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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
12.25000109.1833VN[empty string]
12.24680109.1881VNChrist the King Cathedral, Nha Trang
12.24500109.1962100.0landmarkVNInterContinental Nha Trang
12.25000109.2000adm1stVNKhánh Hòa Province
12.25160109.180820.0landmarkVNLong Sơn Pagoda
12.24833109.1842railwaystationVNNha Trang railway station
12.25000109.1833city535000.0VNNha Trang
12.25043109.1929landmarkVNNha Trang Stadium
12.27030109.1997eduVNNha Trang University
12.26528109.1956landmarkVNPo Nagar
12.24700109.1881VNRoman Catholic Diocese of Nha Trang
12.25430109.1899eduVNTrưng Vương (school)
12.25043109.1929landmarkVNNha Trang Stadium
12.25150109.1960VNYersin Museum