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Last updated on 18 January 2020 at 06:59 UTC | database dumps | documentation
Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
37.82583-99.51528city306.0US-KSTrenton Township, Edwards County, Kansas
37.81667-99.62472city170.0US-KSWheatland Township, Ford County, Kansas
37.93639-99.44778landmarkUS-KSKinsley Civil War Monument
37.95000-99.48000Kinsley (Apr. 30, EF0)
37.93639-99.44778Kinsley Civil War Monument
37.87300-99.65800cityUS-KSBellefont, Kansas
37.88056-99.54194Edwards County, Kansas
37.81611-99.62278Ford County, Kansas
37.90139-99.49611landmarkUS-KSGano Grain Elevator and Scale House
37.87720-99.47220Ardell (May. 11, EF0)
37.88000-99.48000Ardell (June 15, EF0)
37.88000-99.48000Williams (June 15, EF0)
37.90139-99.49611Gano Grain Elevator and Scale House
37.89111-99.55972cityUS-KSOfferle, Kansas