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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
45.33218-97.52009[empty string]
45.33583-97.52111landmarkUS-SDAnton and Mary Agnes Karpen House
45.28852-97.47887waterbodyUS-SDAntelope Lake (Day County, South Dakota)
45.33361-97.52028landmarkUS-SDFirst National Bank (Webster, South Dakota)
45.33750-97.52056landmarkUS-SDJohn and Kittie Williams House
45.31220-97.63430Holmquist (Jun. 13, EF1)
45.35170-97.62200Webster (Jun. 14, EF0)
45.33194-97.52222landmarkUS-SDLars J. Fiksdal House
45.38050-97.51190Webster (Sep. 9, EF0)
45.33194-97.52222Lars J. Fiksdal House
45.33361-97.52028First National Bank Building
45.32667-97.51861William Havens House
45.33583-97.52111Anton and Mary Agnes Karpen House
45.33139-97.51222Waddel Mansion
45.33750-97.52056John and Kittie Williams House
45.33139-97.51222landmarkUS-SDWaddel Mansion
45.33361-97.51944city1886.0US-SDWebster, South Dakota
45.33364-97.51945cityUS-SDWebster, South Dakota
45.32667-97.51861landmarkUS-SDWilliam Havens House
45.42610-97.68420Bristol (Sep. 9, EF0)
45.41667-97.71667Day County Wind Farm
45.45639-97.67194waterbodyUS-SDLynn Lake (South Dakota)
45.37000-97.61000cityUS-SDDay County, South Dakota
45.33944-97.65306cityUS-SDHolmquist, South Dakota