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Last updated on 17 October 2019 at 10:07 UTC | database dumps | documentation
Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
42.590566.803056cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.608336.808333cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.775286.825278cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.683616.828056cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.626946.807222cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.683616.801667cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.679726.755833cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.648336.777778cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.759726.828056cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.702506.752222cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.628336.799722cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.757506.854722cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.594446.762778cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.616116.764722cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.704726.782222cityVillafranca del Bierzo
42.724176.803889cityVillafranca del Bierzo