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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
-28.5666726.85000ZA[empty string]
-28.7000026.46667ZA[empty string]
-28.4562226.79799ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/311/0002 - Old Farmhouse, Merumetsu, Excelsior District
-28.4541126.79678ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/325/0002 - Sandstone school building, Coenraad Snyman Primary School, Modderpoort, Ladybrand District
-28.4541126.79678ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/334/0002-001 - Old turbine building, Goedemoed, Rouxville District
-28.4541126.79678ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/334/0002-002 - Old school building, Goedemoed, Rouxville District
-28.4541126.79678ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/334/0002-003 - Old church building, Goedemoed, Rouxville District
-28.4541126.79678ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/346/0001 - First dwelling-house of President J P Hoffman and the family cemetery, Hoffmansrust, Wepener District
-28.7988926.69056ZAVerkeerdevlei Toll Plaza
-28.7013126.46673ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/306/0001-001 - Magistrates's Office, Voortrekker Street, Brandfort
-28.7063626.45374ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/306/0003 - Concentration Camp Cemetery, Louvain, Brandfort District
-28.6348226.60273ZAUser:GerardM/Municipalities of South Africa
-28.5108326.77722ZAErfenis Dam
-28.4541126.79678ZASAHRA identifier 9/2/300/0006 - Preekstoelrots, Narwanda, Bethlehem District
-28.5108326.77722landmarkZAErfenis Dam