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Last updated on 28 May 2020 at 07:01 UTC | database dumps | documentation
Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
50.85944-2.088449landmarkGBRawston Farmhouse
50.85400-2.090257landmarkGBChurch of St Mary
50.87000-2.080000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ta-Tha
50.85947-2.087966landmarkGBChurch of St Mary
50.84000-2.050000GBList of United Kingdom locations: He-Hem
50.85000-2.070000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ho-Hoo
50.83006-2.113100landmarkGBBarn and Outbuilding Range 100 Metres North East of Tarrant Abbey House
50.83000-2.110000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ta-Tha
50.83060-2.110800GBSt Mary the Virgin, Tarrant Crawford
50.84000-2.100000GBList of United Kingdom locations: Ta-Tha
50.83069-2.110759landmarkGBChurch of St Mary
50.82919-2.114092landmarkGBTarrant Abbey House
50.83601-2.107647landmarkGBChurch of All Saints
50.86667-2.116667landmarkGBBlandford Camp
50.85278-2.117222landmarkGBBuzbury Rings
50.83056-2.110833landmarkGBSt Mary the Virgin, Tarrant Crawford
50.84030-2.098500city310.0GBTarrant Keyneston
50.85200-2.089900city80.0GBTarrant Rushton
50.83050-2.111700city20.0GBTarrant Crawford
50.85900-2.088000city40.0GBTarrant Rawston
50.85000-2.075000airportGBRAF Tarrant Rushton