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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
28.20000-177.3167isleMidway Atoll
28.20000-177.3500eventUMBattle of Midway
28.20139-177.3814airportUSHenderson Field (Midway Atoll)
28.20139-177.3814USNaval Air Facility Midway Island
28.20600-177.3790eventUMFirst Bombardment of Midway
28.21105-177.3286Henderson Field (Midway)
28.20000-177.3500isleUMList of volcanoes in the Hawaiian – Emperor seamount chain
28.21186-177.3768List of lighthouses in the United States
28.20985-177.3293isleUS-HIEastern Island
28.23660-177.3709isleUS-HIMidway Atoll
28.20955-177.3785isleUS-HISand Island (Midway Atoll)
28.20637-177.3497isleUS-HISpit Island
28.20000-177.3500World War II Facilities at Midway
28.20000-177.3500Midway Atoll
28.20000-177.3500landmarkBattle of Midway
28.20000-177.3500cityMidway Atoll
28.20000-177.3500World War II Facilities at Midway
28.20000-177.3500Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
28.21083-177.3286Midway Island
28.21667-177.3667isleUMMidway Atoll
28.21105-177.3286airportMidway Atoll - Henderson Field (Midway)
28.20000-177.3500eventUMUser:Chicago Bell/sandbox
28.20000-177.3500landmarkWorld War II Facilities at Midway