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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
55.73333-4.633330[empty string]
55.74710-4.637700railwaystationGBBeith Town railway station
55.73250-4.650200railwaystationGBBrackenhills railway station
55.74260-4.610883landmarkBroadstone Castle
55.74000-4.610000cityGBGateside, North Ayrshire
55.74724-4.623555cityGBGeilsland House
55.74944-4.631528landmarkBeith Parish Churches
55.75417-4.629028landmarkBeith Parish Churches
55.76150-4.648100railwaystationGBBeith North railway station
55.75070-4.636100landmarkBellsdale Park
55.74745-4.668870landmarkGarnock RFC
55.75233-4.614919landmarkHill of Beith Castle
55.76982-4.597952GBLands of Brownmuir
55.74715-4.653992landmarkLands of Willowyard
55.74340-4.626300landmarkLands of Marshalland
55.74000-4.640000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Bea-Bem
55.74640-4.643200landmarkLands of Morishill
55.74000-4.670000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ge-Gl
55.74000-4.610000cityGBList of United Kingdom locations: Gas-Gaz
55.76374-4.635359Woodside House
55.77341-4.664110Nervelstone House Steading And Walled Garden
55.75934-4.639015Woodside South Lodge
55.74820-4.63901210 Dalry Road
55.73331-4.660484Maulside Mains
55.74772-4.609513Gateside, 23 Main Street
55.77532-4.613910Bourtrees Farm
55.74996-4.63390325-31 (Odd Nos) Eglinton Street, former Post Office
55.75047-4.63334810 and 12 Eglinton Street, Saracen's Head
55.75040-4.63350214 and 16 Eglinton Street
55.76504-4.634251Woodside Farm, formerly Stables to Woodside House
55.75187-4.63149853 and 55 Main Street, The Smugglers Tavern
55.75000-4.63236031 Braehead, Clydesdale Bank, including Boundary Walls
55.74971-4.63637264 Eglinton Street, including Outbuilding
55.74829-4.6359261 Glebe Road, The Old Manse, including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers and Railings
55.75140-4.63189722 and 24 Main Street
55.75014-4.6334852 The Strand, former Townhouse
55.75148-4.63166332 and 34 Main Street, Blackwood The Butchers'
55.74992-4.63431537 Eglinton Street, including Stairs, Boundary Walls, Railings and Gatepiers to Rear
55.75049-4.6330782 and 4 Eglinton Street
55.75045-4.6332036 and 8 Eglinton Street
55.75066-4.63320220 and 22 The Cross
55.75014-4.63450540 and 42 Eglinton Street
55.76374-4.635359Woodside House, including Boundary Walls and Gatepiers
55.74983-4.63622262 Eglinton Street, Whang House, including Ruined Chapel to Rear, Boundary Walls and Gatepiers
55.75096-4.633158The Cross, Old Parish Church and Burial Ground, including Vault and Boundary Walls
55.75021-4.6330289 Eglinton Street and 1, 3 The Strand
55.74990-4.63448939 and 41 Eglinton Street
55.75420-4.63320141 Laigh Road and 43 Woodside Road, Victoria Villa, including Boundary Walls and Gatepiers
55.74841-4.63732187 Eglinton Street, including Boundary Walls and Outbuilding to Rear
55.75139-4.63219815-19 (Odd Nos) Main Street, including Return to Reform Street and Former Bakery Buildings to Rear
55.75623-4.620730Threepwood Road, The Courtyard, (Former Grangehill Stables And Kennels)
55.74880-4.6313392 and 2A Barrmill Road, Knockbuckle and Knockbuckle Cottage, including Boundary Walls and Gatepiers
55.75440-4.628736Wilson Street, Beith Trinity Church (Church Of Scotland), including Hall, Boundary Walls, Railings and Gatepiers
55.75531-4.627362Bigholm Road, Hamilfield, including Walled Garden and Boundary Walls
55.75184-4.611797Gateside, Bog Hall, including former Farm Buildings to Rear
55.74713-4.623418Geilsland Road, Geilsland Church of Scotland School
55.75391-4.62961163 Wilson Street, Dunlop Cottage, including Boundary Walls
55.75425-4.62966665 Wilson Street, Barrington House, including Former Coachhouse, Boundary Walls, Gatepiers and Gates
55.74869-4.6310294 Barrmill Road, Taynish, including Boundary Walls Railings and Gatepiers
55.75096-4.627516Head Street, former United Free Church, including Boundary Walls, Railings, Gates and Gatepiers
55.75677-4.619650Threepwood Road, Grangehill Walled Garden and Doocot
55.74948-4.631401Kirk Road, High Church, including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers and Gates
55.75556-4.629706Arran Crescent, The Meadows, including Meadows Cottage (Former Service Wing)
55.75127-4.62890731 Head Street, including Former Byre to Rear
55.75237-4.63091017 and 19 Wilson Street
55.75394-4.614667waterbodyGBLoch Brand
55.75434-4.635314Janefield Place, War Memorial
55.74969-4.63649966 Eglinton Street
55.75060-4.63310224-28 (Even Nos) The Cross
55.75009-4.63483644 Eglinton Street
55.74933-4.63706474 Eglinton Street
55.75008-4.63383113-17 (Odd Nos) Eglinton Street, Anderson Hotel
55.74986-4.63418333 And 35 Eglinton Street
55.74989-4.63463143 Eglinton Street
55.74985-4.63480445 Eglinton Street
55.75035-4.63370618-22 (Even Nos) Eglinton Street, Irvine's The Baker
55.74910-4.63736776 Eglinton Street,Including Boundary Walls And Ancillary Buildings
55.75006-4.63378219-23 (Odd Nos) Eglinton Street
55.74942-4.63697572 Eglinton Street
55.74948-4.63681970 Eglinton Street
55.75021-4.63420732 Eglinton Street, Bank Of Scotland
55.74986-4.63587360 Eglinton Street
55.75005-4.63500946 Eglinton Street
55.74727-4.63662212 Glebe Road, Craigallan
55.75209-4.630461Mitchell Street Roman Catholic Church (Former United Free), Including Gates, Gatepiers And Boundary Walls
55.75290-4.63043635 Wilson Street
55.75310-4.63025835A Wilson Street, Newton House
55.75126-4.6319981620 (Even Nos) Main Street
55.75193-4.63139157-61 (Odd Nos) Main Street
55.75145-4.63178826-30 (Even Nos) Main Street
55.74437-4.626658Barrmill Road, Gatepiers, Railings And Boundary Walls To Former Spier's School
55.75173-4.63180735-45 (Odd Nos) Main Street, Beith Library
55.75181-4.63104758-62 (Even Nos) Main Street
55.75142-4.6324082-6 (Even Nos) Reform Street
55.75017-4.63251529 Braehead
55.75009-4.6329405-9 (Odd Nos) The Strand
55.74985-4.63308312 The Strand, Including Boundary Walls
55.75053-4.63303330 The Cross
55.74818-4.607871Gateside, Main Street, Patrick Memorial Hall
55.73775-4.592757Balgray Cottage
55.74793-4.607376Gateside, 49 Main Street, Drissaig
55.74600-4.623983eduGBPractice field
55.74522-4.625083eduGBCoronation garden
55.74635-4.623067eduGBIvy Wood
55.74500-4.625000landmarkGBSpier's School
55.73541-4.636377landmarkThe Lands of Roughwood
55.73411-4.670830landmarkGBMeikle Auchengree