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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
50.88706-0.9172820landmarkGBStansted Park
50.86040-0.9278000St John the Baptist's Church, Westbourne type:landmark region:GB
50.88442-0.9225500100.0landmarkGBStansted Park
50.82100-0.9210000GBSussex Border Path
51.02150-0.9274830landmarkGBThe Harrow, Steep
50.81722-0.9202778landmarkGBThorney Island (West Sussex)
50.84360-0.9275000Pentecostal Mission Hall (former), Hermitage, Southbourne
51.00340-0.9376000St Peter's Church, Petersfield
51.03036-0.9383920cityGBSteep Marsh
50.99997-0.9402972GBThe Petersfield School
51.05233-0.9020870St Peter's Church, West Liss
50.91702-0.9020200cityGBWest Marden
50.79179-1.106094GBBridge Tavern
50.79512-1.106314GBBuilding Number 58 at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.79560-1.105383GBFormer Tram Shelter at Market Square
50.79124-1.104232GB13 Lombard Street
50.79128-1.104260GB15 Lombard Street
50.79131-1.104287GB17 Lombard Street
50.79137-1.104329GB19 Lombard Street
50.79156-1.104425GB27 Lombard Street
50.79686-1.104323GB20 Ordnance Row
50.79708-1.103297GB88, 88a and 92–96 St George's Square
50.79422-1.105069GBGunwharf Gateway and Walls at former HMS ''Vernon''
50.79390-1.106054GBVulcan Block at former HMS ''Vernon''
50.79579-1.103166GBWalls, Gateways and Lodges at former HMS ''Vernon''
50.79036-1.107370GB10 and 12 Broad Street
50.79041-1.107440GB14 Broad Street
50.79878-1.107536GBBuilding Number 1/2: Former Detention Centre
50.79954-1.109068GBBuilding Number 1/38: Hydraulic Engine House
50.79828-1.105715GB50 Havant Street and 50 Clock Street
50.79209-1.108614GBK6 Telephone Kiosk opposite 45 and 49 Broad Street
50.79811-1.106258GBNational Westminster Bank, The Hard
50.79918-1.107230GBStatue of Captain Scott
50.79945-1.106686GBStatue of William III
50.79816-1.106299GB16 The Hard
50.80201-1.107744GBBuilding Number 1/117: Naval Store 24
50.80230-1.104702GBBuilding Number 1/121: Former Commissioners Stables
50.80369-1.104746GBBuilding Number 1/138: Whitley Rooms
50.80365-1.106705GBBuilding Number 1/142: Brass Foundry
50.80359-1.107941GBBuilding Number 1/144: North Office Block
50.80322-1.107849GBBuilding Number 1/150: Naval Store 33
50.80192-1.099373GBBuilding Number 2/44: Royal Navy Detention Quarters
50.80498-1.101997GBBuilding Number 2/201: Number 1 Pumping Station
50.80167-1.098881GBBuilding Number 34 at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.78936-1.105034GB2 Grand Parade
50.78930-1.104964GB3 Grand Parade
50.78925-1.104923GB4 Grand Parade
50.78919-1.104867GB5 Grand Parade
50.78915-1.104825GB6 Grand Parade
50.78979-1.104543GB53 High Street
50.78977-1.104615GB54 High Street
50.78962-1.105199GB59 and 60 High Street
50.78939-1.106083GB63 High Street
50.78972-1.102871GBIron Railings at Governors Green
50.78950-1.105343GBK6 Telephone Kiosk at 60 High Street
50.78904-1.105196GBMonument to Lord Nelson
50.78977-1.102671GB11 Pembroke Road
50.78972-1.102502GB13 Pembroke Road
50.78985-1.102570GB31 and 33 Penny Street
50.78960-1.102135GBRoyal Naval Club
50.78965-1.105071GBSallyport Hotel
50.78897-1.103793GBDomus Dei (Royal Garrison Church)
50.79008-1.103673GBDolphin Hotel
50.79100-1.105003GB8 French Street
50.79061-1.102769GBLamp-posts at George Court, High Street
50.79120-1.104218GB11 Lombard Street
50.79116-1.104163GBPowderham House and Lombard House
50.79145-1.102511GB36 St Thomas's Street
50.79110-1.103284GB44 and 45 St Thomas's Street
50.79102-1.103498GB47 and 48 St Thomas's Street
50.79098-1.103598GB49 St Thomas's Street
50.79096-1.103670GB50 St Thomas's Street
50.79093-1.103741GB51 and 52 St Thomas's Street
50.79076-1.104865GB60–62 St Thomas's Street
50.79097-1.104152GB69 and 70 St Thomas's Street
50.79160-1.102636GB86 and 88 St Thomas's Street
50.79215-1.109407GB2 Bath Square
50.79206-1.109125GB11 Bath Square
50.79186-1.109413GBThe Boathouse
50.79926-1.110464GBBuilding Number 1/41: Chain and Cable Test House and Store
50.80056-1.110823GBBuilding Number 1/45: Former Royal Railway Shelter
50.80031-1.111225GBBuilding Number 1/47: Former Railway Station and Waiting Room
50.79195-1.109440GBCustoms Watch House
50.79977-1.110256GBLion Gate
50.85038-1.113484GBOld House at Home pub
50.80831-1.151474GBFreedom Church, Brockhurst
50.81395-1.153179GBGosport United Reformed Church (St Columba's), Elson
51.03348-1.158014GBSt Andrew's Church, Kilmeston
50.92028-1.154130cityGBWood End, Hampshire
50.97479-0.9471340GBSt Mary the Virgin's Church, Buriton
50.97574-0.9496680GBFormer Primitive Methodist Church, Buriton
50.91018-0.9517460GBFormer United Reformed Chapel, Finchdean
50.93950-0.9514000railwaystationGBWoodcroft Halt railway station
50.81492-1.099750GBUser:Navops47/draft/Admiralty War Staff
50.80155-1.094272GBBuilding Number 79 at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.80094-1.094581GBBuilding Number 81 at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.80057-1.095128GBBuilding Number 82 at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.79941-1.094810GBCentenary Fountain
50.80748-1.093774GBFredericks Battery
50.79965-1.094635GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Centurion''
50.79943-1.094611GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Orlando''
50.79958-1.094991GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Powerful''
50.79987-1.095042GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Royal Sovereign''
50.79891-1.093727GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Shah''
50.79950-1.094751GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Victoria''
50.79976-1.094817GBMonument to Admiral Sir Charles Napier
50.80857-1.094349GBRound Tower at Circular Road
50.79855-1.096203GBStatue of Lion in Garden of the Wardroom at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.80309-1.095122GBUnicorn Gate
50.81719-1.094906GBBuilding Number 17–21, 24 and 25 at HMS ''Excellent''
50.81526-1.094645GBBuilding Number 190 at HMS ''Excellent''
50.80035-1.094295GBCathedral of St John the Evangelist
50.80032-1.094308GBCathedral of St John the Evangelist, Portsea
50.78837-1.089816GBAnnesley House
50.78809-1.088956GBCrescent House
50.78754-1.087832GB11 and 13 Grove Road South
50.78743-1.090558GBKent Cottage
50.78730-1.090603GBKent Hall
50.78768-1.092242GB29–43 Kent Road
50.78747-1.091550GB45 Kent Road
50.78720-1.090733GB49 Kent Road and Kent Lodge
50.78827-1.089095GBKersey House
50.78451-1.090558GB1–11 Netley Terrace
50.78727-1.088008GBPortland Place
50.78820-1.089777GB3–5 Queens Place and 50 St Edwards Road
50.78682-1.088485GBSt Jude's Church
50.78713-1.088479GB1–3 St Jude's Close
50.78710-1.088125GB4 St Jude's Close and 1–3 Glebe Court
50.78796-1.092392GB2–10 Sussex Road
50.78794-1.090463GB1–6 Sussex Terrace
50.78745-1.092359GBWall and gate piers at 29–43 Kent Road
50.78812-1.089169GBWestern Court
50.78684-1.088550GBSt Jude's Church, Southsea
50.69180-1.091100GBFormer Bembridge Wesleyan Chapel, Bembridge
50.67700-1.095800GBFormer Hillway Mission Hall, Hillway
50.82751-1.093585GBBoundary wall at former Powder Magazines at Tipner Point
50.82771-1.092758GBBuilding south of former Powder Magazines at Tipner Point
50.81340-1.080913GB73 and 75 Kingston Crescent
50.81477-1.085925GBSt John the Baptist's Church (former)
50.81642-1.083593GB61 Stamshaw Road
50.81613-1.080870GBSt Mark's Church, North End
50.82097-1.084995GBSt Saviour's Church, Stamshaw
50.81988-1.076796GBFirst Church of Christ, Scientist, Portsmouth, North End
50.81827-1.080803GBCorpus Christi Church, North End
50.82045-1.082134GBTrue Church of Jesus, North End
50.81476-1.086002GBFormer St John the Baptist's Church, Rudmore
50.81387-1.080306GBFormer London Road Baptist Church, North End
50.81536-1.069967GBKingdom Hall, Copnor
50.79587-1.093204GBThe Astoria
50.79526-1.094408GBCharter House
50.79207-1.091405GBThe Diamond pub
50.79005-1.092933GB23 and 25 Great Southsea Street
50.79306-1.095812GBHampshire Court Hotel
50.79390-1.095569GB11 Hampshire Terrace
50.79357-1.095632GB19 Hampshire Terrace
50.79018-1.093229GBItalian Bar and Grill (former India Arms pub)
50.79159-1.091697GBLamp-post at 13 Norfolk Street
50.79237-1.095797GB10, 11 and 12 Landport Terrace
50.79230-1.095727GB13 Landport Terrace
50.79208-1.095590GB17 Landport Terrace
50.79200-1.095563GB19 Landport Terrace
50.79165-1.091512GB1–15 Norfolk Street
50.79495-1.094499GBOld Vic pub
50.79033-1.091566GBPark Lodge
50.79661-1.093076GBPrudential Assurance Building (former)
50.78981-1.091945GBSouthsea Lodge
50.79755-1.093909GBUniversity of Portsmouth (Park Building)
50.79633-1.093351GBWhite Swan pub
50.79614-1.092929GBYorkshire Grey pub
50.79857-1.090796GBAll Saints Church
50.79961-1.091230GB105 Commercial Road
50.79946-1.092013GBConnaught Drill Hall
50.79989-1.077304GB129 Fratton Road
50.79688-1.092830GB4, 6 and 8 Guildhall Walk
50.79681-1.092888GB10 Guildhall Walk
50.79953-1.090721GBHSBC Bank, Commercial Road
50.79694-1.088628GBSt Luke's Church
50.79739-1.091841GBStatue of Queen Victoria
50.79845-1.090529GBPortsmouth and Southsea Railway Station
50.79763-1.092858GBPortsmouth Guildhall
50.79695-1.088624GBSt Luke's Church, Somers Town
50.79932-1.091365GBHarbour Church, Portsea
50.79951-1.086312GBOasis Church, Landport
50.79701-1.082166GBKingdom Hall, Somers Town
50.79800-1.077388GBPortsmouth Central Mosque, Fratton
50.79650-1.081216GBJubilee Pentecostal Church, Somers Town
50.79759-1.077870GBPortsmouth Progressive Spiritualist Church, Fratton
50.80150-1.072687GBFormer Brookfield Hall, Fratton
50.79159-1.100678GB10 High Street
50.79143-1.100923GB12 and 13 High Street
50.79134-1.101066GB14, 15 and 16a High Street
50.79129-1.101181GB16 High Street
50.79170-1.101045GB127, 127a, 128 and 129 High Street
50.79181-1.100859GB131 High Street
50.79187-1.100786GB132 High Street
50.79192-1.100715GB132​12 High Street
50.79200-1.100557GB133 and 134 High Street
50.79055-1.100897GBPeacock Cottage
50.79052-1.100812GB7 and 9 Peacock Lane
50.79045-1.100643GB11, 13, 13a and 15 Peacock Lane
50.79198-1.100032GBPortsmouth Grammar School (Main Building)
50.79114-1.100176GBPortsmouth Grammar School (Outbuildings)
50.79818-1.100211GB4 St George's Way
50.79808-1.100355GB6, 8 and 10 St George's Way
50.79688-1.102907GBSt George's Church, Old Portsmouth
50.79165-1.101251GBJohn Pounds Memorial Church, Old Portsmouth
50.78914-1.096086GB2 and 3 Bellevue Terrace
50.78907-1.096173GB5 Bellevue Terrace
50.78900-1.096302GB6–9 Bellevue Terrace
50.78891-1.096417GB10 and 11 Bellevue Terrace
50.78982-1.092427GB32, 34 and 36 Castle Road
50.78975-1.092542GB38 Castle Road
50.78972-1.092599GB40 Castle Road
50.78969-1.092642GB42 Castle Road
50.78946-1.093087GB44 Castle Road
50.78846-1.094312GB78, 78a, 78b and 80 Castle Road
50.78789-1.095089GBCharles McCheane Drinking Fountain
50.79161-1.097755GBCity Museum and Art Gallery
50.79187-1.097637GBIron Railings at City Museum and Art Gallery
50.78932-1.095884GBJubilee Tavern (former)
50.78936-1.095855GB14 Jubilee Terrace
50.78793-1.094308GB3–9 Kent Road
50.78788-1.094153GB11 and 13 Kent Road
50.79065-1.095617GB13–18 Kings Terrace
50.79017-1.093130GBLamp-post outside India Arms pub
50.79176-1.095426GB24 Landport Terrace
50.79172-1.095384GB25 Landport Terrace
50.78853-1.098297GBMonument to Lieutenant-General Fitzclarence
50.78790-1.093656GBPortsmouth High School for Girls (Main Building)
50.78788-1.093245GBPortsmouth High School for Girls (Swiss Cottage House)
50.78842-1.093050GB5 Sussex Place
50.79041-1.095040GBFormer Bethesda Mission Hall, Southsea
50.78079-1.093566GBCrimean War Memorial
50.77999-1.078887GB7 Eastern Villas Road
50.77995-1.079101GB9 Eastern Villas Road
50.78013-1.073466GBEmmanuel Memorial Drinking Fountain
50.78064-1.092775GBFormer Tram Shelter at Clarence Esplanade
50.77840-1.082932GBLamp-posts at Castle Esplanade
50.77898-1.077871GBLamp-posts at the Esplanade
50.78035-1.067632GBLamp-posts at the Promenade
50.78045-1.091857GBLamp-posts on south side of Clarence Esplanade
50.77832-1.089019GBLighthouse at Clarence Esplanade
50.77851-1.083072GBShelter at Clarence Esplanade
50.77857-1.081241GBShelter at Clarence Esplanade
50.77846-1.082449GBShelter at Clarence Esplanade
50.77929-1.078121GB38–42 South Parade
50.77872-1.076047GBSouth Parade Pier
50.77935-1.079765GBStrathearn Hotel (former)
50.77830-1.088300landmarkGBSouthsea Castle lighthouse
50.78000-1.150000GBAlverstoke (02-01-1959, F1)
50.77980-1.089333museumGBUser talk:Geni/archive 7
50.82840-1.092659GBBuilding north of former Powder Magazines at Tipner Point
50.81828-1.079000GBFountain pub
50.82805-1.092708GBPowder Magazines at Tipner Point (former)
50.84576-1.077948GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Austen Memorial
50.84566-1.077694GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Burrill Memorial
50.84570-1.077296GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Dore Memorial
50.84570-1.077452GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: George Memorial
50.84587-1.077250GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Goldfinch Memorial
50.84582-1.077506GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Hasell and Sparkes Memorial
50.84569-1.077949GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Padwick Memorial
50.84588-1.077477GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Platt Memorial
50.84589-1.077619GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Stead Memorial
50.84582-1.077535GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Thorp and Hopkins Memorial
50.84567-1.077566GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church: Unnamed Memorial on south side
50.84562-1.079854GBSouth Medina Farmhouse
50.84595-1.077447GBWymering Vicarage
50.84574-1.077659GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church, Wymering
50.85074-1.093353GBSt Michael and All Angels Church, Paulsgrove
50.84750-1.075848GBWymering Methodist Church, Wymering
50.84960-1.097556GBSt Paul's Church, Paulsgrove
50.79151-1.099431GBFormer Barracks at High Street
50.79470-1.098874GBHMS ''Temeraire''
50.79582-1.098540GBKing James Gate
50.78459-1.099195GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Chesapeake''
50.78497-1.099670GBMemorial to HMS ''Shannon'' Naval Brigade
50.78832-1.098911GBMemorial to the 90th Light Infantry Perthshire Volunteers
50.78478-1.099433GBMonument to Battle of Trafalgar
50.79783-1.099878GBPortsea Free School (former)
50.79306-1.099728GBPortsmouth Grammar School (Lower School building)
50.79743-1.099147GBUniversity of Portsmouth (School of Social and Historic Studies)
50.79694-1.099526GBMilldam House
50.70141-1.099298landmarkGBSt Helen's Priory
50.70141-1.099298landmarkGBSt Helen's Priory
50.85010-1.099718GBPaulsgrove Baptist Church, Paulsgrove
51.05893-1.099818GBChurch in the Wood, Bramdean Common
50.70150-1.099300GBOld St Helen's Church, St Helens
50.79186-1.109058GBBollard at Bath Square (south side)
50.79172-1.109132GBBollards at Bath Square (north side)
50.79254-1.109031GBBollards at Broad Street
50.79066-1.108854GBBollard at Round Tower
50.79133-1.108600GB13 Broad Street
50.79137-1.108599GB15 Broad Street
50.79151-1.108653GB23 Broad Street
50.79179-1.108776GB35 Broad Street
50.79185-1.108789GB37 Broad Street
50.79190-1.108816GB39 Broad Street
50.79194-1.108830GB41 Broad Street
50.79202-1.108871GB45 Broad Street
50.79218-1.108896GB53 Broad Street
50.79222-1.108909GB55 Broad Street
50.79083-1.108269GBK6 Telephone Kiosk at Broad Street/Tower Street junction
50.79186-1.109086GBPortsmouth Sailing Club
50.79165-1.109559GBQuebec House
50.79242-1.109005GBSpice Island Inn
50.70000-1.110000GBSt Helens (26-12-1959, F1)
50.79976-1.106098GBBuilding Number 1/11: Former Pay Office
50.80038-1.107321GBBuilding Number 1/22: Former School of Naval Architecture
50.79948-1.107324GBBuilding Number 1/27 and 1/28: Boathouse 5
50.79995-1.107854GBBuilding Number 1/29: Boathouse 7
50.79956-1.105024GBThe George pub
50.79963-1.095089GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Active''
50.79948-1.101463GBMitre Court House
50.79964-1.101659GB44 Queen Street
50.79964-1.101730GB45, 45a and 45b Queen Street
50.79961-1.101802GB46, 46a, 46b and 46c Queen Street
50.79962-1.102695GB57–59 Queen Street
50.79957-1.102781GB60 Queen Street
50.79959-1.102909GB61 and 62 Queen Street
50.79959-1.103051GB63 Queen Street
50.80006-1.096997GBVictory Main Gate at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.79951-1.096511GBWardroom at former HMS ''Nelson''
50.79938-1.101366GBThe Warehouse
50.80022-1.124819GBGosport Waterfront Baptist Church, Gosport
50.78398-1.087448GBBoundary wall at Vale Cottage
50.78448-1.091722GB1–6 Clifton Terrace
50.78363-1.087539GBGarden Wall of 2 Villers Road
50.78358-1.087200GBGarden Wall of 9 Villers Road
50.78231-1.096246GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Aboukir''
50.78333-1.097574GBMemorial to Crew of HMS ''Trident'
50.78421-1.087911GBUpper Mount
50.78359-1.087725GB2 Villiers Road
50.78344-1.087557GB4 and 6 Villiers Road
50.78336-1.087360GB8 and 10 Villiers Road
50.78585-1.079439GBDock Mill Cottages
50.78650-1.090221GBDover Court
50.78616-1.089462GB38 Kent Road and 3–15 Portland Terrace
50.78698-1.089474GB51 and 53 Kent Road
50.78575-1.086633GB1–24 Marmion Road
50.78242-1.078697GBSt Simon's Church
50.78492-1.086521GB49 Stanley Street
50.78489-1.086437GB51 Stanley Street
50.78358-1.086448GB26 The Circle
50.78675-1.072158GBTrinity Methodist Church
50.78366-1.087085GB9 Villiers Road
50.78331-1.087177GB12 Villiers Road
50.78325-1.087022GB14 and 16 Villiers Road
50.78316-1.086825GB18 and 20 Villiers Road
50.78308-1.086628GB22 and 24 Villiers Road
50.78243-1.078699GBSt Simon's Church, Southsea
50.78601-1.077074GBSt Swithun's Church, Southsea
50.78647-1.077658GBSalvation Army Citadel, Southsea
50.78673-1.082052GBPortsmouth Temple of Spiritualism, Southsea
50.78563-1.084275GBFormer Portsmouth Jame Mosque, Southsea
50.87089-1.143824GBSt Nicholas' Church, Boarhunt
50.92842-1.137872GBSoberton Heath Methodist Church, Soberton Heath
50.89258-1.143542GBFormer Independent Methodist Church, North Boarhunt
50.78569-1.148004GBSt Mary's Church, Alverstoke
50.81369-1.148452GBSt Thomas's Church, Elson
50.79942-1.139908GBSt John the Evangelist's Church, Forton
50.80323-1.148888GBSolent Evangelical Church, Forton
50.79917-1.139530GBKingdom Hall, Forton
50.80064-1.140490GBSalvation Army Hall, Forton
50.80110-1.142043GBGosport Spiritualist Church, Forton
50.81164-1.136457GBGosport Family Church, Hardway
50.79831-1.145428GBSt Faith's Church, Leesland
50.79998-1.148396GBFormer St Joseph's Church, Leesland
50.78351-1.147617GBThe Little Church (former), Alverstoke
50.87089-1.143824GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.92842-1.137872GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.89258-1.143542GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.71300-1.145000GBWestridge, Isle of Wight
50.79106-1.089154GB18 Belmont Street
50.79144-1.090665GB1–11 Gloucester View
50.78862-1.087201GB35 Grove Road South
50.79223-1.091217GB53 King Street
50.79221-1.091090GB55, 57 and 59 King Street
50.79219-1.090962GB61 King Street
50.79216-1.090778GB63–71 King Street
50.79205-1.091263GB72, 74 and 76 King Street
50.79203-1.091150GB78 King Street
50.79201-1.090994GB80–86 King Street
50.79281-1.091234GBLamp-post outside Eldon Arms pub
50.78877-1.087170GBMilford Lodge
50.79367-1.084180GBSt Peter's Church (King's Church)
50.78880-1.087496GBThe Shrubbery
50.78889-1.085245GBPortsmouth and Southsea Synagogue, Southsea
50.79245-1.086241GBGuru Nanak Sar Gurdwara, Southsea
50.79053-1.089174GBFormer King's Church, Southsea
50.79290-1.089108GBFormer Brougham Road United Methodist Church, Southsea
50.78872-1.082933GBFormer Southsea United Reformed Church, Southsea
50.81248-1.084991GBAir Balloon pub (former)
50.80370-1.076860GBChurchyard Wall and Gate Piers at St Mary's Church
50.80349-1.093156GBDockyard Extension Wall
50.80442-1.077144GB247 Fratton Road
50.80638-1.086869GBHorse Trough at Old Commercial Road
50.81335-1.081311GB61 and 63 Kingston Crescent
50.81338-1.081112GB65-71 Kingston Crescent
50.80911-1.086163GBMarket House Tavern (former)
50.80680-1.087330GBMile End Chapel (former)
50.80904-1.086434GBMilestone on Mile End Road (next to former Market House Tavern)
50.80652-1.087165GB379, 381 and 383 Old Commercial Road
50.80671-1.087189GB387 and 389 Old Commercial Road
50.80697-1.087255GB391 Old Commercial Road
50.80714-1.087294GB395, 397 and 399 Old Commercial Road
50.80714-1.087138GBRailings and gates at 393–399 Old Commercial Road
50.80486-1.086087GBAll Saints Church, Portsea
50.81315-1.082679GBChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Portsmouth Chapel, Landport
50.80680-1.087339GBMile End Chapel (Portsmouth Muslim Academy), Portsea
50.80379-1.089680GBRCCG Discipleship Centre, Portsea
50.81195-1.079102GBSalvation Army Hall, Buckland
50.80702-1.076889GBChurch of Our Lady Help of Christians, Fratton
50.81123-1.079028GBBuckland United Reformed Church, Buckland
50.80764-1.084278GBFormer Sultan Road Congregational Church, Landport
50.80908-1.077878GBFamily Church (Empower Centre), Buckland
50.79117-1.074822GBChurch of the Holy Spirit
50.79415-1.079886GBPortsmouth Jami Mosque
50.79501-1.076733GBPriory School
50.79115-1.074796GBChurch of the Holy Spirit, Southsea
50.79365-1.084106GBKing's Church (former St Peter's Church), Somers Town
50.79391-1.079860GBImmanuel Baptist Church, Southsea
50.79418-1.079942GBPortsmouth Jame Mosque, Southsea
50.79148-1.082753GBFormer Hebron Pentecostal Church, Southsea
50.79405-1.076686GBFormer Fawcett Road United Methodist Church, Southsea
51.05857-1.073615GBSt Mary Magdalene's Church, West Tisted
50.89999-1.077327GBBrethren Meeting Room, Denmead
50.93255-1.081639GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church, Hambledon
50.93085-1.086801GBHambledon Methodist Church, Hambledon
51.01290-1.089320GBSt John the Evangelist's Church, West Meon
51.01213-1.086977GBFormer Meon Methodist Chapel, West Meon
51.03958-1.080029GBFormer Mission Church, West Meon Woodlands
50.93255-1.081639GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.93085-1.086801GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.83664-1.113353landmarkGBPortchester Priory
50.87393-1.111770landmarkGBSouthwick Priory
50.83664-1.113353landmarkGBPortchester Priory
50.87393-1.111770landmarkGBSouthwick Priory
50.83664-1.113353landmarkGBPortchester Priory
50.87393-1.111770landmarkGBSouthwick Priory
51.04646-1.131452GBSt Simon and St Jude's Church, Bramdean
50.97908-1.132421GBCorhampton Church, Corhampton
50.98574-1.127453GBSt Peter and St Paul's Church, Exton
50.97811-1.130210GBSt Andrew's Church, Meonstoke
50.91023-1.132026GBHoly Trinity Church, Newtown
50.94740-1.133586GBSt Peter's Church, Soberton
50.87390-1.111729GBSt James's Church, Southwick
50.99999-1.114248GBChurch of Our Lady, Warnford
51.00422-1.112226GBFormer Primitive Methodist Chapel, Warnford
50.83661-1.113337GBSt Mary's Church, Portchester
50.84587-1.123286GBPortchester Methodist Church, Portchester
50.91023-1.132026GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.94740-1.133586GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.87390-1.111729GBUser:Hassocks5489/Brighton Church Sandbox 1
50.79093-1.101939GB23 High Street
50.79088-1.102026GB24 High Street
50.79048-1.104283GBCathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Old Portsmouth
50.78898-1.103865GBDomus Dei (Former Royal Garrison Church), Portsmouth
50.79333-1.105256GBBuilding Number 47 (The Royal Marines Infirmary) at former HMS ''Vernon'']]
50.78263-1.133906GBSt Francis' Church, Clayhall
50.79416-1.132914GBChrist Church, Gosport
50.79310-1.119900GBHoly Trinity Church, Gosport
50.79454-1.121658GBWaterside Community Church, Gosport
50.79450-1.131451GBGosport Methodist Church, Gosport
50.79559-1.121723GBSt Mary's Church, Gosport
50.79471-1.129970GBFormer Stoke Road Baptist Church, Gosport
50.79267-1.138956GBFormer Bury Road United Reformed Church, Gosport
50.69740-1.110300GBFormer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Helens
50.72170-1.110800GBFormer Seaview Wesleyan Chapel, Seaview
50.72030-1.114600GBFormer Seaview Methodist Church, Seaview
50.72070-1.111200GBFormer Holy Cross Church, Seaview
50.66990-1.132200GBYaverland Manor
50.66389-1.130560landmarkGBYaverland Battery
50.72843-1.146360landmarkGBSt Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde
50.72843-1.146360landmarkGBSt Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde
50.67560-1.144900GBFormer Brading United Reformed Church, Brading
50.72810-1.157800GBFormer Holy Trinity Church, Ryde
50.73060-1.163200GBFormer St Thomas's Church, Ryde
50.72550-1.157000GBFormer Kingdom Hall, Daniel Street, Ryde
50.73060-1.159600GBFormer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Ryde
50.72730-1.165000GBFormer Newport Street Chapel, Ryde
50.72470-1.164300GBFormer Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ryde
50.72450-1.159000GBFormer Abingdon Road Meeting Room, Ryde
50.65610-1.158300GBFormer Broad Lane Chapel, Sandown
50.65650-1.157100GBFormer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Sandown
50.65580-1.157900GBFormer Sandown United Reformed Church, Sandown
50.72722-1.166944landmarkGBUser talk:Hughmcf
50.96009-1.136006GBSt Mary and All Saints Church, Droxford
51.04418-1.149480GBAll Saints Church, Hinton Ampner
50.96043-1.139419GBFormer Bethel Primitive Methodist Chapel, Droxford
50.89449-1.159730cityGBWickham Common
50.99588-1.031487GBAll Saints Church, East Meon

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