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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
56.46300-2.966700eventGB1906 Dundee fire
56.48381-3.044031cityGBCamperdown, Dundee
56.48400-3.046000landmarkGBCamperdown Country Park
56.46340-3.045300landmarkCarseview Centre
56.47781-2.891193GBBroughty Athletic F.C.
56.47639-2.890000GBClaypotts Castle
56.48330-2.954800landmarkGB-DNDCaird Park Velodrome
56.46300-2.956243GBDundee International Submarine Memorial
56.47634-2.958910landmarkGBDundee International Sports Centre
56.45990-2.968700landmarkGBCaird Hall
56.46100-2.969700landmarkGBGardyne's Land, Dundee
56.47472-2.968889landmarkGB-DNDTannadice Park
56.46211-2.96932073-99 (odd nos) Commercial Street, Commercial Bank
56.46168-2.96945577–80 (inclusive nos) High Street and returns to Murraygate/Commercial Street (Arnott's)
56.45925-2.9688412-8 (Even Nos) Whitehall Crescent, 14 And 15 Dock Street
56.46218-2.96902912, 14 Murraygate
56.46102-2.9687401A And 2 High Street/2, 4, 6 Castle Street
56.46072-2.9689273, 4 High Street/1, 3, 5 Castle Street, Royal Bank Of Scotland
56.46651-2.9694151, 2 Forebank Terrace
56.45960-2.96880111-13 (Inclusive Nos) City Square, 20-24 (Even Nos) Crichton Street, 1-7 (Inclusive Nos) Shore Terrace And Return To 35 Castle Street, Caird Hall
56.46168-2.96945568-110 (Even Nos) Commercial Street/11, 13 Meadowside
56.45918-2.96940710-22 (Even Nos) Whitehall Crescent
56.46117-2.9686951 High Street
56.46061-2.9692491-10 (Inclusive Nos) City Square And 5-8 (Inclusive Nos) High Street, East Wing Of City Square
56.45934-2.96911910-16 (Even Nos) Whitehall Crescent, Lampstandard
56.45889-2.96953026-42 (Even Nos) Whitehall Crescent, 1-8 (Inclusive Nos) Dock Street Tay Hotel
56.46317-2.96933011-19 (Odd Nos) Panmure Street
56.46318-2.96916821-25 (Odd Nos) Panmure Street
56.46338-2.9696768 Panmure Street
56.46053-2.9686957-21 (Odd Nos) Castle Street, Former Theatre Royal
56.45947-2.9696097 And 9 Whitehall Crescent
56.47750-2.935278GBA972 road
56.47750-2.935278GBA991 road
56.48913-2.940241city6592.0GBFintry, Dundee
56.49983-2.941691Powrie, Powrie Castle
56.50012-2.940708Powrie, South Powrie Farmhouse, Including Privy And Boundary Walls
56.49965-2.941460Powrie, Old Powrie Castle, Including Adjoining Boundary Wall
56.47749-2.931381Longtown Road, St Ninian's Episcopal Church
56.46460-2.967987St Andrew's Church (Church of Scotland)
56.46207-2.96789038, 40 Seagate, Former Robertson's Bond
56.46458-2.9668185-19 (Odd Nos) King Street And 28, 30, 32 Cowgate
56.46355-2.96800911-19 (Odd Nos) Cowgate, Caxton House
56.46278-2.96688695, 97 Seagate, Loyal Order Of Ancient Shepherds, Central Halls
56.46229-2.96836725-31 (Odd Nos) Murraygate
56.46242-2.96814335-39 (Odd Nos) Murraygate, Bank Of Scotland, Including Railings And Lampstandards
56.46460-2.9679872 King Street, St Andrews Church, Including Graveyard, Gate-Piers, Railings And Gates. (Church Of Scotland)
56.46454-2.9675804 King Street, Former Kail Kirk Or Glasite Church, Now Hall Of St Andrews Church
56.45930-2.9777352-16 (Even Nos) West Port, 52-58 (Even Nos) South Tay Street
56.46635-2.9775756 Union Terrace And 7 Constitution Terrace, With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.46536-2.9768036, 8 Laurel Bank, And 5, 7 Prospect Place With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.46433-2.9769392-10 (Even Nos) Barrack Road And 20-24 (Even Nos) Constitution Road, Garland Place, With Railings
56.46618-2.9781232 Union Terrace, And Returns To Constitution Road And Constitution Terrace, Terrace House, With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.46513-2.9771872, 4 Laurel Bank, With Boundary Walls, Railings And Gatepiers
56.46654-2.9786032, 4 Constitution Terrace And 82, Constitution Street Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.46218-2.9777446 West Bell Street, Sheriff Court Buildings, Including Boundary Walls And Railings
56.46703-2.97785312, 14 Constitution Terrace, And 72, 74 Constitution Street, With Boundary Walls And Garden Balustrade
56.47277-2.959446Eliza Street, Clepington Primary School Former Stobswell Public School, Including Railings And Boundary Walls
56.49189-2.96264123-45 (Odd Nos) And 14-22 (Even Nos) Heron Rise, Claverhouse Road, Claverhouse Bleachfield, Former Beetling House, Office And Chimney Stalk (Tvj Ltd)
56.49111-2.962215Claverhouse Road Bridge Over Dighty Water
56.47426-2.963136Court Street 1-23 (Odd Nos) "The Connies"
56.47707-2.9563232 Clive Street With Boundary Walls
56.48427-2.959427Caird Park, Mains Farm, Former Granary And Horse Mill Only
56.46903-2.95754941-57 (Odd Nos) Albert Street, 2 Raglan Street
56.47060-2.957719110, 116 Albert Street, St John's Episcopal Church And Former Hall
56.46944-2.9589565 Arthurstone Terrace, Arthurstone Public Library
56.47081-2.955160Kemback Street And Return Elevation To Craigie Street, Wellfield Works (Buildings With Elevations To Kemback And Craigie Streets Only)
56.48596-2.956515Mains Parish Wwi Black Watch Memorial, Caird Park
56.46293-2.966712Watson's Bond, HM Customs Warehouse No 4
56.46491-2.964181Wishart Arch
56.46126-2.964219Former Custom House and Harbour Chambers
56.46576-2.96821278-86 (Even Nos) Victoria Road And 2, 4 Forebank Road
56.46512-2.963554106-116 (Even Nos) Cowgate Former Wishart Memorial Church And John O'Groats Bar
56.46543-2.963172Princes Street And Return Elevations To Dens Street, Constable Street And St Roques Lane, Lower Dens Works
56.46172-2.959719Victoria Dock With Pedestrian And Vehicular Swing Bridges
56.46231-2.960513Victoria Dock And Camperdown Street Transit Sheds Nos 26-30 (Inclusive)
56.46324-2.957242Camperdown Street And Victoria Dock, Harbour, Or Clocktower, Warehouse
56.46758-2.960029Crescent Street, Wallacetown Parish Church (Now Also Trinity Church, Church Of Scotland)
56.46871-2.9590671-31 (Odd Nos) Lyon Street, And 30 Albert Street
56.46613-2.9581262 Wallace Street, Blackscroft And Constable Street, Wallace Craigie Works Offices
56.46494-2.961634Blacks Croft And Foundry Lane, "Ricks", Former St Roques Public Library, Including Railings, Balusters And Garden Walls
56.45988-2.960516Marine Parade, Harbour Workshops And Patent Slip
56.46556-2.961909Constable Street And Return Elevation To Dens Street (E Side)
56.46491-2.964181Cowgate, Cowgait Port Or Wishart Arch
56.46512-2.96482061 King Street, Wishart Centre Former Wishart Memorial Church Including Railings
56.46061-2.96642532, 33, 34 Dock Street
56.46102-2.9661433, 5, 7 Commercial Street, Including Travelling Crane And Hydraulic Lift
56.46343-2.956127Camperdown Dock, Transit Shed 25, Or G Shed
56.46100-2.968000landmarkGB-DNDDundee Castle
56.46102-2.968087landmarkGBSt Paul's Cathedral, Dundee
56.46115-2.967916Castle Hill House
56.46092-2.967959St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
56.46176-2.96838651-63 (odd nos) Commercial Street
56.46015-2.967371Former Exchange Coffee House
56.46191-2.96808130-34 (Even Nos) Seagate
56.46142-2.96763035-49 (Odd Nos) Commercial Street/1, 3, 5 Seagate
56.46176-2.96838651-65 (Odd Nos) Commercial Street/1, 3, 5 Murraygate/20-26 (Even Nos) Seagate
56.46015-2.96737116-19 (Inclusive Nos) Dock Street/3-9 (Odd Nos) Exchange Street/15 Shore Terrace, Former Exchange Coffee House
56.46065-2.96813026 Castle Street, Castle Chambers
56.46048-2.96754242-48 (Even Nos) Castle Street/2-8 (Even Nos) Exchange Street
56.46017-2.967728Castle Street And Shore Terrace, North West Corner, Lampstandard
56.46088-2.96737334 Commercial Street Former Flour Mill
56.46197-2.9686187-15 (Odd Nos) Murraygate
56.46079-2.96823120-24 (Even Nos) Castle Street, Former St Paul's Episcopal Chapel
56.46056-2.96798228-38 (Even Nos) Castle Street
56.46128-2.96714027-33 (Odd Nos) Commercial Street
56.46086-2.96846014-18 (Even Nos), Castle Street
56.50711-3.048522Templeton, Road Bridge Over Dichty Water
56.50562-3.013761cityGBBridgefoot, Angus
56.47140-3.049100railwaystationGBLiff railway station
56.49000-3.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bi
56.47000-3.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Gm-Gq
56.49234-3.048748Birkhill, Coupar Angus Road, Browhead Cottage
56.48403-3.050516Camperdown Country Park West Lodge And Gates
56.47308-3.037243city4323.0GBCharleston, Dundee
56.47000-3.040000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ds-Dz
56.46133-3.037101Invergowrie House
56.46133-3.037101Invergowrie Drive Invergowrie House
56.48448-3.042702Camperdown House
56.48539-3.046039Camperdown Country Park Camperdown Dairy Cottage
56.48170-3.045240Camperdown Country Park Wildlife Park, Former Walled Kitchen Garden And Buildings Adjoining North Wall
56.48448-3.042702Camperdown House, Camperdown Country Park
56.48439-3.046207Camperdown Country Park Sawmill, Workshops, Formerly Stables
56.49402-2.989936eduGBBaldragon Academy
56.45367-2.98565448 And 48A Roseangle, Including Garden Walls
56.45666-2.985958Springfield 1-32 (Inclusive Nos)
56.45762-2.9855947-13 (Odd Nos) Well Road, Including Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
56.45375-2.9865651, 1A Magdalen Place, Magdalen House With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.46002-2.988431124, 126 Blackness Road, Al-Maktoum Institute For Arabic And Islamic Studies (Former St Joseph's School)
56.46614-2.98540911 Dudhope Terrace
56.46603-2.98579612 Dudhope Terrace
56.46594-2.98623113 Dudhope Terrace
56.46587-2.98661914 Dudhope Terrace And 1, 3 Inverlaw Place, Including Former Stables
56.46731-2.98505010 11 Albany Terr & 6 Law St With Boundary Walls & Gatepiers
56.46209-2.987235203 Brook Street, Queen Victoria Works, Former Lower Pleasance Mill, Douglas Street (Now Twisting Dept)
56.48419-2.986835353 Kingsway
56.45987-2.98792442-6 Wilkie's Lane, St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church And Presbytery, "Mount St Joseph"
56.45382-2.9872482 Magdalen Place
56.45377-2.98620841 Roseangle (Front Block Only) With Boundary Walls
56.45679-2.98455021 Perth Road (Dundee University) Former Hermonhill House
56.45553-2.98674111 Westfield Place, Westfield Cottage
56.49676-2.998905cityGBBalgowan, Dundee
56.45996-2.994693city2565.0GBBlackness, Dundee
56.47299-2.997905GBDundee Violet F.C.
56.48590-3.002000eduGBLawside Academy
56.49000-3.000000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Peo-Pn
56.48000-3.000000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Dos-Doz
56.45307-2.994724Magdalen Green Bandstand
56.48549-3.005657Macalpine Road Dundee Crematorium With Gates, Pergola And Lodge
56.49451-2.9952734 Baldovan Road St Lukes Episcopal Church Downfield
56.45387-2.995524105 Magdalen Yard Road, And 1A Osbourne Place, Osbourne Villa And Raewood Villa With Boundary Walls
56.45680-2.994789289-297 (Odd Nos) Hawkhill "Gowrie Place" Including Gatepiers, Garden Walls And Railings
56.45697-2.9956051, 3, 5 Blackness Avenue And 299 Hawkhill With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.45307-2.994724Magdalen Yard Road, Magdalen Green Bandstand
56.47300-3.006000landmarkGBCamperdown Works
56.47252-3.006840Camperdown Works, High Mill or Sliver Mill
56.47279-3.003438Camperdown Works, Cox's Stack
56.45695-2.999596Seymour Lodge
56.45678-3.002318271-297 (Odd Numbers) Perth Road And 1 Rockfield Street, Clarendon Terrace, With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.45708-3.0020342, 4, 6 Hyndford Street, And 40-44 Shaftesbury Road, Including Garden Walls
56.47252-3.006840Methven Street, Camperdown Works High Mill Or Sliver Mill
56.45644-3.001254416, 418 Perth Road, Including Railings
56.45646-3.001871428 Perth Road, Including Railings
56.45699-3.0038163, 5, 7, Rockfield Street And 48, 50, 52 Shaftesbury Road Including Garden Walls And Gatepiers
56.45687-3.006312307-313 (Odd Nos) Perth Road, 1 Grosvenor Road, 62-6 (Even Nos) Shaftesbury Road, Grosvenor Terrace Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.45931-3.00150837, 39 Hyndford Street With Boundary Wall
56.45644-3.001027414 Perth Road, Including Railings
56.45690-3.004625299 Perth Road And 2 Rockfield Street, East Rockfield, With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.47250-3.004469Methven Street, Camperdown Works, Arcade Fronting Boiler House
56.47099-3.004819Burnside Street, Former Camperdown Works Jute Warehouses 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15
56.45696-3.000083261 Perth Road Including Boundary Walls
56.45688-3.005128301 Perth Road Rockfield, With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.47194-3.005396Methven Street, Camperdown Works, Jute Warehouses Nos 1-4 (By Former Railway)
56.45638-3.003265444, 446 Perth Road, Taygrove And Riversdale, With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.45893-3.00425711 Rockfield Crescent With Boundary Walls
56.46928-3.00532517 Ancrum Road St Margarets Episcopal Church
56.49370-2.915400eduGBBraeview Academy
56.50191-2.912940cityGBBurnside of Duntrune
56.47251-2.923104100.0eduGBCraigie High School
56.46824-2.907418railwaystationGB-DNDCraigie railway station
56.45000-2.920000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Sow-Stao
56.46000-2.910000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Weste-West L
56.47000-2.910000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Dos-Doz
56.42034-2.911471Vicarsford Cemetery Chapel
56.47321-2.968110Dundee United W.F.C.
56.47472-2.968889landmarkGB-DNDTannadice Park
56.47472-2.968889landmarkGBTannadice Park
56.48000-2.970000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Tri-Tz
56.49000-2.940000GBList of United Kingdom locations: South
56.49965-2.941460Old Powrie Castle
56.49983-2.941691Powrie Castle
56.48556-2.958145Mains Castle
56.49189-2.962641Claverhouse Bleachfield, former Beetling House, Office and Chimney Stalk
56.47277-2.959446Clepington Primary School (former Stobswell Public School)
56.47456-2.954085Morgan Academy
56.48000-2.890000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bab-Bal
56.49000-2.910000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bur-Bz
56.48306-2.892222Michelin Tyre Factory
56.48976-2.889782Pitkerro Lodge
56.49237-2.889567Pitkerro House
56.49256-2.889571Pitkerro, Pitkerro House, Former Coach House And Stable Court
56.49237-2.889567Pitkerro, Pitkerro House, Including Garden Walls And Ruined Dovecot
56.50000-2.890000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ka-Key
56.47861-2.905886city7404.0GBDouglas, Dundee
56.44291-2.902376Scotscraig House
56.47191-2.900694Red Court
56.42101-2.913173Vicarsford Cemetery, Lodge, Boundary Walls, Gates, Gatepiers And Railings
56.42034-2.911471Vicarsford Cemetery Chapel
56.47128-2.901329West Ferry, 17 Fairfield Road, Red Court Lodge
56.47137-2.905259West Ferry, 5 Albany Road And 36 Strathern Road, The Croft, Including Wall And Gatepiers
56.47190-2.900597West Ferry, 10 Fairfield Road And 54 And 56 Strathern Road, Invergarry Including Gatepiers And Enclosing Wall At 58 Strathern Road
56.47191-2.900694West Ferry, 17 Fairfield Road, Red Court Including Sundial, Lamp Standard, Gatepiers, Boundary And Garden Walls
56.47197-2.901962West Ferry, 17 Fairfield Road, Red Court Laundry
56.42245-2.900481Old Parish Churchyard Of Forgan
56.42306-2.899377Kirkton House
56.42403-2.910927Forgan Manse And Offices
56.42347-2.899549Kirkton House Doocot
56.42252-2.900159Old Parish Kirk Of Forgan (St Fillans)
56.45660-2.971000railwaystationGBDundee railway station
56.45810-2.969800railwaystationGBDundee West railway station
56.46161-2.958510landmarkGBHMS Unicorn (1824)
56.46333-2.953852Camperdown Dock
56.46324-2.957242Harbour, or Clocktower, Warehouse
56.45988-2.960516Harbour Workshops and Patent Slip
56.46172-2.959719Victoria Dock with pedestrian and vehicular swing bridges
56.46543-2.963172Lower Dens Works
56.46602-2.962765Upper Dens Mill
56.46383-2.961249Former Dundee Foundry (stonebuilt, cast-iron framed engine shop only)
56.45978-2.970185Caird Hall
56.42410-2.922617Mileplate Near Forgan Church
56.42370-2.921732Forgan Parish Kirk
56.47004-2.900959West Ferry, 7 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, Including Coach House, Lamp Standard, Wall And Gatepiers
56.47034-2.891324West Ferry, 1 Balmyle Road, Balmyle, Including Motor House/Garage, Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
56.47155-2.915522West Ferry, Craigiebarn Road, Netherton Of Craigie Including Garden Wall
56.47154-2.914386West Ferry, Craigiebarn Road, Craigiebarn, Including Garden Walls
56.47105-2.893824West Ferry, 7 Ellieslea Road, Hazelwood, (Formerly Carmel Bank) Including Lamp Standard, Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
56.47041-2.900545West Ferry, 11 Fairfield Road, Craigmore Lodge
56.47013-2.910537West Ferry, 1 Belsize Road And 2 Strathern Road, Belsize House, Including Lamp Standard And Gatepiers
56.47018-2.895816West Ferry, 87 And 89 Dundee Road, Bryans, Including Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
56.46926-2.901411West Ferry, 75 Dundee Road, Including Gatepiers And Wall Extending To 73 Dundee Road
56.46849-2.905337West Ferry, 69 Dundee Road, The Lodge, Including Wall And Gatepiers
56.46883-2.924708Stannergate, 306-308 Broughty Ferry Road, Including Boundary Wall
56.46983-2.902090West Ferry, 30 Albany Road, Balnacraig
56.46892-2.924143Stannergate, 310 Broughty Ferry Road, Ingleside, Including Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
56.46872-2.891870West Ferry, Beach Lane, Railway Footbridge
56.46881-2.898852West Ferry, 20 Dundee Road, Taycliff, Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
56.46911-2.916730West Ferry, 43 Craigie Drive, The Wyck, Including Wall And Gatepiers, Garage And Garden Shed
56.46944-2.895637West Ferry, 26 Dundee Road, Harecraig House, Including Wall At Dundee Road
56.46863-2.907207West Ferry,1 Ralston Road, Sunningdale, Including Enclosing Walls And Garage
56.44000-2.890000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ta-Tha
56.45280-2.899058West Lighthouse And Attached Cottages, 7, 8 West Lights West Common
56.45289-2.892440East Lighthouse, West Lights West Common
56.45273-2.8921441 West Lights (L Cleall Harding) West Common
56.45289-2.898492Tayside House 6 West Lights West Common
56.48976-2.889782Pitkerro Lodge, Pitkerro Lodge, Including Gatepiers And Gates
56.48872-2.893817Baldovie, Road Bridge Over Fithie Burn
56.47419-2.890586West Ferry, 92 And 94 Grove Road
56.47653-2.889943West Ferry, Claypotts Road, Claypotts Castle
56.48885-2.892391Baldovie, Baldovie Toll House
56.47198-2.893408West Ferry, 47 Albany Road And 8 Ellieslea Road, Milton Bank, Including Wall And Gatepiers
56.47232-2.891322West Ferry, 47 Grove Road, Claremont Lodge, Including Wall And Gatepiers
56.43911-2.936700[empty string]
56.47595-2.940412GBEast Craigie F.C.
56.46000-2.940000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Cra
56.44290-2.93982860-64 Tay Street
56.44323-2.939707Seacraig, 66 Tay Street
56.43671-2.939757Tayfield House
56.44169-2.940885Tay Street, Canopied Drinking Fountain Including Railings And Stone Piers
56.44072-2.9406838-10 Tay Street
56.44264-2.939855Ravenscraig, 58 Tay Street
56.43917-2.942331Newport Hotel, Boat Road And 1 High Street
56.43304-2.937169South Lodge, Tayfield House
56.44239-2.940059Canisbay Lodge, 56 Tay Street
56.43921-2.941586St. Marys Episcopal Church, High Street And Blyth Hall Street
56.43896-2.941823Coal Office 4, 6 High Street
56.43487-2.936533Cupar Road, Milestone
56.43951-2.940604Blyth Street, Blyth Hall Including Flagpole
56.46822-2.936883133 Broughty Ferry Road Carolina House, Former Dundee Orphan Institution, With Railings
56.47200-2.936213Arbroath Road, Eastern Necropolis And North Lodge, 1, Old Craigie Road
56.47327-2.9458228 Bingham Terrace The Anchorage
56.47381-2.94197236, 38 Bingham Terrace
56.47271-2.94775669 Dalkeith Road Former Manse Of Dundee, Now Auchinhove
56.47388-2.94160140, 42 Bingham Terrace
56.47395-2.94124544, 46 Bingham Terrace
56.46333-2.973611eduGB-DNDAbertay University
56.47466-2.973594landmarkDens Park
56.46280-2.973000100.0eduGBHigh School of Dundee
56.47528-2.973333landmarkGB-DNDDens Park
56.47528-2.973333landmarkGB-DNDDens Park
56.46086-2.973722landmarkGBDundee Blackfriars
56.46108-2.972789landmarkGBDundee Greyfriars
56.46293-2.973138High School of Dundee
56.46154-2.972794The Howff
56.45942-2.973129City Churches, St Mary's Tower, or The Steeple
56.45942-2.972999City Churches, St Clement's, or Steeple Church
56.45948-2.972514City Churches, Old St Paul's and St David's, or South Church
56.45881-2.97246584, 88, 90 Nethergate
56.45873-2.97265792-96 (Even Nos) Nethergate
56.46154-2.972794Meadowside And Barrack Street, The Howff
56.46223-2.9735914 Meadowside, Head Post Office
56.46084-2.97295527, 29, 31 Bank Street
56.45853-2.972961106 Nethergate, Mecca Playhouse Tower (Formerly Green's Playhouse)
56.45839-2.972908112-116 (Even Nos) Nethergate, Meadowside St Paul's Church Of Scotland, Cornerstone Coffee House And Church Of Scotland Bookshop
56.46705-2.972335113 Hilltown, And 1, 3 Ann Street, Including The Windmill Bar
56.45887-2.97227180, 82 Nethergate
56.46081-2.97355456 Barrack Street, Willison House
56.46444-2.983889GBDudhope Castle
56.47621-2.985647landmarkKing's Cross Hospital
56.48787-2.987304city5712.0GBKirkton, Dundee
56.46182-2.988705The Coffin Mill, Logie Works
56.46426-2.984111Dudhope Castle
56.45331-2.987040The Vine
56.45610-2.985425St Mark's Church (Gate Fellowship)
56.45640-2.9859841-32 Springfield (inclusive nos)
56.46223-2.98439956 West Henderson's Wynd, Former Meadow Or North Dudhope Mill
56.45410-2.9868175 Magdalen Place, Magdalen Hotel
56.45331-2.98704043 Magdalen Yard Road, "The Vine", Including Garden Walls And Gatepiers
56.49557-2.986595Harestane Road, Bridge
56.46220-2.985810West Henderson's Wynd, Douglas Court, Former Douglas Mill On Milne's East Wynd, Near Douglas Street
56.46418-2.984028Dudhope Castle, Well
56.46704-2.98759122 Albany Terrace With Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.43889-2.988580Tay Railway Bridge
56.45620-2.984746152-4 Perth Road (Formerly Valentine's)
56.45479-2.98407728 Roseangle Including Front Railings And Rear Garden Sea Wall
56.45435-2.98479536 Roseangle Including Front Railings And Rear Sea Wall (Excluding Large Addition At Ne)
56.47832-2.988371276 Clepington Road, Former Dundee, And Newtyle Railway Station, Or Laing's Cottage
56.46580-2.949100landmarkEast Dock Street
56.48000-2.950000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ff-Fn
56.43000-2.950000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Newm-Newto
56.42000-2.950000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Wir-Wood
56.43494-2.950838Broadhaugh, 44, 46 West Road
56.43489-2.950318The Terrace, 28-34 And 36-42 West Road Including Railings, Gates And Gatepiers
56.49888-2.948880Powrie, Black Watch War Memorial
56.46855-2.95000615 Springhill
56.41947-2.950322St Fort Home Farm, The Greens Cottages
56.42202-2.948862St Fort Doocot
56.46030-2.975600landmarkGBDundee House
56.46170-2.976400railwaystationGBDundee Ward Road railway station
56.46241-2.974228High School, (Former Girls' School)
56.46248-2.9753991 West Bell Street, Including Railings
56.46240-2.9757703, 5, 7 West Bell Street, Curr Centre, Including Railings
56.46233-2.9760119 West Bell Street, Including Railings
56.45867-2.97637237, 39 South Tay Street
56.46245-2.9751061A West Bell Street, 18 Constitution Road, Regional Music Centre, Including Gatepiers And Railings, Formerly Bell Street Up Church
56.46237-2.9744062 Euclid Street, High School Preparatory Department
56.46133-2.97397364, 66 Barrack Street And Return Elevation To South Ward Road, Friarfield House
56.46181-2.9753169, 11, 13 Ward Road, 1 Rattray Street, 4 Nicoll Street
56.46148-2.9748546 Ward Road Baptist Church
56.46203-2.9754036 Nicoll Street, 3 Rattray Street, Dundee Institute Of Technology Annexe, Formerly Foresters' Halls
56.46150-2.97548714 Ward Road
56.46208-2.976070Rattray Street, Former Baptist Church
56.46241-2.97422824 Euclid Crescent, High School, (Former Girls' School)
56.46284-2.9742883 Bell Street, Abertay University, Former James Church
56.46352-2.97398140 Bell Street, Abertay University, Including Former Boiler House And North Wing
56.46175-2.97578515, 17, 19 Ward Road, Former Methodist Church And Adjoining Offices, Including Steps And Railings
56.46031-2.97545638 North Lindsay Street, 8-12 (Even Nos) South Ward Road, Former Halley Brothers' Works
56.43553-2.947431Balmore Lodge, West Road
56.43396-2.952046West Road Well
56.43753-2.9446752-14 (Even Nos) Boat Brae
56.43615-2.946651Abercraig, 2 West Road
56.43891-2.942422Trinity Uf Church
56.43741-2.943358Tayfield House, High Road Lodge
56.43493-2.948746Greenbank, 2, 4 Shepherd's Road
56.43824-2.944660Newport Ferry Pier And Boat Road, Former Ferry Terminal Including Stone Setts
56.43661-2.944603Westwood Lodge, 5 High Road
56.43501-2.946558Balmore, West Road
56.43454-2.951671Heathfield House 54-58 West Road
56.43406-2.953103Ingleby 70 West Road
56.43780-2.944065Boat Road, Milestone
56.43342-2.953589The Castle 53-59 West Road
56.43620-2.943182Westwood (St Serf's Home) 3 High Road
56.43567-2.947969Woodmoor, 4 West Road
56.43468-2.951026Rockcliffe And The Eyrie 48, 50 West Road
56.43459-2.951381Castle Cottage, 52 West Road
56.43462-2.949322Lingarth, 9, 11 West Road
56.43300-2.953000GBWoodhaven, Fife
56.45778-2.978611landmarkGB-DNDD'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum
56.46168-2.979468Old Tay Works Mills, Engine Houses and Chimney
56.46057-2.979780South Mills
56.46216-2.979042Tay Works
56.42363-2.98071023 Naughton Road Wormit
56.45663-2.9784612-8 (Even Nos) Perth Road
56.45819-2.980173Small's Lane, Ewing Building, University Of Dundee, Including Boundary Walls, Railings, Gates And Gatepiers
56.45660-2.97881810-16 (Even Nos) Perth Road
56.46125-2.9803007 Guthrie Street, Railwaymen's Social Club, Former Ward Foundry Office
56.45713-2.9799021 And 3 Perth Road, Ellenbank And Union Mount, University Of Dundee, Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
56.45741-2.97900160 Small's Wynd, Old Technical Institute, Including Former College Hall, Boundary Wall And Gatepiers
56.46102-2.978558West Marketgait, 2 Guthrie Street And 30 East Henderson's Wynd, Former Tay Works Calender
56.46169-2.97784531 Ward Road, Strathmore Lodge, Salvation Army Hostel, Including Gatepiers And Boundary Wall
56.46203-2.978308West Bell Street, War Memorial To Dundee City Police
56.45738-2.97986055, 55A, 59 And 61 Small's Wynd, Former Fleming Gymnasium, Boiler House And Jute Shed, University Of Dundee
56.46168-2.97946825 Brown Street, Old Tay Works Mills, Engine Houses And Chimney
56.45723-2.978152Perth Road, University Of Dundee, The Tower
56.45660-2.97881818-38 (Even Nos) Perth Road
56.45656-2.97966040 Perth Road
56.46684-2.9798113 And 4 Somerville Place And Detached Former Billiard Room At 2-6 (Even Nos) Upper Constitution Street And Boundary Walls To Upper Constitution Street And Somerville Place
56.45818-2.978193Park Place, Scrymgeour Building, University Of Dundee, Including Boundary Walls And Railings
56.46216-2.9790422 Lochee Road, Tay Works
56.46057-2.97978020 Brown Street, And Return Elevations To 8 Guthrie Street, And Session Street, South Mills
56.45743-2.980380Off Perth Road, Geddes Quadrangle, Sundial, University Of Dundee
56.46671-2.978201Constitution Terrace 6, 8, 10 And 76, 78, 80 Constitution Street Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
56.45551-2.975663railwaystationGB-DNDDundee TMD
56.45731-2.976158Morgan Tower
56.45826-2.9758911-27 (odd nos) South Tay Street
56.45875-2.97650441, 43 South Tay Street
56.45805-2.9764538, 9, 10, 11 Tay Square, 18 South Tay Street
56.45695-2.975987160 Nethergate, Queen's Hotel, Including Lampstandards And Former Sea Wall
56.45686-2.976682164 Nethergate, Including Boundary Walls And Railings
56.45750-2.976309145 Nethergate
56.45857-2.97628833, 35 South Tay Street
56.45728-2.976385141, 143 Nethergate
56.45746-2.976568143C Nethergate
56.45847-2.97617231 South Tay Street
56.45853-2.97575215-29 (Odd Nos) Tay Street Lane
56.45837-2.97654324-32 (Even Nos) South Tay Street
56.45886-2.97658845, 47 South Tay Street
56.45824-2.97639320, 22 South Tay Street
56.45869-2.97703834, 36 South Tay Street Hermon Evangelical Church
56.45680-2.976940166 Nethergate, Including Boundary Walls And Garden Terracing
56.46080-2.97707680 North Lindsay Street, 29, 31 South Ward Road And Return Elevation To Johnston Street, Lindsay Street Mill
56.46280-2.970100Prudential Assurance Building, Dundee
56.45900-2.97044136-42 (Even Nos) Union Street
56.45884-2.97037244-50 (Even Nos) Union Street
56.45944-2.96985238, 40 Whitehall Street, Kimberley Buildings
56.46286-2.96997233, 35 Meadowside Or Albert Square
56.45966-2.96979323-29 (Odd Nos) Crichton Street
56.45951-2.97003226-36 (Even Nos) Whitehall Street
56.45983-2.97015411, 13 Crichton Street
56.45967-2.97008514-24 (Even Nos) Whitehall Street
56.46363-2.97020251, 53 Meadowside
56.46240-2.96981473-99 (Odd Nos) Commercial Street/15, 17 Meadowside/2-10 (Even Nos) Murraygate
56.45896-2.96995328 Whitehall Crescent, Lampstandard
56.46328-2.9701772-6 (Even Nos) Panmure Street, Meadowside, Former Union Bank Of Scotland
56.45893-2.97031017, 19 And 21 Whitehall Crescent
56.45977-2.9704936-12 (Even Nos) Whitehall Street
56.46252-2.97007721 Meadowside Or Albert Square
56.46277-2.97013231 Meadowside Or Albert Square
56.46349-2.97018249 Meadowside
56.45979-2.96997515-19 (Odd Nos) Crichton Street
56.46600-2.934000GBCarolina Port
56.42360-2.932100Forgan (Fife)
56.44014-2.934960East Newport, East Newport Station
56.46874-2.932092240 And 242 Broughty Ferry Road
56.43100-2.964944Mars Cottage, 97 Riverside Road, Wormit Woodhaven
56.43134-2.963120Joiner's Workshop, Woodhaven Pier
56.46034-2.96690520, 21, 22 Dock Street
56.46154-2.96481056-59 (Inclusive Nos) Dock Street
56.46124-2.96692823 Commercial Street
56.46095-2.96695318, 22-32 (Even Nos) Commercial Street, Calcutta Buildings
56.46212-2.96503643-65 (Odd Nos) Trades Lane
56.46244-2.9669592, 4 Candle Lane And 99 Seagate And 25-37 (Odd Nos) Trades Lane, Watson's Bond, Hm Customs Warehouse No 4 (Excluding 1 And 2-Storey Building)
56.46118-2.96668319, 21 Commercial Street
56.45898-2.965183Telford Light, Dundee Waterfront Near Tay Bridge
56.46141-2.96505054, 55 Dock Street/1, 3 Gellatly Street
56.46160-2.96474660 Dock Street, Including 1/L, 2/L And Top Floor Flats (Accessed From And Known As 59 Dock Street)
56.47887-2.980611GBDundee North End F.C.
56.46556-2.981111landmarkDundee Royal Infirmary
56.46521-2.980760Dundee Royal Infirmary, original block Out Patients Dept & Urology Theatre
56.47483-2.980764Coldside Branch Public Library
56.45623-2.9814372 Roseangle, Including Railings And Gates To Street And Garden Walls
56.46618-2.981677Barrack Road And Dudhope Terrace, Caird Wing, Dundee Royal Infirmary
56.45679-2.980688Airlie Place 1-15 (Odd Numbers) Airlie Hall, Dundee University With Boundary Walls And Railings
56.45697-2.981715Airlie Place, 2-14 (Even Nos) Dundee University With Boundary Walls And Railings
56.46053-2.98099611 Blinshall Street, Former St Mary Magdalene's Church (Episcopal)
56.45754-2.981065Off Perth Road, Geddes Quadrangle, Peters Building, University Of Dundee
56.47344-2.981248Byron Street Ss Peter And Paul Rc Primary School, Janitors House And Play Shelter
56.46664-2.9812021 Dudhope Terrace
56.46521-2.980760Barrack Rd Dundee Royal Infirmary Original Block Out Patients Dept & Urology Theatre
56.45754-2.980643Off Perth Road, Geddes Quadrangle, Harris Building, University Of Dundee
56.46111-2.9807199-17 (Odd Nos) Guthrie Street And Return Elevation To Blinshall Street, Former East Mill
56.46675-2.9805561, 2 Somerville Place With Boundary Walls
56.46764-2.9814061 Drummond Street With Boundary Walls
56.45609-2.9817904, 6 Roseangle With Railings And Boundary Walls
56.45656-2.98151011 Perth Road
56.47403-2.98205829 Paterson Street And Return Elevation To Milton Street, Lawside Works (2-Storey And Attic Former Mill At Corner Of Paterson And Milton Streets Only)
56.42020-2.982016Wormit, Naughton Road, Wormit Farm Including Farmhouse And Steading And Boundary Walls
56.42520-2.981100railwaystationGBWormit railway station
56.45834-2.971933cityGBCity Centre, Dundee
56.45944-2.972222landmarkGBDiocese of Brechin (Episcopal)
56.45960-2.972000landmarkGBDundee Parish Church (St Mary's)
56.45956-2.972192City Churches, St Mary's East, or Dundee Parish Church
56.46377-2.971926India Buildings
56.46176-2.97195642-58 (Even Nos) Reform Street
56.49203-2.9718211-9 (Inclusive) Trottick Mains
56.46444-2.97176510, 12, 14 Victoria Road, Victoria Chambers
56.46190-2.97212260-64 (Even Nos) Reform Street, Meadow House
56.46341-2.9721127, 9, 11 Bell Street, Baltic Chambers
56.46235-2.971971Albert Square, Statue Of Robert Burns
56.46275-2.971851Albert Square, Statue Of George Kinloch
56.46261-2.970761McManus Galleries
56.46220-2.97052368-110 (even nos) Commercial Street (Northern Assurance Buildings)
56.46324-2.970695Royal Exchange

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