211 And 13 Agnew Crescent
54.86730-4.44424531 And 32 South Main Street
54.86751-4.44450829 And 30 North Main Street
54.86744-4.44462831 North Main Street
54.86736-4.44407829 And 30 South Main Street County Hotel
54.86759-4.44438828 North Main Street
54.86638-4.44437718-20 (Even Nos) Agnew Crescent
54.86696-4.4442566 Agnew Crescent
54.86671-4.44428710 Agnew Crescent
54.86714-4.4446562 High Street
54.86660-4.44431214 Agnew Crescent
54.86650-4.44435316 Agnew Crescent
54.86705-4.4443084 Agnew Crescent
54.86724-4.44438233 And 34 South Main Street
54.86678-4.4446819 Agnew Crescent
54.86683-4.4442958 Agnew Crescent
54.85811-4.45987926 Bladnoch Village
54.85811-4.45950524 Bladnoch Village
54.85812-4.46008227 Bladnoch Village
54.85813-4.46048829 Bladnoch Village
54.85811-4.45922522 Bladnoch Village
54.85810-4.45938023 Bladnoch Village
54.85811-4.45964525 Bladnoch Village Riverside
54.79412-4.411044Sorbie Tower
54.79412-4.411044Old Place Of Sorbie Also Known As Sorbie Tower
54.77607-4.409488Broughton Mains Farmhouse
54.79386-4.411380GBSorbie Tower
54.81655-4.4190901 And 2 Stewarton Cottages
54.94166-4.417669Palnure, Smiddy
54.77842-4.419037Reiffer Park With Retaining Walls
54.81849-4.416498Stewarton House
54.86626-4.44480621 Agnew Crescent
54.86712-4.4447644 High Street
54.86636-4.44475019 Agnew Crescent
54.86739-4.44473433 North Main Street The Granite House
54.86653-4.44471315 Agnew Crescent Rowan House
54.86645-4.44474017 Agnew Crescent
54.79232-4.433946Sorbie, 2 Wigtown Road, The Pheasant Inn
54.79164-4.429705Sorbie Old Parish Church And Churchyard
54.79135-4.428847Sorbie, 5 St John's, St John's Croft
54.79163-4.428288Old Manse Of Sorbie
54.79220-4.434265Sorbie Former Uf Church
54.81539-4.449981Knockencurr Farm And Steadings
54.86675-4.439318Harbour Road Dunmore With Gates Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
54.86450-4.446850Woodside With Coach House, Retaining Walls And Railings
54.86579-4.440492Harbour Road, Old Prison House With Boundary Walls (Former Jail And Police Station)
54.86498-4.444479Dunure House Boundary Walls Gates And Outbuildings
54.79840-4.435700railwaystationGBSorbie railway station
54.85240-4.660689Castle Island
54.82463-4.640832Culshabbin, Cottage
54.82536-4.638030Culshabbin School House
54.85184-4.637936Old Place Of Mochrum, Bridge And Sluice Gate
54.85116-4.637782Old Place Of Mochrum, Electricity House And Sawmill
54.91591-4.611714Kirkcowan Village Kirkcowan School Schoolhouse And Boundary Walls
54.91532-4.611004Kirkcowan Village, Kirkcowan Parish Church (C Of S) And Boundary Walls
54.90141-4.636810Barnearnie Bridge
54.92060-4.645401Half Way House
54.91426-4.609516Kirkcowan Village, Main Street, The White House
54.91459-4.609990Kirkcowan Village 8 And 10 Main Street Braeside
54.91324-4.60848242 Main Street Nursery With Gates Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
54.90889-4.602256Kirkcowan Waulk Mill Mill Building And Weaving Sheds And Stack
54.91417-4.609135Kirkcowan Village 19 And 21 Main Street Fleming House
54.90902-4.605292Lincuan Bridge
54.91407-4.608988Kirkcowan Village 23 Main Street The Craighlaw Arms
54.91571-4.643847Craichlaw House
54.91207-4.607486Kirkcowan Village Kirkcowan Old Parish Church And Churchyard
54.91071-4.605806Kirkcowan Village Kirkland House (Former Kirkcowan Manse
54.91435-4.609709Kirkcowan Village, Main Street, The Blue House
54.91264-4.607850Kirkcowan Village 58 Main Street Ashley Bank
54.91241-4.606837Kirkcowan Village 69 And 71 Main Street Tarff Hotel
54.91350-4.608406Kirkcowan Village 37 Main Street Skeldon
54.91340-4.608305Kirkcowan Village 39 Main Street
54.91457-4.609520Kirkcowan Village 13 Main Street
54.91375-4.608656Kirkcowan Village 31 Main Street (The Stepps)
54.91363-4.608554Kirkcowan Village 33-35 (Odd Nos) Main Street
54.94945-4.592602Mark Of Shennanton Steading
54.91022-4.594899Johnston's Bridge Over Tarff Water
54.90916-4.601899Kirkcowan Waulk Mill House
54.92274-4.591086Barhoise Mill
54.94211-4.591270Shennanton House Quadrant Walls, Gatepiers Gate And Railings
54.93641-4.587172Shennanton Old Bridge
54.93586-4.587433Shennanton New Bridge
54.99239-4.606628Bridge Over Bladnoch River At Glassoch
54.94575-4.593035Shennanton House
55.05629-4.586618Bargrennan Church
55.05465-4.585902Middle Bridge Of Cree
54.97867-4.474392Cumloden House
54.99182-4.467790Garlies Castle
54.96834-4.485521Heron Monument
54.96834-4.485521Monigaff Parish Church Graveyard, Heron Monument
54.97176-4.480467Queen Mary's Bridge
54.96528-4.482364Minnigaff,Youth Hostel (Former School) And Boundary Walls
54.96662-4.482821Minnigaff, Old Minnigaff, War Memorial
54.96555-4.482334Minnigaff, The Old Schoolhouse And Boundary Walls
54.96615-4.481918Minnigaff, Old Edinburgh Road, Willowbank
54.98378-4.466265Cumloden, Glenmalloch Lodge
54.97186-4.480363Cumloden Waulkmill
54.96387-4.465966Kirroughtree House Hotel
54.97868-4.474392Cumloden House
54.96468-4.4667351-6(Inc Nos) Kirroughtree Court, Former Kirroughtree Stables
54.96867-4.485214Monigaff Parish Church, Graveyard And Graveyard Walls
54.98124-4.467954Cumloden, Garden Cottage And Walled Garden
54.97246-4.479010Cumloden Lodge And Gatepiers
54.97891-4.472233Cumloden Stables, Archway And Sundial
54.96822-4.485108Old Parish Church
54.99182-4.467790Garlies Castle
54.96641-4.483309Minnigaff, Old Minnigaff, Jacksholm And 1 Penkiln Terrace
54.96744-4.483435Minnigaff, Old Minnigaff, Maple Cottage
54.96528-4.471630Kirroughtree, Doocot
54.96480-4.466367Kirroughtree, Ice House
54.94575-4.593035Shennanton House
55.05726-4.584990Bargrennan, The Schoolhouse
54.97573-4.524626All Saints Episcopal Church
54.95472-4.486445Corvisel Road, Lynwood And Railings
54.96518-4.488607King Street Corsbie West
54.95699-4.485179Church Street, Penninghame Graveyard With Mausoleum
54.95525-4.487009Princes Street, Glenkiel House Former Penninghame Manse With Coach House, Gates, Gatepiers And Railings
54.95528-4.485434Princes Street, Former Uf Manse
54.94957-4.477834Corvisel House, Walled Garden Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
54.95307-4.482735Queen Street, The Mart, Sale Hall, Office And Railings
54.95760-4.48435813 Church Street
55.00022-4.521020Drannandow, Farmhouse
54.96950-4.487530Kirkton House
54.96062-4.481170Minnigaff, 3 Creebridge
54.97522-4.524594Challoch, All Saints Church Manse With Retaining Walls And Gatepiers
54.99670-4.529930Penninghame Open Prison (Formerly Penninghame House) With Stables And Walled Garden
54.97407-4.524209Challoch, Lingree Bridge
54.98937-4.534972Castle Stewart
54.94425-4.526274Merton Hall
54.97573-4.524626Challoch, All Saints Episcopal Church With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
54.97075-4.525110Challoch Farmhouse And Steadings
54.95608-4.48328011 Dashwood Square, Star Inn
54.95776-4.4828374-10 (Even Nos) Victoria Street
54.95972-4.48358376-78 (Even Nos) Victoria Street And Boundary Walls
54.95597-4.48313312 And 12A Dashwood Square
54.95756-4.4827782 Victoria Street, The Central Bar
54.95929-4.483385Victoria Street, The Galloway Arms Hotel
54.95688-4.4840794 And 5 Church Street
54.95847-4.48303730 And 32 Victoria Street
54.95571-4.483773Dashwood Square, The Mcmillan Hall, Railings And Gates
54.95908-4.48277869-73 (Odd Nos) Victoria Street
54.95834-4.48301328 Victoria Street
54.95776-4.48283712 Victoria Street
54.95883-4.48321540-44 (Even Nos) Victoria Street, The Royal Bank Of Scotland
54.95694-4.4840367 Church Street
54.95581-4.4834042 Queen Street, Dashwood House
54.95826-4.48296224-26A (Even Nos) Victoria Street
54.95809-4.48296720-22 (Even Nos) Victoria Street
54.95958-4.48355870-74 (Even Nos) Victoria Street
55.09280-4.480813Buchan Bridge
54.96040-4.481000Minnigaff, Creebridge Dunbar House
54.96059-4.481106Minnigaff, 1 Creebridge
54.96072-4.481192Minnigaff, 5 Creebridge, Craigdhu
54.96033-4.480980Minnigaff, Creebridge, Riverstead
54.96065-4.479266Minnigaff, Creebridge, Masonfield And Railings
54.96368-4.483453Minnigaff, Millcroft Road, Lynbank
54.95790-4.485267Penninghame Parish Church
54.96325-4.48551936-38 (Even Nos) Victoria Street
54.95584-4.4843592, 4, 6 Princes Street And 1 Dashwood Square
54.96151-4.486568Windsor Road, Roman Catholic Presbytery And Churchyward With Boundary Walls, Gatepiers, Gates And Railings
54.95563-4.485518Princes Street, Former St Johns Church Hall
54.95967-4.486188York Road, Former Uf Church, Now Newton Stewart Museum With Boundary Walls Gatepiers, And Railings
54.95790-4.485267Church Street, Penninghame Parish Church, St John's (Church Of Scotland), Boundary Walls And Railings
54.95509-4.4860932, Corvisel Road, Prospect House
54.96310-4.48501023 King Street, Former Brewery House
54.96154-4.486351Windsor Road, Roman Catholic Church Of Our Lady And St Ninian And Churchyard
54.96305-4.48527232 King Street

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