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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
44.83557-99.90589waterbodyUS-SDCottonwood Lake (Sully County, South Dakota)
45.01165-99.95567[empty string]
45.01000-99.94972landmarkUSD.H. and Leah Curran House
45.01567-99.95572US-SDForest City and Gettysburg Railroad
45.01111-99.95694Stocker, G. L., Blacksmith Shop type:landmark region:US-SD
45.01444-99.95556landmarkUSGeorge Holland House
45.04972-99.95611Gettysburg AFS M-99
45.01194-99.95528city1162.0US-SDGettysburg, South Dakota
45.01182-99.95539cityUS-SDGettysburg, South Dakota
44.83861-100.0728cityUSAgar, South Dakota
44.92694-100.0747cityUS-SDGorman, South Dakota
45.04809-100.2661List of South Dakota state parks
45.06278-100.2286riverUS-SDLittle Cheyenne Creek
45.24361-99.77694cityUSHoven, South Dakota
45.07000-99.77083cityUSLebanon, South Dakota
45.23333-99.76667Hoven (Jul. 26, EF0)
45.23917-99.77611St. Bernard's Catholic Church (Hoven, South Dakota)
45.23917-99.77611St. Bernard's Catholic Church
45.23917-99.77611landmarkUS-SDSt. Bernard's Catholic Church (Hoven, South Dakota)
45.08000-99.84000Lebanon (June 16, EF0)
45.08000-99.83000Lebanon (June 16, EF0)
45.26667-99.71667Lowry (Jul. 26, EF0)
45.01000-99.94972D.H. and Leah Curran House
45.01444-99.95556George Holland House
45.00972-99.95444Potter County Courthouse
45.01111-99.95694G.L. Stocker Blacksmith Shop
45.00972-99.95444landmarkUS-SDPotter County Courthouse (Gettysburg, South Dakota)
45.06000-99.95000city2329.0US-SDPotter County, South Dakota
45.04972-99.95611Gettysburg AFS M-99