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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
33.93720-105.7412cityUS-NMAncho, New Mexico
33.81250-105.8236cityUS-NMCoyote, Lincoln County, New Mexico
33.83219-106.0670mountainUSBroken Back Crater
33.82330-106.0614mountainUSLittle Black Peak
34.14194-105.9944cityUS-NMClaunch, New Mexico
34.15000-106.0500Module:Location map/data/USA New Mexico/doc
34.15000-106.0500Module:Location map/data/New Mexico
34.15000-106.0500Module:Location map/data/USA New Mexico
33.78000-105.9300mountainUS-NMCarrizozo Malpais
34.00000-106.0000adm1stUS-NMNew Mexico Territory's at-large congressional district
34.00000-106.0000adm1stUS-NMNew Mexico