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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
33.93029-118.2115[empty string]
33.90778-118.2281Sagrado Corazon
33.94417-118.2212landmarkBOList of ambassadors of Burundi to the United States
33.92490-118.2100railwaystationLong Beach Boulevard station
33.92556-118.2094Lynwood Pacific Electric Railway Depot
33.91852-118.2226landmarkPowell Manufacturing Company
33.94496-118.2227eduUS-CASouth East High School (South Gate, California)
33.94541-118.2241South Gate Assembly
33.93222-118.1750riverRio Hondo (California)
33.92472-118.2019city69772.0US-CALynwood, California
33.93361-118.2081St. Emydius
33.92990-118.2033landmarkUS-CASt. Francis Medical Center (Lynwood)
33.92972-118.1906eduUS-CALynwood High School
33.90833-118.1942St. Philip Neri
33.94417-118.1950city94396.0US-CASouth Gate, California
33.91924-118.1823eduUS-CAEarthMarco Antonio Firebaugh High School
33.90364-118.1834cityRosecrans Avenue
33.92083-118.1803eduUS-CAEarthVista High School (Lynwood, California)